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When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love

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Ever wondered what happens when an extrovert and introvert fall in love?

We all know how opposites attract. Maybe this is why extroverts and introverts get attracted to each other. Things about each other amaze them almost everyday. Their partner is everything they are not. Their relationship is about balancing each other out. At first, it’s amazing. But then, like all other kind of relationships, problems start arising. The extroverted one feels neglected while the introverted one feels pressurized. Both of them feel like they are the only ones compromising. It gets suffocating for both of them. 

When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love 1

The biggest difference between an extrovert and an introvert is the way they charge themselves after a tiring day. While an introvert would prefer some alone time and retrospection, an extrovert needs human connection, someone to talk to.


What are the other differences and what problems do they give rise to? 

  • Communication – An Extrovert and Introvert fall in love!

    While the extrovert wants to talk everything out, the introvert stays silent as he/she needs some time to think and then talk about it. While the former has the ability to actually say what they feel, the latter cannot really find the correct words. This results in a one sided conversation and makes the matter worse.


  • Socialization – An Extrovert and Introvert fall in love!

    While people and small talk can drain one of them, the other feels drained when alone. The extroverted one can easily connect with strangers while their partner feels like a third wheel. He/she gets dragged out of their comfort zones, while their partner does not get to enjoy much either as they can sense the obvious discomfort.

When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love 2

  • Sharing – An Extrovert and Introvert fall in love!

    The extrovert talks while the introvert listens. Seems perfect, doesn’t it? Problems arise when the former feels insecure as their partner does not share enough with them. The introverted one cannot get their thoughts through to their partner sometimes and all of this causes misunderstandings.

When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love 3

All these problems can be extremely exhausting and lead to both of them doubting themselves. While the introverted one feels like something is wrong with them, the extrovert feels like an overly attached partner who is forced to nag all the time. Sometimes it feels like a crazy thing to even try to make the relationship work. 

When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love 4

We can see how most of the problems arise out of lack of communication and understanding. To make it work, both of them need to understand each others’ needs and compromise. Communication is extremely important for the process of understanding each other. While the extroverted one needs to understand that their partner needs time, the partner needs to understand that the former has their needs too. If both of them work hard, they would be inseparable. In the end, love wins. 

When an Extrovert and Introvert Fall in Love 5

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