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10 Best Medical Schools in Texas

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For all those living in Texas, we bring you today the best medical schools in texas. Choosing the best medical school anywhere is necessary as that goes on to play a big role in future career options.

The medical schools you chose to study to make a big impact on the type of practice you do as a doctor and the specialties you chose later on in life. Choosing the best medical schools is a decision that should be made after careful deliberation and after carefully examining all the options available for you.

In Texas, the options are some of the best medical schools, which will be discussed below. The medical programs offered by the best medical schools in Texas are excellent. They cover some of the best-integrated courses along with impressive faculty members. This is combined with state-of-the-art medical facilities where students can gain clinical experiences from the most famous Texas medical centers and hospitals.

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The 10 Best Medical Schools in Texas

In Texas alone, there are 15 medical schools. The best medical schools in Texas are also ranked high in all over rankings of medical schools. Though the best medical schools in Texas prefer to take students from Texas rather than out-of-state students, they still do make exceptions for everyone.

The medical schools all over Texas have good no. of affordable graduate programs, and they have many other programs, as well for other health professionals.

As you all might be aware, the medical programs of the state of Texas are four years long. They admit students after they have gotten their undergraduate degree from other accredited colleges around the country or Canada in some cases.

Without further ado, let’s look into the programs offered by the best medical schools in texas and some other key features and perks of the medical schools.

10. Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine-College Station

Best Medical Schools In Texas

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine is one of the best medical schools in Texas. The college enrolls about 125 students in one batch of medicine every year. . The college was established back in 1977, and the first batch of Students consisted of 32 students.

Since Texas A&M Health has a system spread across five campuses, the students get to train around all these campuses. After starting their first year at the main campus on Bryan-College Station, the students from the second year onwards move to any of the five campuses being Houston, Dallas, Round Rock, Temple Bryan-College Station. The medical school offers many Dual Masters courses such as M.D/Ph.D and M.D./M.B.A. etc.

9. Baylor College of Medicine – Houston

best medical schools in texas

Baylor College of Medicine is ranked in the top ten medical schools in the US, so obviously, it is ranked high in the best medical schools in Texas. It is a private college, and it is the least expensive private medical college in the U.S.

This college is located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, which happens to be the largest medical complex in all of the world.  It is also the receiver of most research funds by the National Institutes of Health than any other medical school in all of Texas.

Baylor College of Medicine had four main educational institutes: the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the National School of Tropics Medicine, and the Scholl of Health Professionals. It was first established in 1900 in Dallas, Texas, by a group of Dallas Physicians. It was later located in Houston in 1943.

8. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – El Paso

best medical schools in Texas

One of the best medical schools in Texas, The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is unique from any other medical school. The Paul L. Forster is a part of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and had a four-year program.

While operating as a separate institution since 2013, it was formerly a part of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. It was established in 1969 and had since then been functioning as one of the medical schools in texas.

What sets it apart from all medical schools in Texas is that it requires all its medical students to learn Medical Spanish as a part of the program. It is one of the few and the only medical colleges in Texas to be located along The U.S – Mexico border. Programs at the school also include Nursing and Biomedical sciences along with medicine in its curriculum.

Another matter of pride for the college is the Center for Advanced Teaching and Assessment in Clinical Simulation, a state-of-the-art training facility.

7. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – Lubbock
best medical schools in texas

This medical school was opened to manage the shortage of doctors and health care personal in the Texas area, and it has been doing so for the past five decades now, which is why it is counted amongst the best medical schools in Texas.

This medical school was also established in 1969. One of the school’s most impressive features is the Fast-Tracked three-year course of medicine along with a normal four-year course. The school also offers a collaborative program in collaboration the Texas Tech University.

The School of Medicine at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has recently completed 50 years since its establishment. Its programs go towards providing medical services to those who can not be a part of it easily.

Each year’s curriculum aims at a collaborative program that encourages both clinical and laboratory research components.

