Love Spice!

Love Spice! 1

Talking about the word spice, mouths go watery, but when love is added to it, the vibes of one’s partner hold the charm. Every relationship is unique in its way and thus their problems too, but above all, partners’ happiness should be the centre of attention to have a healthy and happy relationship. And it is the most confusing part too. There are direct approaches, mixed signals and even signs. So here are ten signs that will assure you that your partner is happy and content with you!


After a long day at work or after tiresome classes at college when your partner still tends to get intimate with you and expects more of your attention, that is when you should know your partner is content with you. Keep doing whatever you are doing, as it is making him/her want to love you!


21st-surprise-birthday-partyLife in a metro city is brooded with monotony and humdrum. So if your partner is trying to break the monotony by little surprises know that he loves you and happy with you. At times, a flower or even a piece of your favourite pastry can make your mood go high. So keep appreciating the effort.

Sharing is a lovely way to show a person that he/she is valued in our lives. So after a speculative argument, if your partner is making the effort to talk it out, that is a sign of affection, and he/she values u. Also, when your partner is making sure that you have all the details of the necessary stuff of their life then don’t get cranky, it’s definitely because you are important and your partner is making that effort to show how happy he/she is in the relationship.


Two different genders have a problem that is so polar. Girls are expert in remembering dates, but men, on the other hand, are hopeless. So keeping the psychology of both the sides if men remember dates of the important events then bingo! girls, you are lucky. And boys if your girl is the one remembering all the dates and not being cranky then say “thank you” to the Lord for making you one lucky chap!

Trust-2Space is an important term in our lives, and so is caring. Too much space can break the bond so it is okay to be possessive at times and similarly over the mark care becomes possessiveness and thus creates encroachment in the space of a person. So balancing the two is an important measure to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

BEING PHYSICALCouples-Workout-Together

It’s a dicey term in its way. For some, the partner is too much reluctant to give in just because they don’t feel the comfort. But the truth is being physical with your partner should be pretty standard as it helps to create the bond. The enzymes secrete during the process generates mental stability and trust towards your love.


Romance keeps up the charm of any relation and so sudden chills of the romantic moments create love and essence of happiness and contentment in a relationship. When your partner is holding hands just by habit or letting his/her shoulder your resting place and steals kisses from you in random moments, be happy because they are the sweetest thing one could do just because they are simply in love with you.


When you two are out with friends or family and your partner is not reluctant to hold hands or stay by your side and not ashamed to call nick names or show love in front of his/her friends is because he respects you much and is very much happy about your existence in his/her life. So never get much irritated if he/she becomes a little too cheesy that is just another gesture of loving you and expressing their happiness in a way.


Cuddling and falling asleep in each other’s arms is the prettiest way of showing affection towards their partners. And doing it often implies the happiness of being with that person at the moment.

APPRECIATIONRomantic Couple at Sunset

Committing mistakes are pretty prevalent in any field. But that shouldn’t mean “stop trying”.

So even after your new dish got burnt or you fell from the new scooter of yours, when your partner still encourages you to try and master it, then keep him/her for life. Encouragement and appreciation boost the confidence and thus help in pushing one’s self-esteem to be more flexible and jolly. And this also shows that your partner wants to see you achieving more in life.

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