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Safe Travels USA: Your Complete Guide

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Safe travels USA is an insurance plan for the visitors traveling to the USA that will provide the non-US citizens and non-US residents with medical coverage and emergency services when they travel internationally, including the USA.

Any person can access the coverage up to the aged of 90. It covers the portion en route to the USA, while you are staying in the USA, countries you happen to visit or cross while traveling to the USA, all the countries included in the itinerary, and countries while heading back home.

You can buy safe travels USA coverage for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 364 days. Buying for 5 days can also be extended for up to 24 consecutive months on the rates at that time. 

The plan provides both insurance and non-insurance benefits. While buying the policy, the company offers a complete description of terms and conditions with a document of insurance benefits that are not compulsory to buy. 

The first health PPO network is widely recognized all over the USA and engages in the Safe Travels USA plan. However, you can also visit any doctor of your choice outside the PPO network.  The only profit to visit the PPO network is that they will charge you with the negotiated fees, which is less than the regular costs. 

Safe Travels USA provides different deductibles ranging from $0 to $5000, where an in-network provider issues a $0 deductible for treatment. For example- if it’s an in-network coverage, the plan will pay 100% on the selected policy. Still, if you visit an out-of-network provider, you might be provided with 80% of the deductible by Safe Travels USA. But after $5000, they pay 100%, and the policy goes to maximum. 

Remember that the policy does not cover any expense of pre-existing conditions and only pays for any new medical condition, injuries, or accident occurring in the given portion after the policy’s effective date. 

Safe Travels USA Insurance Plans: Comprehensive Coverage plans and Fixed Coverage Plans

Safe travels USA

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

The comprehensive Coverage plan is highly recommended in the market because:

  1. After the deductible ( the amount of money you have to pay for your health care before your health insurance plan will start), you will be paid a set percentage of that specific amount. After that, it will be 100% of the policy you have chosen or the fixed percentage written in the selected policy.
  2. Though the plan’s price is more than the fixed coverage plans, they are worth it because of all the benefits provided in the plan. 
  3. The deductible is only supposed to meet once per policy period or the year. 
  4. It adequately covers the chosen policy maximum. 
  5. Plans included in the comprehensive coverage plans mostly participate in the PPO network have contracted rates, and direct billing is available. 
  6. You are allowed to visit any provider, though it’s recommended to visit the in-network.
  7. While traveling, it provides extensive benefits under maximum policy coverage. 

Fixed Coverage plan

A Fixed Coverage plan is also called a Scheduled Benefit plan or Limited Coverage plan. 

  1. After the deductible, you will be paid a fixed amount for the eligible expenses, and you are responsible for the rest.   
  2. The price of this plan is low and comes with limitations, and is usually insufficient. 
  3. Deductible happens once per incident or per period of coverage. 
  4. The plan leaves you at risk when it comes to the out-of-pocket maximum. 
  5. The benefits of policy maximum are subject to the sub-limits set in the schedule or policy. 
  6. The plan DOES NOT participate in the PPO network, and direct billing will be depending on the provider. 
  7. There is no travel coverage.
  8. You are free to visit any provider, no matter if it’s an in-network or out-network. 

Safe Travels USA: Your Complete Guide 1

Details of Safe Travels USA Plan


The plan type is comprehensive. If it’s within the PPO Network, it provides you with 100% policy maximum, and there are no deductibles. After a deductible, if it’s outside PPO network, you are paid 80% up to $500 and 100% to policy maximum. 

Medical Coverage


Policy maximum- Physician visit, prescription drugs, diagnostic X-Rays, lab services, outpatient surgery, Anesthesia, assistant surgeon, and outpatient surgical faculty.

The wellness visit will cost you $75 per visit. Co-insurance will be applied to walk-in clinics and urgent care. 


Policy Maximum- Hospital Room, Intensive Care Unit, Anesthesia, Assistant Surgeon, Impatient Surgery, Physician’s visit, Pre-Admission tests. 