6. University of Texas – Austin

best medical schools in texas

The Dell Medical School was established very recently in 2016, as a part of the University of Texas, Austin. Students have been enrolling in medical school since 2016. The campus is one of Texas’s best medical schools because of its affiliation with Ascension Seton, which lets the students get clinical experiences at the best well-established facilities.

There will be four wings constructed in four stages. And the medical school has been named Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The foundation has pledged 50$ million dollars over a period of ten years.

5. University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston

best medical schools in texas

Located a few miles from Galveston Bay, the University of Texas Medical Branch is perhaps the best medical school in Texas. It is one of the oldest medical schools on the list. Established in 1891, the UTs School of medicine is one of Texas’s most famous medical schools.

University of Texas Medical Branch was established in 1891, with just 23 students in its first batch. Today more than 25,000 students study at the one best medical schools in all of Texas.

With over 900 faculty members and 3200 graduates per year, it is truly one of Texas’s largest medical schools. One of the unique things about this university is that along with a medical school, a nursing school, a school for health professions, and a graduate school for biomedical sciences like most medical universities, UTMB’s medical school also have an academic wing for the school of medical humanities.

4. University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

Best Medical Schools in Texas

UT Health has six schools, including medical school. It has a nursing school, biomedical sciences school, a dentistry school, biomedical informatics school, The Anderson Cancer Center, and the John P. Kathrine G. and McGrover School of Medicine.

UT Health Medical school was established in 1969 as there was a national and state-level shortage of physicians.

It was previously known as the UTHealth Medical School but was renamed after John P. McGrover foundation gifted $75 million to the university. McGovern School of Medicine enrolls 240 students every year for one batch. And since it is part of the Texas Medicine Center, much like Baylor College of Medicine, it makes a great location for students to obtain the best clinical experiences.

3. University of Texas School of Medicine – San Antonio

Best Medical Schools In Texas

The Long School of Medicine of the University of Texas in San Antonio is probably one of the largest medical schools in southwestern Texas. It is one of the best medical schools in Texas and especially in Southwest Texas. The Long School of Medicine enrolls 900 medical students every year and 800 residents as well.

It was established in 1959 and has since been a part of the University System of Texas. Nearly 3000 students graduate every from all the academic divisions of the medical school.

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2. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Edinburg

best medical schools in Texas

This is also a medical school in Texas that has been opened in recent times. The first batch of 50 students was enrolled in 2016. The school has not been fully accredited yet, but the process is nearly complete. It has already been accredited to grant graduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

It is regarded as one of Texas’s best medical schools because of the range of departments it offers the students to learn from. From family medicine to human genetics and sports medicine.

One of the best features of the college was the Institute for Neurosciences and the South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute, both of which open up for students to learn from.

1. University of Texas Southwestern Medical School – Dallas

best medical schools in Texas

This is one of the best medical schools in Texas, if not the best. The acceptance rate in the school is around 5% only. It has been ranked in the top 10 Medical Colleges of the Country by US News.

It was established in 1943 during the second world war. Today, the school is one of the least expensive medical schools among the country’s top 10 medical schools.

It accepts students via the MCAT Scores, and from the top 10% scores only, the average MCAT score has been around 515 previously.

The University has three basic Academic Schools: The UT School of Health Professions, the UT Southwestern Medical School, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

In addition to this, medical schools offer several integrated programs for Post Grad students such as M.D./M.B.A, M.D./M.P.H, or M.D./PhD many more other combined courses as well.

While Texas may not have as many medical schools as a few other states bordering it have. But the few medical schools that Texas has been on the sub-par level and can compete with any other medical schools of the country. The medical colleges offered courses and in several related fields such as nursing, health professions, biomedical sciences, and dentistry, to name a few.

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Above mentioned 10 medical schools are the best medical schools in Texas. With the best faculty members and clinical experiences that any medical student can get.

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