Black Sabbath: Top 3 Strange Facts about the Legends

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Black Sabbath is one of the all-time enduring rock legends. Hailing from the Black Country, home to many of the early British rock bands, they became a worldwide success on the back of several classic metal hits. Ozzy Osbourne went on to feature in The Osbournes, a so-so fly on the wall reality show following his domestic life. But it is the band’s early years that are the most infamous, and with good reason.

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There is a lot of mystery behind their covers and also about their band members. There is more to them so let’s take a look at some of the strange facts about Black Sabbath. We here are going to take a look at some of them which are unknown to many:

  • The mystery around the album covers
  • The other players in the band’s world
  • The notorious levels of excess

Black Sabbath Album Covers Remain a Mystery

The band was into dark iconography from the very beginning. Not many fans know the actual origin of the Black Sabbath band’s name. Many assumed it was taken from one of the cult horror films of the time, but they took it from the title of a song by one of their influence, the band Coven.

Black Sabbath: Top 3 Strange Facts about the Legends 1

Much of the biggest mystery around the band was generated by their choice of album covers. As one of the most sinister of British rock bands, they felt obliged to stay strange. The woman on the cover of their album Black Sabbath remains a mystery to this day. Even the band members cannot quite recall who she was or where she came from. And their album Paranoid had a similarly strange story behind it.

Initially set to be released as War Pigs, the title was changed but the artwork remained the same. As a result, fans found themselves buying an album with an armored, sword-wielding pig on the front. A strange, but worthwhile way to spend money. And for similar great ways to put your money where it matters, slots free spins no deposit offers are a great choice. The album gained further notoriety when the rumor spread that an American nurse had committed suicide to it.

They Featured Leading Figures from British Rock Bands

The rock band was never the same after Osbourne left. Although, strangely enough, for two years it was the same. While he officially parted ways with Black Sabbath in 1977, Osbourne continued performing with the band until 1979. The following members are a British rock bands list of alumni.

Ray Gillen, the future member of Badlands, recorded all the vocals on their 1987 LP The Eternal Idol. And Queen guitarist Brian May played on their 1989 banger When Death Calls. These are just a couple of members of British rock bands that put in the time with Black Sabbath.

Rumours Still Abound about Their Behaviour

As things stand today, the rock band is tipped become yet another in the British rock bands list of genre-defining groups that have decided to call it a day. However, the future remains uncertain, and none of the members have given definitive answers.

Their days of hell-raising are certainly behind them. Rumour has it that Osbourne once bit the head off a live bat on stage. There are also claims that in a show of bravado while in the company of Motley Crue member Nikki Sixx, Osbourne snorted a line of ants. While these stories have never been confirmed, they remain a crucial part of the Black Sabbath mythos. The band was a true one of a kind and is set to be remembered for years to come.

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