6 Reasons Why the Teenage years Aren’t The Best Time To Get In A Relationship

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The teenage years are expected to be the best phase of our lives, and the best thing about teenage life is a “perfect, eternal relationship.” But, sarcasm as it is, these immature relationships meet their bitter ends within a short interval from their inception. The relationship goals and expectations are not met and eventually lead to disappointments and ‘breakups’.

Here are 6 reasons why the teenage years aren’t the best time to get in a relationship.

1. Immaturity

Hitting puberty is an obvious phase of development for adolescents. As young and inexperienced adolescents, teenagers often believe that they know what’s best for them and others. However, teenagers cannot blame this as the adrenaline rush sets up a new ‘high’ for them.

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Getting attracted to the opposite sex, crushes and infatuations are very common – the genesis of the cute ‘boyfriends and girlfriends’ willing to sacrifice their “world” and their life for each other. This immaturity in both experience and emotions draws them into believing that they are in love. The clouds of depression and devastation then fill their skies, leaving them with a low self-esteem when the relationship ends.

2. Fitting In

A teenage couple is inseparable one day and broken up the next. The desire to be noticed in high school, a way of fitting in, is also one of the many reasons why teenagers get into relationships. If you are in a relationship, then you fit in by default while the others have to try to find a reason to be accepted in the so called ‘elite’ group.

The love birds with cupid’s generous bows enjoy a roller-coaster ride with the best feeling of young love. But the first love is infantile, and a sense of dependency kills both the birds with a single stone. The urge to get noticed in high school, to be the ‘talk’ of the crowd (although denying it), the stereotypical mind leads teens into thinking that they have become free from their peers’ expectations, but they are actually falling into the pit.


3. Isolation

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Teens in relationships tend to isolate themselves from society. Hours are spent chatting and hanging out with their ‘significant other.’ This distances them from their friends, which isn’t good for either of the two or their other relations. It’s common to feel the need to be with their partner all the time, but the isolation can be devastating after breakups. Parents can figure out the emotional destruction long before teens can even imagine it. The instructions from parents now become barriers for them, which in turn become the platform for stress and them getting neglectful of their responsibilities. Make sure that you keep Your friends near you, they do stay forever.


4. Communication and Commitment

“My baby, my shona, my cutie pie”; such love, such sweetness that no insulin can help you recover from, the days of future with all possible imaginations and commitments, promises to be together always in happiness and sorrow, in richness and poverty, as if the Padre himself has pronounced them husband and wife. The days of such profound love see the ugly side when the better half cannot reciprocate those feelings and commitments.

They worry so much about the future that they forget to live their present. The first love born out of infatuations takes time to open up completely. Communication plays a vital role in building trust and understanding in a relationship. But when it’s unclear what you desire and long for, how would you be able to share it with the other. Patience is a gift not imparted to many, and this communication gap leads the other into perceiving lack of interest and comfort from you. If one fails to express even after a good amount of time, then things turn bitter.

5. Studies Hampered

Education is a wreck with teen relationships. Havoc wreaks in school grades which are decisive of their future. Skipping school, bunking classes and even neglecting studies in order to spend time together diverts their focus.

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Well, it is they who handed the ball in the challengers’ court by neglecting the necessary moves of their life. Daydreaming about their ‘love of life’ with no realization about how time flies away so quickly and getting engrossed in unnecessary conversations is unacceptable to the parents. The climax of the story comes after the breakup, the mental trauma starts, which becomes difficult for most people to cope with.


6. Uncertainty about the Future

While daydreaming about a future with their partner, teens forget to figure out their own future. High school is the platform that prepares us for the real journey. But, unfortunately, the different career options and the competitive environment separate these lovers into different colleges, separating the lovers by physical distance and distances them emotionally.

These adolescent relationships hardly survive and eventually drown with time. It’s not the teenagers’ fault that they were not mature enough to hold on. It’s not their age and they are not expected to be mature like adults. Time is the best teacher and healer. It’s a privilege to have someone who loves you and cares for you, but is it selfless or just a mere attraction is for you to know.

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