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Top 7 Guy Problems You Must Know!

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Girl problems are not the only problems that exist. Yes, there is something called guy problems too. Right! These are problems that are lost in the abyss of feminism sometimes. Gah, feminism. Let’s save that for later. Getting back to it, guys have problems, be it social problems, psychological, physical, or political.

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Here’s a list of ten problems that guys face

1. Awkward Boner Momentscatbone
The first problem got to be this. It’s my personal favorite(yes, I like watching the world burn.) Honestly, though, I don’t know how it feels to survive the awkward boner moments because I’m a girl, but I’ve heard a lot about it from my friends(sad for them, hilarious for me).

Please don’t give me that look; stop. STOP!  Your mom comes and wakes you up, but BAM. You have your morning wood on. Haha, awwwwwwkard! You have a presentation ahead, but whoops, you have a boner on. The list continues, yeah?

2. Bodily hair……EVERYWHERE


If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, you know how annoying it can get. EVERYBODY, irrespective of whether they are male or female, knows how it feels to have hair on the body. It’s extremely annoying. It gets itchy and very messy at times.

You would probably even get to the stage where you’re ready to do anything to remove your body hair. Well, you know…waxing is not an option because it’s painful, shaving is crossed off the list because they say the hair grows back thicker, laser removal because well, who wants to spend that much? Oh, wait…we want to remove hair without putting in any time, money, or effort. That’s where the problems begin, yeah? Just another guy’s problems.

3. Shaving the beard off to only look like a baby


Of all the guy problems, this got to be the most hilarious one. We all know how it feels when we have a classy beard on, but we’re coerced to shave it off by our parents or siblings or friends or girlfriend or whoever, and we end up shaving it off only to LOOK. LIKE A FRIKKIN BABY! What an annoying transformation!

“I wanna look manly, not like a f*cking baby!”

4. Torture in the name of chivalry


Guys every day, everywhere are expected to do certain things in the name of ‘chivalry.’ Women expect men to do certain things like, you know, open the door for them, move the chair for them, give them the jacket when they feel cold, and all of that. Although doing all of this is good, we fail to understand that men are humans too. When the woman feels cold, so does the man. Why expect him to give her the jacket? The before-mentioned things are great to do, but they shouldn’t be expected only from men. Well, this is a guy problem that men feel emotionally about.

5. Masculinity


People expect men to be “masculine.” Certain traits are associated with men, and all men are expected to possess them. Society burdens men with unnecessary things. For instance, society looks down upon men who cry. Aren’t we all humans? Then why is it such taboo to cry? Why tell the guys to “find the courage and stop crying”?

6. Paying


Again, what’s with the ridiculous statement “Let the man pay”? Why are men always expected to pay? When in a relationship, the guy is always expected to pay for dates and dinners and everything in between. Feminists looking for equality? Well, you ought to start by paying just as much as and as often as the guy does. This is a serious problem among all the guy problems.

7. Abuse1796403_1437676940

The men face sexual, physical, or mental abuse, too, not just women. Pardon me if this post has been conflicting with your views and opinions but what has to be said needs to be said.

Have you ever thought about why the only news that pops up on television, radio, or newspaper is that of WOMEN being raped? Why does none of it mention how a man was brutally raped or assaulted?

Oh yes, guys have their problems too!

So there. To each man, his own. Men have their problems, ladies. Give them a break that they deserve. There is much more than what I mentioned in this list that every guy goes through. They, too, are emotional and have feelings. YES! Something called guy problems exists.

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