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Love Spice!

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When we talk about anything spicy, our mouth waters, but when love is added to it, the entire meaning of the word ‘spice’ changes. And it is the most confusing part too. There are direct approaches, mixed signals, and even signs. Here are 10 signs that will assure you that your partner is happy and content with you! Every relationship is unique in its way and thus its problems too. Still, above all, your partners’ happiness should be the center of attention to have a healthy and happy relationship.


After a long day at work or after tiresome classes at college, when your partner still gets intimate with you and expects more of your attention, that is when you should know your partner is content with you. Keep doing whatever you are doing, as it is making him fall in love with you every new day!


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Life in a metro city is brooded with monotony and humdrum. So if your partner is trying to break the monotony by little surprises, know that he loves you and is happy with you. At times, a flower or even a piece of your favorite pastry can enlighten your mood. Do not forget to appreciate the small gestures.

Sharing is a lovely way to show a person that they are valued. So after a speculative argument, if your partner is making an effort to talk it out, that is a sign of affection, be assured that they love you. Also, when your partner is making sure that you have all the details of the necessary stuff of their life, then don’t get cranky; it’s definitely because you are important, and your partner is making that effort to show how happy they are with the relationship.


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 Girls often tend to remember important dates but men, on the other hand, are hopeless. That is why if your man remembers the dates of the important events, then bingo! Girls, you are lucky. And boys, if your girl is the one who remembers all the dates, then instead of being cranky, thank the Lord for you are one lucky chap.

Space is an important term in our lives, and so is caring. Too much space can break the bond, so it is okay to be possessive at times, and similarly, over-the-mark care becomes possessiveness and thus creates encroachment in a person’s space. Balancing the two is an important measure to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

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It’s a dicey term in its way, but the truth is being physical with your partner should be pretty standard as it helps strengthen the bond. The enzymes secreted during the process maintain mental stability and trust towards your love.


Romance keeps up the charm of any relationship, and that’s why sudden chills of romantic moments create love and an essence of happiness and contentment in a relationship. When your partner is holding hands just by habit or resting his head on your shoulder, be happy because that is the sweetest thing one could do.


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When you two are out with friends or family, and your partner is not reluctant to hold hands or stay by your side and not ashamed to call you by nicknames or expresses his love in front of their friends, it shows that he respects you very much and is very happy about your existence in his life.

Don’t be irritated if they become a little too cheesy; that is their way to express to you how much they love you


Cuddling and falling asleep in each other’s arms is the prettiest way of showing affection towards your partner. And doing it often implies the happiness of being with that person at the moment.


To appreciate your partner and be appreciated is the best thing that can happen to you and your significant other.

Encouragement and appreciation boosts confidence and helps to improver a person’s self-esteem, it also shows that your partner wants to see you achieve more in life.

Now go out there and enjoy your love life, for it is a gift from God.

Appreciate it and cherish it for the rest of your life.

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