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Iceland Waterfalls: 15 Best Places to Visit

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Iceland waterfalls are one of the eye-catching features of Iceland. The land of breathtakingly beautiful Northern Lights lies in the northern Atlantic Oceans, the Nordic island country I am talking about is Iceland. Iceland, which is also known as the “land of ice and fire,” is a commonwealth country that gained independence on June 17, 1944, from Norway, assuming an independent status.

Iceland contradicts its name as the land of ice because only 10% of Iceland is covered with ice; the rest of Iceland is covered with mountains, glaciers, and lava fields. Iceland has shockingly 30 active volcanoes, out of which Oraefajokull, which lies in the south-eastern region of Iceland, is the tallest. This is why Iceland has got its other name, which is quite fitting as well.

Iceland is sparsely populated with about 350,000, approximately 60% of the population residing in Reykjavik’s capital city. The climate mostly remains moderate, which makes it more likely to visit as a tourist destination. Iceland has many hot springs and natural geysers as well, making it geographically active.

Iceland has some of the most beautiful places to visit, like Blue Lagoon, Borgarnes, Vatnajokull National Park, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls worldwide. If you are visiting Iceland, then there is no chance of you missing these beautiful   Iceland waterfalls.

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1. Glymur Waterfall 

Glymur Waterfall is the second-highest among all the  Iceland waterfalls. Till 2007 it was known to be the highest. Glymur waterfall has its origin from the lake Havalvath and is located along River Bonta. The waterfall is 650 ft. or 198 mt. High.

People not only visit the Glymur Waterfall to see its beautiful view, but the site also attracts many trekking enthusiasts. Glymur waterfall serves as one of the best and most suitable locations for trekking, the view that you can see after climbing is incomparable. So if you are interested in hiking or trekking, visit Glymur waterfall, one of the Iceland waterfalls.

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2. Dettifoss Waterfall

Located in the Vatnajokull  National Park is also one of the major attractions of the national park. Flowing from Vatnajokull Glacier, from which this waterfall has earned its name, is 44 ft. or 144 mt. High and is also the second most powerful waterfall in Europe. The water flow is somewhat greyish as the water carries a large number of sediments with it. Dettifoss is popular among the Iceland waterfalls.

3. Hengifoss Waterfall

Located in Eastern Iceland’s Fljotsdalshreppur, Hengifoss, with an average height of 128 mt., making it the third-highest of all the Iceland waterfalls. Situated on River Litanesfoss, it’s just a 40-60 minutes walk up to this beautiful site. The view from Hengifoss Waterfall is mesmerizing.

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4. Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss or the Golden Waterfall is situated in the canyon of the Hvita River in southwestern Iceland. This Iceland waterfall is 32 mt. In height and is a free place to visit by anyone, when the dewdrops in the air coincide with the sunlight on sunny days, a beautiful rainbow is formed, which grabs your attention.

There is a fantastic story about how this waterfall in Iceland got its other golden waterfall name. Legend has it that long ago, a greedy man called ‘Gygur’ owned lots of gold. Still, he was selfish enough to never give any of it to the people who needed it, so one day, to protect all his gold, he threw it in the waterfall, and hence this is how Gullfoss, one of the Iceland waterfalls, got its name.

5. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Owing to its origin to a volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajokull, Seljalandsfoss in the southern part of Iceland is one of the most beautiful waterfalls among all the Iceland waterfalls. As the name suggests, Seljalandsfoss is a part of the River Seljalands with a height of about 60 mt. An amazing fact about Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is that you can easily walk behind it and have a different kind of experience.

Iceland Waterfalls: 15 Best Places to Visit 1

6. Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

Aldeyjarfoss is a highland waterfall in the northern part of Sprengisandur, with an average height of about 20 mt. The Aldeyjarfoss is stretched over a wide area.

7. Savartifoss Waterfall

Savartifoss, one of the Iceland waterfalls, is located in the Vatnajokull National Park. This  Iceland waterfall is also called The Black Waterfall as the area around is covered with black lava columns. During the winters, the Savartifoss becomes even more beautiful to look at and to visit when everything around it is covered with ice, but only the waterfall continues to flow. The nearby area is covered with black basalt rock giving it even a darker look. Basalt is formed when liquid lava freezes on the earth’s surface and forms a hard black mass.