Medical Coverage- (other treatments)

Included- Hazardous Sports, Local Ambulance, Maternity Coverage, Physical Therapy, PPO within or outside the USA, Telemedicine.

Non-included- Rx Discount Card, Emergency Eye Exam, Durable medical equipment. 


It includes acute or unexpected pain and accident-related emergency. 


Included- Trip interruption, Loss of checked luggage. Return of minor kid(s), emergency reunion, emergency evacuation, local burials, the return of mortal remains. 

Non-included- Trip Cancellation, Loss of Passport or other essential documents, Border Entry Protection.


You will be insured when accidental and dismemberment and common carrier if AD&D happens. 


Included: Theme Park activities, Cruise coverage, Home country coverage, Hospital indemnity, natural disaster benefit.

Non-included: Theft coverage and Tourism coverage. 

For more information on Safe Travels USA, click here.

Safe Travels USA: Your Complete Guide 2

Safe Travels USA policy: General Terms

1. Eligibility

The policy will provide coverage to non-US citizens who live outside the USA and are traveling away from Their Home Country to visit the United States solely or visit the United States with other countries worldwide. The Policy does not apply to green cardholders in the USA. This Policy cannot be accessed by anyone age 90 or above. If Safe Travels USA feels like their eligibility requirements have not been met, they have the right to investigate and if you do not match the terms, then they will refund your premium. 

2. Benefit Period

The Benefit Period does not apply when the certificate is in effect. Upon termination of the certificate, you will be paid eligible medical expenses for up to 90 days from the first day of diagnosis or treatment till a Covered Person is outside their home country.

All the qualified medical expenses will be applied that began while the certificate was in effect. When your benefit period is in process and you come back to your home country, they will continue to pay medical expenses incurred in your home country during the benefit period until the policy medical maximizes. 

Your eligible medical expenses incurred in your home country will be paid even after you return to your home country until the Benefit period is not exhausted. 

3. Effective Date

If you are the eligible person, you will be insured while you depart from your home country, the date and time you complete your enrollment form, their premium received,  and the effective date requested and shown on the certificate.

4. Termination Date

The time insured will terminate at 12:01 AM North American Central Time, if:

1) The date expires as shown on the insurance confirmation card.

2) The date you return to your home country.

3) Three hundred and sixty-four (364) days are covered after the original effective date unless extended.

4) If you become a United States citizen. 

5. Extension Procedures

Before the policy period is about to end, an extension notice will be sent to you, including the links to extend before the termination date. Rules of extension include additional periods which are charged at the premium rate- 5 days premium is the minimum acceptable extension premium, and a 364 days premium is the maximum. No grace periods will be allowed for the extension. If your policy gets lapsed,  you must re-apply for it. 

Do remember that as you apply for a new policy, deductible and co-insurance will start over.

6. Cancellation and refund procedure provisions

You will get full cancellation and refund if you write them a request before the Effective Date of the coverage. If the written request is submitted after the Effective Date of coverage, partial cancellation and refund may be allowed. Some conditions applied are- if you have filed the claims-  the premium is fully earned by the company and is non-refundable. 

If claims are not filed, then a cancellation fee is charged wherein only unused days premiums will be refundable to you by the company, and you will be fully responsible for that claim. 

7. Primary Insurance

 The Covered Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses up to the Maximum Benefit are all paid by the company without regard to any Coordination of Benefits provision in any other Health Care Plan. The company will also make sure that they satisfy any Deductible. 

Safe Travels USA: Your Complete Guide 3

Safe Travels USA Policy: Benefits

1. Safe Travels USA: Medical Expense Benefit

If any Sickness or Injury occurs during the Policy Period, and you require any medical or surgical treatment, the company will be paying for the covered expense.  The first charges should be incurred within 90 days after the date of your recovery of sickness or injury. The treatment should occur within 24 hours of a Pre-existing Condition. 

