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7 Things One Faces A Night Before Exams

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Exam Day, or should I say THE EXAM DAY is not just about an examination scheduled at a particular day but many preceding sleepless nights. And the most horrifying night is the one, which is just before the exam.

According to professors, exams are a way to test how well a student has been able to grab his teachings and understand them. Still, for students, exams are nothing less than torture that ruins the happiness of a student’s life and takes away that naughty smile from everyone’s face.

Exam written in wooden blocks
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Declaration of date sheet of exams comes as a trailer of a horror movie that scares masses until it is finally released. And as it is released, there is no scope of happiness in one’s life.

No matter how brave or gutsy a student is, Exams will always have that power to scare the hell out of the students and depress them to death. A student’s life would be perfect if there were no exams and tests, but as the rule of nature says, there cannot exist any perfect thing, so one cannot possibly avoid exams.

One goes through plenty of emotions when preparing for exams and precisely a night before exam day.

1. Lonely, I am so Lonely, I have Nobody!!

One thing that every student wishes at the time of exams is, “If it was possible to give the exam in a group and not individually, then I could have reached the sky with my performance.” On the night before exams, we feel lonely and left out because we know we gotta pass the exam all by ourselves.

2. What if I FAIL?

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No matter how smart or how dumb a student is, the fear of failing is sure to prevail just before the D-day. That fear leads to some great ideas which come to our minds for dealing with failure, and we come up with innovative ways to convince others that failing in an exam is no big deal.

3.  I got a blank paper, baby, and I’ll write my name.

Yes, You got me right. Study a topic just the night before exams, and in the paper, you’ll only be able to write your name. While we study at the last moment, we strongly believe or maybe have no other choice than believing that we do not need any revision because everything we learned is fresh. And finally, when the question paper lands in our hands, we go blank and start mixing up things and concepts.

4. Aahh. I don’t have time!

Less time
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This *less time* factor is sure to strike a student one night before the exams. He would always have this problem with the entire system that he wasn’t given sufficient time to prepare for exams, and that is why he would be unable to perform with his whole will and capabilities.

5. What Difference can a Single Exam have on my life!

No matter what ideologies one has followed his entire life but a night before exams is a night where all our ideologies and perception are aimed towards the role of one exam in our lives. Rather than memorizing the entire syllabus, we mentally prepare ourselves that one exam cannot affect our lives in the long run, so there is no use in doing it for the sake of the exam only.

6. Doctor, Doctor Help Us!!

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A night before exams, most of us ran to professional doctors hoping to detect an illness in our body, which would rescue us from attempting the paper and listening to our parent’s scoldings.

7. I will rock in the next exams! 

This category of students is one of their kind. They think of things that elders cannot even imagine. Even if they are not prepared and ready for the exam they have to give the following day, they will promise themselves that they will perform better in the next one whose syllabus is not known to them at that moment. Finally, they choose to forget everything and sleep because the exams they will perform well are too far to start preparing for.

I am sure you have gone through at least one of these phases before the exam.

If you have an exam coming up, good luck!

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