Rhapsody 2016 – The Much Awaited Fest Of Maitreyi College!

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Rhapsody 2016 - The Much Awaited Fest Of Maitreyi College! 1

Rhapsody is one of the much awaited fest of Delhi University. With approximately 10,000 people attending the fest, Rhapsody 2016 automatically became prodigious and spectacular. It was organised on two days – 28th and 29th January.


With lesser crowd on Day 1, Day 2 saw a huge increase with more number of students attending the fest from different colleges. Well, the reason for this was the presence of none other than “Guru Randhawa” himself!

The first day kick started with the performance by ”Riyaaz-The Indian Music Society”. The Guest of Honour was Mr.Mehraj Hassan, and Ms. Nisha Singh was the Chief Guest of the event. The inauguration ceremony was followed by inspiring words from the prestigious guests.


The fest had many events including AD-MAD, Rangoli-making and Intifada – The Nukkad Natak competition going on simultaneously at different places.

Winners of these Programmes:

Admad – ARSD

Rangoli making – Dyal Singh

Intifada – Deshbandhu college

Match the Beat : The competitions on Day 1 came to an end with Western Dance Performances in “Match the Beat”. It was one of the highlights of the day. There were many high-Octane performances and Miranda House emerged as the winner followed by the sumptuous performance of Zeal – the Western Dance society of Maitreyi College.


The celebrations on the first day came to an end with the enthralling Aadhya Band that struck a chord with the audience with various hits. The concert was stupendous and captivating.


Any fest is incomplete without delicious food. Rhapsody was definitely on good footing this time too. Pizzas, momos, cupcakes, burgers, chaat, lip smacking gol-gappe and much more were there!


Beauty stalls were there too. In short, it was a complete package.

Day 2 started with a fashion show and ended with a breathtaking live performance by “Guru Randhawa”.


The day started with the fashion competition ”Panache” organised by Galore, the Fashion society of Maitreyi College. The theme was “Break the Silence”. Lady Irwin secured the first position while the competition ended on a happy note with a performance by GALORE.


Bhaag Photographer Bhaag

On the spot photography treasure hunt was arranged by “Vista, the photography society of Maitreyi College”. The theme was “Bollywood” and no professional camera was required.

Star Eve

This was the most awaited and exciting part of the fest. Rockstrings band performed live in the afternoon and gave a boggling and phenomenal show. The guitarist of Aryans Band left no stone unturned in entertaining the audience.


Finally, it was time for the star of the fest ”Guru Randhawa”. The eagerness was clearly visible in the crowd. As soon as he came on the stage, the crowd got extremely excited. Indeed, he set the stage on fire. Guru sang his well-known songs such as “Patola”, “Outfit”, and his latest release “Yaar mod do”. The audience remained engrossed in his engaging personal talks and awesome performances.


The students enjoyed a lot and the efforts of the Student Union were clearly visible. The fest was definitely one which no one can afford to miss. The fest-season is on and if the beginning was so good, then I am sure you can expect much more from other fests too.

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