Dyal Singh College Presents Ecowave 2016

Dyal Singh College Presents Ecowave 2016 1


January ,February & March is the fest season of Delhi University, whether it is college fest with lots of enjoyment or department fest with something new learning events .
In this line Economic department of Dyal Singh College presents its fest ECOWAVE 2016!
The most awaited fest on my college life! So here are the first two online events with attractive prizes for camera lovers and fond readers and writers to show their skills.



?After last year’s overwhelming response, Strobe, the photography wing of Economics Department, Dyal Singh College, in collaboration with Delhi College of Photography, is back with their online photography contest, ‘INSTAKHEENCH 2.0’ for Ecowaves 2016.

? The theme this time is, ‘CHEHRA’, meaning ‘face’. The competition is open to all, and the winning entry would receive a cash prize off 2,000/-!
?For more details follow strobe on instagram: strobe.dsc ?

Seeking: Rebellious, overly- enthusiastic book lovers with a wild imagination and a knack for story telling❕


?If you’re never fully satisfied with a book’s ending and constantly find yourself saying “had I written it, I would have…”, and you have no qualms in killing the protagonist, when your mind buzzes with a bazillion story lines and you don’t mind the sleepless nights because it gives you more time to think about that alternate ending, then we are here!
✏️Twist-a-Tale, an online event by Ecognizance, brings you the opportunity to give a new ending to your favorite stories with the power of your penmanship.
✏️You can bring to light your own opinions, remove story arcs and twist it anyway you want to.
?What’s more? You get to win a cash prize of 3,000/-!
So, come on! Express yourself!
✒️Register : http://goo.gl/forms/gCyOoDJxmk
?For more info-Mail us at eco.ecognizance@gmail.com.

First look of ECOWAVE2016! Stay tuned for the more events.
Ecowave2016 on 10 ,11&12 March.

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