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Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways

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Islands are the paradise of earth. They are an ideal destination to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

The captivating crystalline waters filled with fine sand, rich cultures, and sunny climate are the appealing characteristics of the islands. The palm trees and the rustic huts under the never-ending serene sky are engulfed with tranquillity.

The soft waves followed by a smooth breeze are the perfect place to relax..

Go ahead and select the best-suited ones from the top 18 beautiful island getaways.

1. The Maldives

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 1

The Maldives is a beautiful trending spot located on the southwest coast of India, in the Indian Ocean. The glistening waters endowed with the coral reefs and lagoons serve as the best island getaways.

The Maldives comes with a variety of packages, and it is the perfect spot for honeymooners. This glamourous island is well known for its natural beauty, luxurious resorts, beaches, and overwater bungalow. The interiors of villas depict their exquisite local style.

The velvety white sand and the privacy are what make it so desirable.

Everything about the Maldives is marvelous, be it its exceptional beauty, food, culture, or accommodation. It is the top preference of expensive vacationers.

2. Hawaii

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 2
Hawaii Beach

The volcanic group of islands, Hawaii, sits in the Central Pacific Ocean. The vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and glorious landscape are what attract millions of tourists every year.

The Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and Maui are the famous islands nestled in Hawaii. It has majestic seashores, luxurious accommodation, along with never-ending water sports. The peaceful setting and the perfect climate are wonderful spots to enjoy the waters whilst sunbathing.

The arts, history, and culture of this unique island are worth exploring through various big events and festivals that make the trip memorable.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 3
Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famous as the Island of Gods abounding with sacred temples and mysterious culture. This tropical island has a unique set of beaches that are peculiar for their beauty. It is a perfect sunbathing spot.

The buzzing nightlife of the towns and the surf-friendly turquoise waters attracts numerous tourists. The graceful pagodas and the spectacular blanket of greens on the elevated volcanic mountains are a wonderful dreamland for ideal island getaways.

The museums, art galleries, and artist’s workshops are worth your visit after an exciting trip to the beaches.

Savor the delectable cuisine and shop for local merchandise from the locals.

4. Fiji

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 4
Fiji Island

One of the best island getaways in the world is Fiji which the South Pacific engulfs. This tropical paradise is endowed with natural beauty and incredible Fijian culture.

The sandy beaches, pristine waters, wide array of coconut plantations, coral reefs, and oceanic blue sea are the main attraction of Fiji. Hot springs are yet another peculiarity of this island.

The Coral Coast of Viti Levu is a marvelous spot raging with adventures such as jet boating, zip-lining, rafting, nature excursion, and cave tours. Water sports too are highly in demand.

Bures in Fiji are beautiful seaside resorts with thatched roofs and Fijian-style decor. These accommodations involve modern comforts as well.

The secluded location provides enough privacy.

5. Capri, Italy

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 5
Capri, Italy

The beautiful Capri island is situated in the Bay of Naples.  It has been the destination of celebrities and royalty since Roman Times. As a result, it has luxurious five-star hotels and world-class restaurants that serve delicious cuisines.

Capri is a mythological island with long hiking trails, rugged cliffs, crystal clear waters, and breath-taking nature. Numerous yachts are anchored in Marina Grande, and they are a better source to experience the island getaways in South Italy.

The museums in Capri narrate the interesting stories of the past. Capri and Anacapri are historically attractive towns that serve luscious food.

Blue Grotto and Monte Solaro are the top sights that make the island the famous island getaways.

6. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Best Island Getaways
Bora Bora

This small yet elegant location is Bora Bora in French Polynesia. This dreamy island of luxury is full of astounding beauty and luscious green dormant volcanic mountains.

The tropical weather, deep blue waters, and the expensive island’s privacy are perfect relaxation spots.

Bora Bora has the most extravagant hotels, overwater bungalows, and floating villas which provide a scenic sight of the lagoons below. These resorts in Bora Bora never fail to amaze the tourists.

Thomas Cook called this blissful beauty the Pearl of the Pacific.

7. Santorini, Greece

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 6
Santorini, Greece

Santorini Island emerged from a volcanic eruption that created a lagoon in the middle of the island. It is a part of the Cyclades group of islands.

The massive caldera, the wonderful beaches, and the glimmering landscape are the wonders of Santorini. The archetypal Greek island has countless white houses aligned in ascending series that overlooks the panoramic blue waters.

The main sight of Santorini is the glorious sunset that lights up the white houses every evening with golden glitter. The remarkable cliff houses are warm in winters and cool in summers.

Santorini Island of Greece can be listed as the best island getaways for its romantic sunsets, blue skies, white houses, and crystal sea.

8. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 7
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are a unique set of islands located on either side of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. This island is considered to be an exquisite gift for the vacationers for its beautiful flora and fauna.

The national parks and marine areas are the center of attraction and must be visited on these island getaways.

Galapagos Islands features over more than 120 islands and is abundant with astonishing wildlife. The long-lived tortoise, Galapagos tortoise, sea lions, and many others can be sighted around the sandy beaches. Water activities such as diving, swimming, and surfing are a thrilling bonus.

The experience of the Galapagos Islands is made much memorable on a cruise.

