Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed to Enter Late

Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed to Enter Late 1

Students- children who are a part of an educational institute and seeking knowledge to be a better human being and progress in life. There are around 30 students in a class in school with one teacher and 60 students with one teacher in a class for college. Students have thousands of problems in their life, and one of the most recurring and regular problems they face is- coming late. From the first day to the last day, you would have at least been late at least occasionally, and you had to face the wrath of the teacher if you were not lucky enough to escape it. Each teacher has his or her way to tackle this problem. Some may shun you from the class while some would not bat an eyelid over this.

Here are some reasons as to why students entering late should be allowed to enter the class:-


  1. Genuine problems: – Sometimes, there are some actual problems which turn up. Accidents, transport strikes, health issues, etc. make people late. These problems are sometimes not given enough attention even though they rarely appear. The students are barred from entering the class on this ground. This should be given care and students should be allowed.
  2. Fees paid: – If you are studying in any college, you must have paid some hefty amount as its fees. On this ground, it is not right that you shun the student from what he or she has paid for. It is almost like taking the money and giving nothing in the back. The students have every right to get what they pay for, and it sounds very unfair not to let them attend the class.
  3. Attendance: – More often, the students have the least interest in the lecture, and they are only attending the session for attendance sake. Of course, this acts as a loophole. There is not much to be changed all of sudden in universities, so it is wise to let them enter late and give them the attendance they have come from. This acts like a helpless and pushing tool to pressure them attending which creates a backlash as people coming late.
  4. Exam: – A single lecture covers a topic that is going to be asked in the exam. One day the student misses the session and in the exam, his marks are lost, as he has no knowledge of it. The world is functioning in a way that the highest mark gainer is given very much attention and people who are average are not given the deserved attention. This is an imbalance.Young-students-working-together
  5. Probability: – It is very likely that in a class of 30 or 60, a person would come late no matter what. Students are 60 or 30 in number, and it cannot happen that everyone is perfectly on time. The teacher, on the other hand, is a single person who is also late sometimes because of some reason. The whole class suffers in this scenario, but no one speaks because of the culture.Students-in-Class1

Thus, students coming late should be allowed to enter the class. They should not be barred from entering late because of the above reasons. However, there are some students, which are regularly late. Those should be punished in some way and ensure that there is a smooth flow of learning in the class.

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