Signs of a Cheating Partner

Signs of a Cheating Partner 1


Are you content with your relationship? Do you think that your relationship still holds the same chastity and pleasure it offered a few years back? If you feel that your partner is moving a step farther from you day by day, then your mind automatically opens room for scope of suspicion. It’s a general issue of concern in today’s era. Can we trust our partner’s blindly?

If you think that your partners are disloyal, or you suspect so, then here are a few signs that will indicate whether your partner is trustworthy and loyal or is he cheating on you:


  • There are times in a relationship, when you accept that you are unable to communicate with your partner like you used to, a few months or years back. There are moments when you feel that your late night and endless conversations seem to fade away day by day. Despite having several topics and experiences to talk about and share, the wall of silence does not break. If such a case happens, you often suspect your partner to have found someone else to talk to. Your suspicion is not inappropriate.
  • A cell phone is a major cause of disputes and break-ups in a relationship. A person’s use of cell phone can depict a lot. If a person prefers using his or her cell rather than having a deep or casual conversation with you, or spending time with you, then he or she is upto something that might break your heart in future.
  • If a person loves you sincerely, he would love you the way you are and would consider you to be the best of all people surrounding him or her. If he or she suddenly starts finding faults in you or compares you to someone whom he or she finds more appealing than you, then he or she is cheating you.


  • To hide their truths, the cheaters give rise to quarrels with their partners and often prefer working overtime to avoid the topic of discussions or their hidden secrets.
  • If your special someone is avoiding dates or meetings with you and is preferring to hang around without you or with others, then something is fishy behind is a sudden change of behavior.

So all the young couples, be cautious of your partner’s activities. Don’t give unnecessary rise to suspicions but don’t hesitate to question or suspect where you think your suspicion is worth it

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