9. Phuket, Thailand

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 8
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the biggest and diverse island in Thailand. It is bestowed with rich culture, sparkling coastline, aesthetic natural attractions, thrilling nightlife, outdoor and indoor activities, and so much more.

Phuket is famous for its small beaches, but the ancient heritage buildings are not to be overlooked. Luxurious hotels and restaurants are located just beside the emerald green waters.

Collect the wonderful souvenirs from the local markets and stroll through the night market to experience its night beauty.

Phuket is one of the fascinating island getaways to explore.

10. Cyprus

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 9
Cyprus, Aphrodite Rock

The natural beauty of Cyprus is elegantly situated in the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times. It has been famous for its mineral deposits, wine production, and marvelous beauty.

Cyprus is well known as the Island of Love because it was the birthplace of Aphrodite from Greek Mythology. Blue Lagoon Akamas is a wonderful place to explore away from the prying eyes of other tourists.

Beach lovers can head to the white sand beach and pristine waters of Nissi Beach.

Cyprus is a blend of Greek and Turk descendant, which is reflected in ancient architecture.

11. Tahiti

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 10

Tahiti is the most beautiful island in the world, with a long shoreline and multiple beaches. The crystal clear water is much warmer than other beaches, and alongside the white sandy shore, there is a dense green forest that leaves the tourists wonderstruck.

The privacy and the romantic aura that looms around the island make it one of the ideal honeymoon island getaways. You can go swimming or discovering the unwaters through snorkeling.

12. Palawan, Philippines

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 11
Palawan, Philippines

The paradise of the Philippines is Palawan Island. The stunning island features limestone peaks that rise from the sea, the grove of lush green palms, and dazzling waters, which are home to impressive coral reefs.

Palawan has the best diving adventures. The diverse marine and wildlife is the specialty of this island.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, the underground river, is the star attraction of Palawan, and it is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

13. The Azores Island, Portugal

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 12
The Azores Island

The Azores is a beautiful island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is the best outdoor destination well known for whale and dolphin watching, and hence, diving and snorkeling are the main activities here.

The Azores are a group of nine islands formed due to series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that took place thousands of years ago. There are beautiful calderas concealed with the green foliage, numerous streams, ancient Portugal villages, and the best cetacean species, which can be sighted at all times.

The Azores Islands are perfect for family island getaways and the best time to visit is from June through August.

14. The British Virgin Islands

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 13
British Virginia Islands

The British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean, short for BVI, is endowed with natural beauty. It has elevated green peaks and diverse marine life in the crystal blue waters.

These islands are known for sailing and yachting. There are numerous activities in tow, such as scuba-diving, sailing, surfing, swimming, or simply lazing down on the white sandy shore savoring the pleasant weather.

There are beautiful Baths on the Virgin Gorda of the British Virgin Islands and some caves amongst the rocky granite blocks.

Explore these Virgin islands on your island getaways!

15. The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The tropical islands of Australia are the cluster of 74 islands known as the Whitsunday Islands. These islands elevate from the blue water to form a mountainous blanket of green.

The popular thing to do on Whitsunday island is to dive in the pristine blue waters and see the coral reefs and fish. Sailing is the heart of this island.

There are six national parks to preserve the ecosystem. Whitehaven Beach is the most renowned beach in Australia. You can begin your thrilling adventures on the Airlie Beach of Whitsunday.

Plan island getaways to the seven developed islands – Hayman Island, Hamilton Island, Long Island, Daydream Island, and South Molle Island.

16. Mykonos, Greece

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 14

The Greek island Mykonos is notorious for being party island. The fine beaches and white-washed houses offer a jaw-dropping view.

The lanes that travel through Chora city lead to different churches and elegant shop windows. The spectacular city of Chora and the wonderful shorelines attract rich and famous people.

The restaurants of Mykonos are a blend of Greek and European style that serves delicious seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, and so much more.

Even though this island is a honeymoon getaway, the young crowd is often seen in summer.

17. Seychelles

Vacationland: 18 Best Island Getaways 15

The Indian Ocean to the east of Kenya locates another paradise of earth, Seychelles. It has 115 islands filled with distinct aquatic life and coral reefs.

The UNESCO recognized tropical palm forests, the sparkling hues of turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and rocky granite boulders that line up along the shoreline are the top tourist attractions.

An interesting fact about this island is that it is a blend of three cultures – English, French, and Creole. At Seychelles, you’d find the world’s most lavish hotels and resorts.

Explore Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, and Silhouette on your island getaways.

18. Saint Barthelemy (St. Bart’s)

St. Bart’s Island of Lesser Antilles situates itself in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea. The crystalline water curve around the blond shores and the green luscious hills stand gracefully in the center of the sea.

This island has a picturesque view, and it is the most expensive island in the Caribbean. If expense is no problem, you can even book a private villa or a luxury suite and dine in a French restaurant and savor its rich taste.

Seclusion, natural aura, and tranquillity are the main charms of St. Bart’s Island. Celebrities are attracted to St. Bart’s because the tropical island gives a taste of France.

Make the best of your vacations and set off to these Island Getaways filled with natural oceanic beauty, serenity, and water adventures.

Experience paradise on these gorgeous islands!

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