Students just urge for freedom and luxuries. When their liberty is seized away from them, they get impulsive and lose their control. They become aggressive and find grief in every satisfying element. Such is the state of a student’s mind when they are commanded by their parents to be sent to a boarding school or a college hostel. They feel that hostel life is nothing but a prison for them. Do things appear the way we imagine? Not at all. It is agreeable that major liberty of students, are snatched away from them, but it’s not a ruthless act, but a fruitful act.


Life sucks without fun and entertainment. That’s what seems to be missing in a boarding life. As soon as a student enters the gate of a hostel, he or she feels as if he’s done a punishable act for which he has to endure the life behind the bars of a hostel. In a hostel, the freedom to hang around whenever you want, to visit certain places with your day boarder friends, to stuff your stomach with mouth watering eatables, to party around, and many more things are under supervision or are restricted, in the majority of the hostels, especially in boarding schools.

A student sways away from the entertainment of television and other entertaining gadgets. The grief strikes us further when we perceive our friends are hanging around and sharing their experiences with us, while we are seated inside our school or college campus. At times we feel envious. Boarding life seems to be a subtle headache for a student.


Why students always sense the disadvantages of a particular thought? If a student takes a look at the merits of a boarding life, he will feel blessed to have been a part of a boarding life. A hostel makes us an independent person. It motivates us to complete our tasks all by ourselves.

In a hostel, we are miles away from the guidance of our parents. Hence, we learn to make our decisions and experience the outer world all alone. We also acquire the ability to face any circumstances offered by evil doers. We prevent ourselves from becoming an over spoilt person. We learn to adjust in the newly built habitats. Since we are devoid of television, we take our career seriously and participate actively in every field of our lives.

Therefore, a boarding life enhances the personality of a person. A student who has been through the boarding life has millions of experiences that makes him a bold and sharp person today.

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