No benefits will be paid for the expenses including-

  1. Hospital Room or Board expenses– The policy will benefit with not counting the date of admission and the date of discharge, except that all the charges including the semi-private room and the nurse will have to be paid by you. 
  2. Hospital room emergency visits will be counted as an additional deductible and outlined in the benefit’s schedule.
  3. Ancillary Hospital Expenses– services included-  Medical Necessary,  meals, and special diets.
  4. Services not included–  Use of the operating room, Intensive care like X-Ray,  other diagnostic tests, drugs, medications, biological anesthesia, and oxygen services.
  5. Physician Visits
  6. Outpatient Medical expenses.
  7. Physician’s Surgical Expenses.
  8. Physician non-surgical treatment and examination expenses, Medically Necessary follow-up visit and consultation visits 
  9. Assistant Physician Surgical Expenses when Medically Necessary.
  10. Telemedicine
  11. X-rays
  12. Mental or nervous disorders.
  13. Drug Expenses prescribed by a Physician.
  14. Emergency dental treatment and restoration.
  15. Physiotherapy, Diathermy, Ultrasonic, or any form of Physical therapy.
  16. Ambulance Service Benefits are provided for the medically necessary emergency site to the nearest Hospital.
  17. Anesthesiologist expenses during a surgical procedure on an outpatient basis.
  • Additional medical treatment and services-

 While you are traveling outside your home country and an unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition happens, the Safe Travels USA policy is payable for that. It will not include any known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs, or treatments existent. Benefits are paid to you for a Doctor Visit during the Policy Period. 

Doctor Visit

The benefits are paid for a Doctor Visit every time during the Policy Period. Things covered are:

  1. Within the first 21 days, the visit must occur from the effective date of coverage.
  2. Purchase the coverage initially at least 30 days by the person.
  3. The Physician must use specific codes. (Register for the
    benefit with the Plan Administrator)

2. Safe Travels USA: Transportation Benefits

  1. Ambulance Service Benefits: These benefits are provided in a medical emergency to the nearest hospital to provide the required level of care. 
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation: All benefits will be paid to you if you suffer a Sickness or Injury during the Trip. It requires Emergency Medical Evacuation from that place and will be taken to the nearest hospital or even you can be transported to your home country for further medical treatment in a Hospital. Under the policy, the benefits will not be paid if you do not inform them in advance about the expenses. 
  3.  Benefits will be paid to you if, you are harmed physically due to any occurrence, or it results in death. Included-  Transportation and Related Costs to the Nearest Place of Safety,  consulting services by a Designated Security Consultant if you go missing or get kidnapped. Non-included- political evacuations ( if you are a part of it)
  4. Emergency Reunion: If you are alone outside the home country, which is 100 miles away from your home country, then the expenses of one economy airfare ticket and other travel-related local expenditures, including the reasonable costs incurred for lodging and meals, are payable in the benefits. 
  5. Natural disaster and political Evacuation: Benefits will be paid to you from the Host Country due to an Occurrence that could result in grave physical harm or death. The Occurrence must take place while coverage is in effect, and while you are traveling outside of Their Home Country. Benefits will be payable for the evacuation during a period of civil unrest, insurrection, or natural disasters that could not have been foreseen before you during departure from your Home Country of origin.
  6. Return of Minor or traveling companion: If for some reason you suffer a sickness or injury and must be Hospital Confined for at least 48 consecutive hours, the minor with you will be provided a one-way economy airfare ticket and ground transportation ticket to their Home Country. 
  7. Local Burial/ Cremation: Benefits of the Safe Travels USA policy will be payable for all the procedures of local burial or cremation, which includes- religious practitioner, flowers, music, food, or beverages.
  8. Repatriation of Mortal Remains: If you are the only person traveling with minor Dependent children who are under the age of 21, or with a Travel Companion, and you suffer some sickness or injury, benefits will be paid for the cost of the Dependent or Travel Companion’s ticket of one-way economy airfare or ground transportation to their home country.

