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10 Best Letting Go Poem To Read

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Letting go of the one you have loved dearly is hard, but these letting go poem would help to ease the pain.

Make these letting go poem your companion on this roller coaster and face the harsh reality of the world. As to live for the future is all that we all need to do. Learning from natural experiences is what life is all about, and the same is depicted in these letting go poem.

The problem is when people deny and do not accept the facts. To accept and admit powerlessness would not harm. Working upon a problem is easier than simply ignoring it.

These letting go snippets would help you to discover all such things that you have been ignoring under the banner of avoidance for a long time now.

Top 10 Letting Go Poem You Should Read

1.Past is to let go

The past is the past for a reason.

 That is where it is supposed to stay,

 But some cannot let it go.

 In their heads, it eats away.

This one of the letting go poem states that the past has to be buried if one wants to live a happy future. Thinking about the very same past and crying over it would not do any good. The paragraph states the right place for the past is in the past and it’s better if it stays there only. Letting go of the past is the first step towards a happier future. 

There is no use in your past mingling with your future and creating problems. The lessons that they helped us learn in the past are the only things needed to be remembered. All the other things should become insignificant, especially when they are causing pain.

Letting Go Poem

2.Fresh Start

Breathe in the fresh air,

 Put your mind at ease.

 Let down your hair,

 Let it flow in the breeze.

The importance of a fresh start is what is depicted in this one of the letting go poem. This letting go stanza is very helpful in bringing out the meaning and importance of leaving something that is toxic behind.

It says that there is no harm in screaming with pain ( in the metaphorical sense), and also, there is nothing bad to let out your pain. Pain can never be anyone’s weakness, for that matter of fact. Rather it is the form of strength that gives the human the energy and courage to fight back.

3.Never falling

You may see me struggle,

 but you won’t see me fall.

 Regardless if I’m weak or not,

 I’m going to stand tall.

 This one of the letting go poem challenges every aspect of life that comes to test and check human ability in the most difficult times.

This letting go poem is the best answer to all such situations. A snippet portraying the spirits of a real fighter who can fall but giving up is not an option for them.

This part is written in a more challenging mood in which it is not the sadness and the pithiness that is felt. Rather an urge to prove ones worth.

4.Freedom of letting go

I’m at ease and free.

 I can’t be like others,

 And they can’t be me.

There is always freedom and liberation in letting go. This fact is not only said but is also lived by most people who have faced this phase of life.

The serene relief and happiness are brought out in this beautiful poem. In this part, the subject is not related to a past love but points out many things that we face regularly. These are the things and the words that have the strength to destroy us from within. The intelligence lies to let go of them, not allowing them to do much harm.

Letting Go Poem

5.Don’t hate you

I don’t hate you,

 Because I still love you.

 I can’t look at you,

 Because it hurts to.

Letting go poem never means to hate someone and then let the thing pass. Rather these letting go poem focus on satisfying and meaningful endings. The poet also mentions that hating someone is not the solution rather, and it would only fill you up with wrath and malice. Which in the long run won’t be right for you as well.

6. You

Once upon a time, I opened up my heart to you.

 You did what you chose to do.

 You chose to keep me as a best friend.


This letting go poem points out that love was always there, but now the real-time to let go and move on has come. If this is necessary and needed, everyone must take the right decision and be happy.

It talks about unrequited love, which is so immense on one side that letting it go is a difficult task. Sometimes un-returned love is something that does more harm than good.

Letting Go Poem

 7.Forgetting you

You make me laugh and smile

 when I need a cry, even if it’s only for a little while.

Forgetting someone does not happen overnight. It is a process that takes different periods for different people.

This life lesson is brought to the front in this one of the letting go poem. The poet talks about the changes and the cheerfulness that accompanied when a new person entered life in its middle portion. Soon it’s time for that person to leave, and the thought of them leaving is devastating.

During life, such incidences are common, but letting them go at the right time is what we can do.

8.Love is hard to let go

Love doesn’t happen overnight.

 Love doesn’t argue about what’s wrong

 or what’s right.And don’t expect to find

a love that will last,if the only place you’re

searching is in your past…

Indeed it is, true love is always hard to forget, but the process happens over time, which is also necessary and should be seen as a part of life itself. This thought is what is written down in this one of the letting go poem.

9.What to do

What do I do,

 When I’m still in love with you?

 You walked away,

 ‘Cause, you didn’t want to stay.

No one can adjust everything to my desires; hence some things are meant to pass. A thought that is presented in this one of the letting go poem. When people are with someone, they tend to make plans.

This is the natural human behavior that controls people, and making plans and imaging moments has nothing wrong with it. The worst happens when we are no longer able to see that very own person in those thoughts again.

The reason for this is their exit from your life, and they are no longer part of any of your plans. The question that people cannot deal with is that of what is left to do, and they suffer.

In such situations, sufferings are bound to happen, but as it is said that time is the greatest healer of all times. Believe in that and move on.

Letting Go Poem

10. Taught Me

Used to listen when you said you would always be there.

 I sit and think about all the times we had together,

 and how I thought I used to love you when you used to care.

People come and go but always teach us something or the other. Keeping that in mind and moving on is the best that could be done in life. 

The poet also talks about the simple little things which were once the most important ones have now to leave their charm. As these things would hurt you, even more when said to let go of them. In times such as these, only you can be your own source of strength.

 You should always keep motivating yourself in the best possible manner to let go of things that have happened as nothing there is nothing that could be done now.

Also, there is nothing that could have prevented those things from happening. As events are predetermined, and it’s not necessary that every person that enters your life would always stay.

To stop caring all of a sudden is not the solution that anyone is looking for. The thing we can do is to search out our own shortcomings and correct them so that we can grow and live.

With this aim in mind, these letting go poem has been written down. These letting go lyrics have passed on the strength to many and would keep on doing so.

Letting go poem can sometimes bring some relief and calmness to the broken hearts. When no one to accompany words in the form of these, letting go snippet could be your best friend. Read these letting go poem and try to move on.

All the points mentioned above might help you out in overcoming difficult times. Please share them with whoever is in need to id trying to make a fresh start. We might have no clue how effective a simple presentation can be, and sometimes it might turn out to be just more than a combination of words.

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