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WCC presents GLOW’16

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Women’s Christian College, a reputed Christian educational institution, has come up with a beautiful addition to their event calendar with GLOW’16. The event involves a Christian musical fellowship that is expected to serve as a meeting point for several musicians hailing from various musical backgrounds. The event will take place on 13 February 2016. Beginning at 1:30 pm, it will continue till 5 in the evening.

The event plans to host a wide range of performers from different colleges and churches, each expected to be unique in their own way. Performances of different genres of music shall be organized to acquaint the audience with the true flavor of music.

While the event is scheduled to have several performances, one of the most interesting parts will surely be the musical performance of the special guest band WITH YOU FOREVER. The band that consists of professionals in music is expected to provide the audience with immense musical enjoyment.


Starring Mr. Livingstone Samuel in the lead percussion, the band is bound to raise the crowd’s energy level. Mr. Livingstone is an eminent musician who keeps the flow of rhythm in his hands while he plays rippling rhythm with flawless skill. He has been involved in several recordings, performed at numerous concerts, and made guest appearances in several TV shows. His association with vibrant music is well known due to his music which keeps the tempo alive. He is celebrated for his performance in DHAEVARAAGHANGHAL, alongside his other performances on Angel TV, Chanel 10. His performance in Alive 2016 was also one to be remembered.


Mr. Blessen Sabu will be playing the bass during the special performance. Though he is multi-talented concerning music, his special interest in the bass is clearly visible in his performances. He is famous for giving life to music with his accurate bass notes. He has demonstrated his musical acumen during numerous performances in concerts and recordings.


Mr. Jackson Williams will be leading the performance with the tunes on his guitar. He is a brilliant musician who actively participates in recordings and concerts. He is known for always keeping the audience anticipating his next tune. While the audience cannot predict his move, the music from his instruments works its magic on the crowd with its pleasant surprises.

The band will be accompanied by several other legendary musicians, including Mr. John Paul as the lead male vocalist.

This musical treat will be followed by the Word of God, delivered by Mr. Sali Emmanuel, the founder of the EMMANUEL INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. This man of God is sure to make the crowd experience the love of GOD as he addresses them.

Date: 13.2.2016

Timing : 1:30pm to 5pm

Venue: WCC Auditorium

All are welcome!!!

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