4 TV Series You Can Binge Watch This Winter

4 TV Series You Can Binge Watch This Winter 1

Here comes the time in the year when Christmas and New Year are around the corner and most of the people have vacations in which all we want is to snuggle in bed and watch some really good series and take ‘Netflix and chill’ to a whole new level. There are various sites and apps like Netflix, TVF, Hotstar and lots more to satiate our thirst for binge-watching.

I personally like Netflix because it has some really incredible collection especially the Netflix Original shows. The kind of cliffhangers and suspense these shows deliver is remarkable. Netflix is not just limited to shows it also gives access to some of the finest movies of all time. So, here is a list of TV series you must watch:

  1. Riverdale

4 TV Series You Can Binge Watch This Winter 2

Riverdale is CW’s teen-drama-mystery series. It is available on Netflix under Netflix originals. The story is inspired by the ‘Archie’ comic series which has undergone a modern update. The story begins with new school year which is haunted by the mysterious death of one of the students Jason Blossom.

The lives of Archie Andrews which was already troubled due to sour friendship with Jughead, his secret relationship with MS. Grundy and his dedication to learning music from singer Josie. But little did he and his friends know that how they are related to the murder and what’s coming up. It has two seasons and the next episode will premiere on 17 January 2018.


  1. Stranger Things

4 TV Series You Can Binge Watch This Winter 3

The best thing about this series is that it became popular due to traditional means that is word of mouth. This thriller Netflix original also stars Golden-Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder. If you are a Sci-Fi fan then this show is definitely to die for.

The story revolves around few friends and suddenly goes missing into thin air in 1983 and the investigation to find him lead all of them to secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces and a very unusual little girl. It has 2 seasons till now and season 3 is coming in 2019.


  1. The Mist

This series which came in 2017 only is one of the popular shows which are aired on Netflix Originals. The show is adapted from Stephen King’s 1980 novella ‘The Mist’. The story revolves around a small town namely Bridgeville in which a family is torn apart by a heinous crime. The whole town is suddenly trapped in a mysterious mist which hides predatory creatures within it. The whole town has to fight the mist in order to get back to their normal life. The series has only 1 season till now.


  1. Teen Wolf

If you are inclined towards supernatural stuff, then this TV series is totally your thing. This show is already very popular and its season 1 was premiered in 2011 and its final season ended in 2017. The story revolves around Scott McCall who lives an ordinary life until he is bitten by an Alpha werewolf. He has to learn to take the responsibility of his new identity and lead his teenage life along with his friends.

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