8. Godafoss Waterfall 

The northern part of Iceland has many impressive waterfalls, and one of them is The Godafoss, located on the River Skjalfandafljot with a height of 30 mt. There is some ambiguity about this name Godafoss which in Icelandic translates to the “waterfall of the God.” Still, there are many stories associated with it. One of which is a priest who gave the waterfall its name when Christianity was announced as the official religion of Iceland. In commemoration, a naming ceremony was held. No one knows how much this story holds as true, but this all we know about this Iceland waterfall.

It offers a magnanimous ariel view overlooking the lush green valley. It’s is also one of the most preferred sites to experience the northern lights from march to September. There are many good hotels and resorts near this waterfall to stay in and make your visit a memorable one.

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9. Skogafoss Waterfall

From north Iceland, let’s head straight to south Iceland to look at this Icelandic Waterfall, where it is waiting for you in all its shining glory; it is also one of the biggest Iceland waterfalls.

Like other Iceland waterfalls mentioned above, this one also has a fascinating story linked to it. Rumors are that, once the people living in the vicinity founded a casket in the waterfall. Still, they could only get a ring out of it when the casket disappeared, only leaving a ring behind that was later on given to the nearby church to preserve it and is still present in the Skogar Museum. The story magical, similarly to the view from this Iceland waterfall that makes it even more alluring to visit. Mostly Iceland waterfalls are charming to see for one or many reasons.

Iceland Waterfalls: 15 Best Places to Visit 2

10. Haraunfossar \ The Lava Waterfalls

Haraunfossar, a western Iceland waterfalls, is not just one but a series of a waterfall that has a glacial origin from Langjokull glacier. The name Haraunfossar can easily be broken down into Haraun and fossae, i.e., lava and waterfall in the Icelandic language. Haraunfossar has not just one or two waterfalls but 100  miniature waterfalls flowing directly into River Hvita. The place is efficiently connected with well-linked paths to walk around.

11. Barnafossar Waterfall

Barnafossar is the nearest Iceland waterfall to Haraunfossar. The Barnafossar also has folklore attached to it, but this one is instead terrifying. The story begins with two boys who lived near the waterfall with their parents.

One day the parents of the children went to the church alone. After a while, the boys started to feel bored and decided to join their parents at the church. So together, they set out of their house towards the church. Instead of taking the original path, the boys decided to take a short cut by crossing a bridge over the Barnafossar Waterfall. In doing so, they somehow collapsed and drowned in the waterfall.

On hearing this, their mother cursed the waterfall that anyone who would ever try to cross the waterfall would drown in it, and from this incident, the Barnafossar is also called “The Children Waterfall”. The bridge is believed to have been broken by an earthquake in the area.

12. Haifoss Waterfall

Of all the  Iceland waterfalls, Haifoss is situated near the volcano Hekla and is believed to be the fourth highest waterfall in Iceland, having a height of 122 mt. There is a gravel road that leads up to this fantastic Iceland waterfall.

13. Faxi \ Vatnsleysufoss Waterfall 

It is famous for all the eastern Iceland waterfalls located on River Tunguflgot. This waterfall is also renowned as a fishing spot as the Faxi waterfall water is loaded with salmon. Kayaking, an adventurous water sport, is strictly forbidden in the area.

14. Gjain Waterfall

Gjain is a south Iceland waterfall. This is not as big or majestic as the other Iceland waterfalls but is ethereally beautiful. This waterfall is covered with grass, and greenery can be seen all around.

Iceland Waterfalls: 15 Best Places to Visit 3

15. Ofaerufoss Waterfall 

The time to visit this Iceland waterfall is from June to September; the waterfall is located in the Canyon Of Fire and is one of the most beautiful Iceland waterfall, a central tourist spot. This Iceland waterfall is supposed to have had a bridge late in the ’90s, which collapsed due to some natural catastrophe.

Suppose any time you are visiting the beautiful island of Iceland or are planning a vacation with your family. In that case, you must head towards these waterfalls mentioned above to make your trip even more extraordinary. Photos play an important role in remembering the memories that one makes, so let me tell you that these waterfalls have excellent scope for clicking some perfect images to adorn your social media profiles.

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