3. Safe Travels USA: Additional Benefits

  1. Coma Benefit: If you remain in a coma for at least 31 days, benefits are payable by the Safe Travels USA insurance policy. 
  2. Lost Baggage: The benefits will be payable to you if your s luggage is checked onto a Common Carrier and then gets lost, stolen, or damaged. But remember, the replacement cost will be calculated based on the depreciated standard and its average usable period.

Claim Procedures for Safe Travels USA Policy

  1. The government will govern jurisdiction related to all the assurance claims, and their jurisdiction will be the final call. 
  2. You will have to provide a notice of claim to the company within 90 days after any loss to be covered from them.
  3. You will be provided with claim forms within 15 days, and if not so, you will have to show them the proof of occurrence.
  4. You will have to submit written proof of loss within 90 days after the date of loss. 
  5. If you do not cooperate with the Safe Travels USA policymakers,  it may result in the delay or termination of a claim. 
  6. Payment of Claims– If you die, then any death benefits or other benefits unpaid, will be paid to the beneficiary at the specified time of your death. If there is no name for the beneficiary, then benefits will be given to your first surviving class. 
  7. OFAC Compliance: Any payment of loss under the Safe Travels USA policy will be made in full compliance with United States of America economic or trade sanction laws and regulations. It will be enforced by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  8. Beneficiary: you will have to designate a Beneficiary. You will also have the right to change the beneficiary at any time by written notice. 
  9. Assignment: If you are a minor, your medical benefits will be paid to the service provider. 
  10. Physical Examinations and Autopsy: the company will have the right to have a Physician of their choice and examine your body as often as is reasonably necessary. It will be applicable only if your claim will be pending or while benefits are being paid. 
  11. Recovery of Overpayment or Error: if the company’s benefits are overpaid or paid in error, they have the right to reclaim the amount overpaid or paid in error. They can make such a by-Request for lump sum payment, Reduction of any proceeds payable under the Policy, any other action available to them.
  12. Conformity with State Laws: the date policy will be effective. It should respect and come under all the state laws’ guidelines; otherwise, the policy will not be considered in front of the government. 
  13. The policy will not provide you with any Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  14. Fraud Warning: If you make any claim or statement false or fraudulent regarding the amount or otherwise, then your Safe Travels USA insurance will be void, and there will be no refund to the premium.

Safe Travels USA: Your Complete Guide 4

Safe Travels USA: Primary and Secondary International Travel Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, it should be one of your priorities, especially when traveling outside your home country. Safe Travels USA also provides short term insurance for you during your stay in the USA or other home countries on the way.

Having two insurance plans will help you cover the medical expenses better through coordination of benefits provision. 

You must make sure that your partner or someone accompanying you should also get extra benefits or benefits of different things that will not be in your plan. And that’s where health insurance has a coordination of benefits system, making sure that both get a fair share. That’s when health insurance coordinates where the primary plan is with the secondary plan. 

The preliminary plan starts paying you as soon as there is an unexpected injury/illness or when there is a medical expense, assuming there is no secondary plan. Basically, you should have a primary plan regardless of whether you have a secondary or not. The secondary program makes sure to cover all the expenses which were not covered in the preliminary plan. Therefore, it feels like filling all the gaps found in coverage from the Primary plan.

Benefits of Having 2 Plans

  1. Primary Benefit– You will be paid Accident, and Sickness Medical Expenses up to the Maximum Benefit mentioned in the policy. These will be paid without regard to any Coordination of Benefits. It will not even take much time in payment processes 
  2. Secondary benefits– these plans are secondary to any other insurance that you will have. These are going to apply after you are done with paying medical expense benefits. 

But always remember, before you make the final purchase, make sure that you thoroughly read about the policy, their terms, and conditions, etc., published by Safe Travels USA, including every company’s brochure and certificate.

It will provide you with a definitive explanation of the plan, its benefits, exclusions, limitations, handling of claims, and other vital details. 

If you come across any conflict or misunderstandings between you and the insurance company, sort it out quickly and take care of your documents.

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