Reasons Why We Love Weekends

Reasons Why We Love Weekends 1

Is it Monday already? There are few things that are constant internationally and our mutual love for weekends is one of them. No matter where you are from, as long as you’re human, you’re going to love those two days at the en of a long week and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Made it through another week!


The fact that it’s the weekend means that you somehow managed to trudge through the entire week. Which means you managed to survive one more week at school/college/the god-awful-job you’re working at! It gives us hope for the future because we made it through that much of our life without a breakdown.

2. Day off

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Needless to say, Sundays finally mean a day of rest after the hustle-bustle of the week. That’s not to say that you won’t have a pile of laundry begging to done or have to call numerous relatives or pay your annual visit to the dentist. There’s always work – but it’s break from the monotony of waking up early and readying yourself for the busy day ahead.

3. Saturday evenings are the best


We all know that because the next day is Sunday which means you can press snooze on the alarm for as many times as your want and delay having a bath till late afternoon. You can stay out till late night only on Saturday evenings because you don’t have to worry about not having eye-bags at work the next day!

4. Can be completely unproductive


Weekends give you the opportunity to be completely unproductive and not get flak for it. You can laze around, catch up on your shows or with your friends, and nobody is going to ask you why you’re not working. You won’t have to deal with people you never liked in the first place.

5. No authority!


Weekends are the days of a carefree mess! No boss to push you around, no professors to bestow assignments, perhaps a mother asking you to clean your room – but that’s easily taken care of. You can spend these precious days without any authoritative figure breathing down your nose, and that’s surely something!

Irrespective of all the lazy hours it offers, weekends are also a great time to catch up an unfinished backlog and keep up those plans with your friends that kept getting pushed back somehow or other. So how do you plan on spending yours?

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