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Stressed? Follow These Tips

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

Stress is now a normal part of our daily life; it has become an inevitable occurrence. Office work, household chores, school works, home-works, exams, etc., and so many mind-wrecking jobs hamper our peace of mind and become one reason behind harmful diseases like- Hypertension.

I understand that you can’t ignore your daily workload, but following these simple tips will help you lower your stress level and lead a healthy, wealthy life.

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Stressed? Follow These Tips 1

1. Go for a walk –

Even doctors prescribe this healthy habit. A long walk alone or with your partner helps in stress reduction and cures heart ailments, controls weight, energizes you, and has many more advantages. A long walk, especially at night, can make you feel rejuvenated. A simple, gentle, and low-impact form of exercise that’s easy, free, and suitable for all ages.


2. Spend some “ME” time-

A little difficult but necessary. In our daily activities, we hardly get time for ourselves, but one should always spend some alone time understanding themselves and finding solutions to their problems.  It allows us to reboot our brain, improve concentration, and above all, helps us to find solutions to our problems and ways to execute them by freeing our minds from the chaos of the world.

According to psychological studies,  mental peace is needed to jot down the real causes of our stress. So, disconnect yourself from everything to get connected with yourself.  Develop INNER-PEACE!
Stressed? Follow These Tips 2

3. Learn to say NO-

 Sometimes what happens is this, our surrounding and our environment becomes the sole reason for our stress. Some people, some situations, or any incident that gives us immense pressure, which is hard to bear, should be avoided at all costs. So, learn to say no or avoid those people or situations that keep you under pressure. You are not answerable to everybody; limit your audience and avoid unnecessary chaos.

Stressed? Follow These Tips 3

4. Music-

We listen to music every day. Next time you listen to music, don’t do it as a source of distraction but to rejuvenate your mind. Try to feel the rhythm, focus completely on the lyrics, its beat, its composition, and see its effect on your mind and soul.
Stressed? Follow These Tips 4

5. Call your *bestie* –

Life without a best friend is like TOM without JERRY.

Your best friend is your ultimate destination and place to share the emotions that you can’t share with anybody else.Stressed? Follow These Tips 5

6. Read a book or write one yourself –

Have your dinner, wish your family sweet dreams, close your door, and grab a book. Books can be your ultimate best friend. And if you kind of hate reading books, then become a writer.

Did you know that there is a writer in every one of us? Some realize it and create wonders, and the rest, well! This is the time. Believe me; writing is YOGA. It actually helps to calm your mind. SO, pen down those unsaid thoughts and unload yourself.

Stressed? Follow These Tips 6  Stressed? Follow These Tips 7

7. Take a hot water bath-

There is nothing more to say; stand under the shower, feel the water, feel how it touches your body, and relax.

Stressed? Follow These Tips 8

8. Shout-out 

This may sound a bit dramatic and obsolete, but try it once and then decide. Go to your terrace or any nearby place, away from the local noise, and then, *SHOUT-OUT*. Shout and throw all your anger until you feel light. How you will realize that it worked- well, you will be crying by the time you feel relaxed. Your tears will be the proof that it worked; take somebody with you if you feel like, or else, ALONE is always good when it comes to stress reduction.
Stressed? Follow These Tips 9

9. Proper Sleep-

Yes, one of the strongest reasons for stress is troubled sleeping. Sometimes, due to work pressure, we become tense, which leads to sleepless nights. No matter what the scenario is, a night of good sleep is a must; at least, 8 hours of sleep is a must every day to avoid INSOMNIA. Good sleep can give you a good and stress-free mind !!
Stressed? Follow These Tips 10

10. Last and the toughest YOGA-

Why tough?

Well, because for this we have to get up early and twist ourselves. Yoga will give you assured results. So, stretch your body and breathe the fresh air, let the calmness surround you, and ensure you a peaceful mind.Yoga-Class-Beach-660

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

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