7 Reasons Why Satya Niketan Is A Bliss For South Campus Students

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7 Reasons Why Satya Niketan Is A Bliss For South Campus Students 1

The tussle between the North Campus and South Campus is never ending. But one thing is for sure – if the North Campus has got “Tom uncle’s Maggi” or “the famous Bhelpuri vala” then the South Campus students have their very own hub – “Satya Niketan”.



Ask any of your South Campus’ friend and they are bound to give you an endless list of how precious this place is to them. With so much to do, it’s hard to narrow down the long list but let me try to be brief and state just 7 reasons why Satya Niketan is a lifeline for the students.PEO-face_savouring_delicious_food.svg

  1. A True Restaurants hub!

Visit Satya Niketan once, and trust me you will end up confused regarding where and what to eat. There are rows and rows of food joints. It has got different cafes and restaurants at every nook and corner. You will find a varied range of prices too!

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QD’S, Pizza Hut, Big Yellow Door, Dude Food, China Bowl, Chocolate Square, Woodbox cafe, Storm, High on Burgers, Shanghai and the list is endless. I am sure you all must be salivating by now to visit this daunting place. So go ahead!



  1. It’s a relief for the PG and hostel students.

Satya Niketan has got numerous P.G.s and is very well conscious about taking care of the students away from their homes. It is truly a second home for them! Students are well aware of what to do in case they get bored.

Satya Niketan

They can chill around the place or visit their favourite cafe and boredom is alienated. Our cool colleges don’t have an A.C in every room but the cafeterias and restaurants in Satya Niketan have got them. Put two and two together and you now have a solution to beat the scorching heat.beautiful-18616_960_720

  1. Wondering where to buy your course books, reading materials or 10 years? Satya Niketan is the ultimate spot.

If you are also one of those who has planned to open the books at the last moment and are wondering about the availability of the books, then worry not. You can find all your course books or our holy and sacred – “10 years” (previous years’ questions ) for the last minute preparation at Jain Book Depot or Shyam Photocopy shop easily.

satya niketan


  1. Mouth Watering Kathi Rolls.

Well, I am compelled to broach the delicious Kathi Rolls. Though they originated in Kolkata but they achieved perfection here!

The budget-friendly place is none other than “34, Chowringhee Lane”. It has got a variety of rolls ranging from Aloo to Paneer, from Chicken to Mutton, and a mix and match of all these too. The tasty rolls are definitely applaudable. Try them once and you are captivated for life.


  1. Coaching centres

“Worried about the approaching examinations?” or “Is your college’s teaching faculty too good to understand anything?” Well, you can put the heebie-jeebies to rest. Satya Niketan has many coaching institutes with excellent faculty. It’s a relief, especially for the Economics and B.com honors students.

satya niketan


  1. Cheap food and palatable momos

Striving on the pocket money might sound difficult to you but it is not a big deal at all in Satya Niketan. Even the scrumptious food is so cheap here! Plus, the combos and deals are way too attractive to be avoided.


Let me admit this fact right away, you can find every type of momo in existence here -tandoori, steamed, paneer, fried and many more. Seems like your stomach has already started growling!

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  1. Small Shopping centers, Gyms, Salons, Gaming parlors and clinics; Satya is the answer to all your demands.

Satya Niketan is indeed the heart of South Campus. It has everything that could remove boredom and bring loads of entertainment in your life. You won’t regret your decision at all if you ever decide to visit this wondrous place.


I am sure that you have got enough reasons to visit Satya Niketan. I bet that after your first visit itself, you will be hooked in for life. So go on and explore the place with your friends.

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