Sex And When To Have It

Sex And When To Have It 1

Sex is one of the main things on every person’s mind once they cross puberty, even before for some licentious souls. The question we all grapple with is when should we have it? Indian society has always been very clear about their stand on when sex is acceptable. Only when two adults have signed a legally binding marriage contract should they give in to their sexual desires. Without this crucial piece of paper or certificate intercourse between two adults, notwithstanding their consent to it, is considered immoral. The movie Shudh Desi Romance had an interesting take on premarital sex. Of course, the scenario is slowly changing, but there are many who in the name of tradition and Indian values are opposed to casual sex or premarital sex. I think a history lesson is in store for them.

pre-marital sex

Right from ancient times premarital sex has been prevalent in India especially among the royal families and ironically the outcasts who lived on the fringes of rational society. It was mostly the middle-class society which adhered to strict laws regarding sex only after marriage, royalty by their power and outcasts by their exclusion from existing social structures had the freedom of choice to choose when they could have sex.
Another common misconception or illusion in the Indian society is that sex is just a means to beget heirs (daughters included), and so marriage is a prerequisite for sex to have legitimate children. But this is not the case, in reality, sexual pleasure is the most potent reason adults engage in the sexual act. So this brings us to the question of when should adults who are sexually attracted to each other have sex.
sex1620Is the first date too soon? Is the third date appropriate? Is the fifth date too late? Should the onus of deciding when the first time should be fall on the girl? Should you be guided by instinct or go with carefully constructed rules formed and tested over the years? These questions can only be answered by ourselves, and our answers may also differ from time to time. Or should you just avoid it entirely and go for alternatives like sex toys to satisfy your urges. According to Lovegasm, a popular sex toy shop, these questions can only be answered by ourselves, and our answers may also differ from time to time.  The one general principle to follow can be that we let go of our inhibitions and quiet our chattering brains while making these decisions as some of the best times we have in our lives is when we do things without thinking.

sexAge is another deciding factor. The legal age of consent for most of the countries is within the range of 14 to 16 years. Choosing when to have sex as an adult is a right that every person has or should have. But I believe that it is wise on the part of nations to set an age barrier for sex. Children, in most cases, do not attain the level of maturity either physically or emotionally to decide when is the right time for them to engage in a sexual act. They may be coaxed into giving consent for something they do not fully apprehend. egal repercussions against this are a way of ensuring protection against some amateurish decisions that they might otherwise take and regret all their life.

menstruation-calendar-parentsFemale menstruation cycle plays a significant role in clinching the right time for sex. Getting pregnant at an unwanted time in life causes undue stress as does not get pregnant when a couple wants to. According to a girl’s period calendar, the 14th day or midway between her menstrual cycle( 28 days is the average time for a menstrual cycle) is the time when she produces an egg which can be fertilized. The egg lasts only up to a day, but a sperm can survive up to a week. Unprotected sex at this time has a high probability of leading to pregnancy. The first week after menstruation and the week just before it are considered to be ideal for having sex without the complication of having an issue.
sex in period is it safe or notMany people think sex during periods as prohibited due to certain religious teachings or perhaps because they consider it to be simply unhygienic. But this needn’t be the case, in fact, sex during periods can provide relief from cramps and even uplift a women’s mood. It is a very individualistic take as some women enjoy sex more during their periods while others might find it disgusting or inappropriate.
‘When to have sex’ is a very personal question and has a particular answer. The most important thing is that adults have the freedom to choose when to do it and when not to. Getting married is not a licence for having consensual sex, consent on the part of both parties is the deciding factor. There is no right or wrong time to have sex. For some the first date is appropriate whereas for others, it works only after marriage. In fact, the right time is when you want it to be.i-cannot-wait-until-the-next-time-we-have-sex-again-right-after-we-had-sex-d5a64

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