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Signs That You’re Going to Fail the Semester Exams

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The Top Signs that You’re Going to Fail This Semester!

Remember the days when our younger body was filled with exam stress and anxiety? Those days when our fright for exams was directly proportional to the anger of our parents if our scores were less impressive? All the relatives and friends who’d hawk around us just to know what we scored, as if it were they, to get us the job we’ve always wanted!

These things, seldom happen now. Having wider accessibility to the internet and other social media platform, our ‘stories’ are more updated than their ‘plot’ would ever will. But how would it be if these ‘stories’ would magically eat up the will to study for an upcoming exam?

These are some reasons that may affect your report card, and possibly your future salary, too!

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You’re about to set your mood to study but then you find a motivational post about a rickshaw puller’s daughter becoming an IAS officer, but since the post is followed by a cute cat GIF, you pay more attention to the baby cat playing with a roll of wool. Or suddenly a friend of yours is heading to Shimla or Ladak on a bike trip and you develop a high urge to go on an adventure that would change your life?
Well, all these posts are just the reverse belt slides on the treadmill that you’re running on.


How about buying a sea-facing villa in Goa after you become a millionaire if you dropped out of your college and started your own start-up? What would your wedding be like if that cute guy in the college (who apparently has no idea about your existence) finally comes and propose you? What if one day your college faces a terrorist attack, and how would you save your friends and faculties then?

All these thoughts tempt you like an ice-cream tempts a three-year-old kid, and you continue to be in your dreams saying, “dreams are better than reality”.

3.Grudges with the Professor

Was it that day when an important lecture was to be taught and you were late? The day when that oldie fellow needed a day off but he had to take an extra class due to YOUR or your friends’ low attendance? Or the days when you happily ignored the deadlines to submit your assignments, and that very dedicated teacher won’t stop calling you to get that submitted?
Yes! All these memories would start looking like mistakes if the professor took it personally and shuffled your 72 marks to 27 marks!

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4.11th Hour Power Cut

You finally made your mind to study at night, after regretting to waste your time in the day, and all your copies are up to the mark to take you to an adventurous trip in the world you seldom wander, but only when you start studying, the power blew off. Or only then, the only friend who promised to teach you or clear your doubts, ditches you.
It was three in the morning and you realized all the coffee had been consumed and your tired eyes would shut in every 5 minutes!

5.Group (?) Studies

If you’ve ever used the navigation, you’d know that the AI assistant asks you to change the course if you were on the wrong path. Sadly, we don’t yet have any AI to ask us to study while our track changes from Physical Chemistry to Romantic Chemistry, in a group study!
Starting from the shuffling of topics from urgency, mark count, and level of difficulty, you skip about half the syllabus without realizing, when one your friend says he has got the IMP questions!

6.Tomorrow Never Comes

You’ve done absolutely irrelevant stuff like staring at the blank wall or cleaning your room, or possibly had ordered pizza and waited like a seagull until it was delivered, so you could waste more of your time, to kill every moment that made you realize you’ve got to study.
But in the end of the day, you pledge to study from ‘tomorrow’, or waking up at 6 O’clock and revise what you’ve learned in the very first class, so as to ‘start’ something finally, but the date keeps exceeding to make you comfortable with your procrastination.

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Not only Netflix, but any app that showcases all the movies that you had no idea about, but suddenly they start looking like the most important stories to pay attention to. “Just One Episode” is the lie that you keep telling yourself until you finish an entire season in that very night.
But this is also when you ask your friends to watch the latest episode of that series that was ‘your series’ because you couldn’t resist giving them spoilers, while secretly you make sure none of them studies too.


You’re now fed up with the thought that you’ve been waiting for your exams to end, far more than you’ve wanting them to begin. You’ve more important plans like a ‘Me Day’ out where you’d spend a thousand bucks on yourself under the name of self pampering, or stalking your crush, or start a routine in the gym; but you’ve got a hill to drill into. The hill named Exams!

9.Message From Crush

Yes! you’ve been waiting for this moment for about a lifetime now, and this is when it happens, you’re in a dilemma whether to cry of happiness or guilt. But this very message, acts more like an inspiration to study hard (to be able to pay the bill when you both go on a date)!

10.Calculation of the Depth of Water You’re About to Drown Into

You now start checking the number of contents you’ve prepared, and compare them to the number of marks you should obtain to actually (wink) pass your exams. This is where it starts, the actual preparation when you realize you’ve got no lifebuoy to get a safe dive, rather than studying.

Exams can really be stressing, but realizing when you’ve got the right amount of time to prepare, wont disappoint you.
PS – All the Best!

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