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Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed to Enter Late

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Students: children who are a part of an educational institution, seeking knowledge to progress in life and thus become better human beings. There are around 30 students in each class in a school, and one teacher has to manage 60 students in a single class in a college. Students have thousands of problems, and one of the most recurring and regular problems they face is- being late for class. I am sure all of you might have experienced this problem, and some of you also might have faced the wrath of the teacher if you were not lucky enough to escape it. Every teacher has their own ways of dealing with problems. Some may shun you from the class, while some would not bat an eyelid over this.

Here are some reasons why students entering late should be allowed to enter the class:-


  1. Genuine problems: – Sometimes, students may be late to class due to genuine reasons. Accidents, transport strikes, health issues, etc., make people late. These problems are sometimes not given enough attention even though they rarely appear. The students are barred from entering the class on this ground. Schools and colleges should give this care, and students should be allowed to enter the class.
  2. Fees paid: – If you study in a college, you must have paid a hefty amount for your semester fees. On this ground, it is not right for teachers to shun the student from the classes they have paid for. It is almost like taking the money and giving nothing in return. The students have every right to get what they pay for, and it sounds very unfair not to let them attend the class.
  3. Attendance: – Most of the students in college attend classes only for the sale of attendance (the 75% attendance rule). Of course, this acts as a loophole. This has been going on for years, and one cannot suddenly change the entire system, so it is wise to let them enter late and give them the attendance they have come for.
  4. Exam: – A single lecture covers a topic that is going to be asked in the exam. The student misses the class that day and loses marks in his exams as he has no knowledge of it. Then the student who scores the highest marks is treated well and given more preference while others are spared the teachers’ attention. This causes an imbalance in the entire educational system. Young-students-working-together
  5. Probability: – It is very likely that in a class of 30 or 60, a person would come late no matter what. Not everyone is punctual; when there is such diversity in a class, there are always differences. The teacher, on the other hand, is a single person who is also late sometimes because of some reason. The whole class suffers in this scenario, but no one speaks because they are not allowed to criticize the teacher.Students-in-Class1

Thus, students coming late should be allowed to enter the class. They should not be barred from entering late because of the above reasons. However, some students are regularly late. The teachers must punish those students to ensure a smooth flow of learning in the class.

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