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4 Stunning Overwater Bungalows Caribbean to Visit

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A trip to the Caribbean is incomplete without a stay in any of the overwater bungalows Caribbean. Houses and villas built over the clear blue seawater is a surreal sight for the eyes. Staying in an overwater bungalow can be a magical experience if you choose the right one for yourself.

Sleeping and staying overnight in one of the overwater bungalows Caribbean is something you cannot miss out on. The sounds of water, the view from your room, and the activities offered by the resorts make it a marvelous vacation destination.

The Caribbeans are located in the east of Central America, the southeast Gulf of Mexico, and the North of South America. The Caribbean Sea surrounds some of the islands and coasts of the Caribbeans. The place is known to be a trendy tourist destination. The destination is surrounded by beautiful turquoise water and sprinkled with many beaches.

There various things to do like scuba diving, visiting beaches, cave exploring, and many other oceanic activities. If you are already planning a vacation there, wait till the end of the article to know the top 10 overwater bungalows Caribbean for you to stay with your family and friends.

overwater bungalows caribbean

What is Overwater Bungalows Caribbean?

Overwater villas and overwater bungalows Caribbean are houses that are position above the water level. Each bungalow stands alone with a distance of some inches between themselves. A house is constructed on a platform that is supported over the water with the help of pillars.

Resorts often construct these overwater houses near the shores so that visitors can access the beach, the main office of the resort, and the sea. All of the houses are private but clustered around each other. Some resorts also offer spas, restaurants, pools, and other amenities.

Each house has a private deck, outdoor shower, glass floors, tables, and beds. On the outside, some of the overwater bungalows Caribbean may not look impressive, but each of them has the most luxurious rooms that you can experience. Most of them have wooden thatched roofs, and the walls are made from wood too.

Each of the houses is connected with the main building of the resort with the help of a big walkway make of wooden planks.

overwater bungalows caribbean

How to Choose the Right Overwater Bungalow?

We will now look into the factors that you should consider while you try to find the ideal overwater bungalows Caribbean.

1. Budget:

The most important factor that should be considered while you book a house, is it pocket-friendly. The resort that you book from should be according to your budget. There are many affordable ones that you can choose from.

2. Catering:

You should always checkout resorts that provide meals and drinks. This will be a good decision as then you don’t have to travel somewhere else for food. You can just walk down to the eating place or get food service at your overwater bungalow Caribbean.

3. Comfort:

While looking for a good overwater bungalow Caribbean, try to book a place with good bedding and comfortable accommodation. Some resorts also offer spa treatment for their visitor and infinity pools for the guests to enjoy and swim.

4. View and Distance:

Always choose an overwater bungalow that is not that far away from the shoreline. Some of the overwater bungalows are quite far away from the shore, and you might have to take a long walk, back and forth. You should also choose a house with a good view of the sea or the nearby beach.

5. Packages:

All resorts offer a good deal of vacation packages which might include activities like spas, scuba diving, night diving, hiking, and a guide to different places you should definitely check out. Go for an overwater bungalow Caribbean resort that offers you to explore the marine life in the sea.

overwater bungalow caribbean

Best 4 Overwater Bungalows Resorts

We will now look into the best overwater bungalows Caribbean, the best 4 resorts that have to offer. They have several overwater bungalows, but most of them are recommended for couples. Families can also book these and enjoy a good vacation and enjoy. Each has something unique to offer.

1. El Dorado Mamora

Located in Playa del Carmen, El Dorado Mamora has one of the best overwater bungalows Caribbean for couples. This resort is for adults only. You can book one of their Palafitos-Elite Overwater Bungalows. It is very comfortable, and the house has lots of commodities to offer.

Their overwater bungalows have an infinity pool from which you can watch sunsets and sunrises. It also has outdoor showers which have glass floors bottom. You can also request personalized butler service, who will bring your food and drinks to the bungalow.

They also have many restaurants and bars which offer various food cuisines from all over the world. They have a restaurant that offers gourmet food and fancy drinks. Some restaurants serve Mexican food, Asian food, Peruvian food, Italian cuisine, and other international cuisines.

There are swim-up bars where you enjoy swimming in the pool or sitting by the pool while you enjoy a glass of your favorite cocktails and other drinks. You should go to this resort if you are going with your better half as they have offers for couples.

overwater bungalows caribbean

2. Rosewood Mayakoba

These overwater bungalows Caribbean is different than others in Playa del Carmen as they are constructed over a lagoon. They also quite a lot to offer like a plunge pool and a bathroom with an outdoor garden shower. Being in a lagoon, you have a beautiful view of the mangroves and the lagoon waters. They also offer quite a homely room with a big bed, a walk-in closet, and nice furniture.

Restaurants under Rosewood Mayakoba offer food that is a fusion of different Internationtional cuisines with Mexican ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Some restaurants offer a buffet, some are sit down restaurants, and some provide an outdoor culinary food fest.

They also offer packages including four to five days stay with some discount, golf packages, and spa retreat places. You will find this resort very interesting if you decide to stay here.

overwater bungalows caribbean

3. Sandals

Sandals are known to be an all-exclusive resort is located at three places. The three locations are Whitehouse in Jamaica, Montego Bay in Jamaica, and Gros-Islet in St. Lucia. The three locations have a traditional palapa-styled architecture on the outside and modern interior design in their overwater bungalows Caribbean.

Each of their hotels in the three locations that is Sandals South Coast (Whitehouse), Sandals Grande St. Lucian (Gros-Islet), and Sandals Royal Caribbean (Montego Bay) has a lot of things to enjoy with your companion. They have spacious interiors and beautiful furniture to complement their surroundings.

All three resorts have the Sandals signature soaking tub, which is placed on a deck near the sea. They also have over the water hammocks, luxurious bathrooms, and see-through glass floors. Through the glass floors, you can observe the clean waters of the sea from your bed.

You have a 24 hour personalized butler service and a private deck for you to enjoy privately. You can also book a dinner reservation at one of their restaurants. You can book an overwater bungalow in any of the three resort branches and enjoy a nice vacation with a beautiful environment.

overwater bungalows caribbean

4. Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge is located in Bocas del Toro island and is known to have two-stories overwater bungalows Caribbean. These suites are called Punta Caracol Suites. They have an effortless yet intricate interior design and have a king-sized bed on the upper floor. There are two beds on the lower floor and a bathroom.

The outside of the house is very colorful and made of wood, and it also has a terrace. From the platform, where the house is built, a staircase goes down into the sea. You can use the stairs to go into the sea. Here is sea is less deep due to safety precautions. They provide a hammock on the terrace and snorkelling equipment for interested people.

You can also go kayaking down the sea. Snorkelling trips include swimming with the fish along the nearby coral reef. The resort also offers many tour packages, which include trips to the Bocas del Toro archipelago and rainforest rivers to see exotic birds, scarlet red frogs, and sloths that are native to that area.

There are nearby restaurants where you can have meals and book a reservation for dinner. This resort is known for its sustainability program. They have solar panels for electricity in the bungalows, waste is recycled, and even the visitors are taken for a tour to show the resort’s efforts for a sustainable environment.

overwater bungalows caribbean

If you are ever going to the Caribbeans, try to book and stay in one of the above overwater bungalows Caribbean organized by these reputed resorts. There are many others you can find on the internet. You can easily book your dream overwater bungalow from websites or over the phone. So, pick up your phone, pack a bag, and travel to the Caribbean beaches.

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