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4 Super Hot Trends Of 2017 !

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You must think that this so-called ‘trend’ is something which just comes and goes with every passing year, where all the designers and brands come up with cutting-edge designs. But, try to recall the last time when you flipped through all your old pictures, where you probably thought, ‘Oh my God, what am I wearing, what was wrong with my dressing sense?’. Yes, this is a very common reaction! And then the very next moment when you look at yourself in the mirror, you realize that you have advanced a lot in these years and now you don’t fear to be unconventional or to wear something offbeat.

Well, these swift changes in trends have been taking place because people gravitate more towards something which is contradistinctive. Gone are the days, when ‘taking a risk’ or showcasing personal ‘idiosyncrasy’ was considered to be dicey.  Today people are stepping out of monotony and are zealous about adapting to vicissitude. Trends definitely come and go, but they add something really different to our personal style and keep making us look sassier with time.

So, here is a list of some trends of 2017 that might inject a new peculiar color to your existing style sense:-


Normally people like black, red, blue and pink! Something like sap green is totally uncommon, but this amazing army green color is trending right now and you should definitely get your hands on the apparel of this color, to get a new taste of style. Also, this spectacular color can go with a lot of colors like earth tones, gem tones, brights, metallics, and even pastels. So, now you don’t even have to struggle in order to create stunning combinations!Related image



The off-shoulder trend has flooded the social media like crazy! It’s all about asymmetrical, strategically placed cut outs which are often times found in unexpected pieces like Indian kurtas, body cons, cardigans and what not! Adding an off-shoulder/one shoulder piece to something very casual can give a dressy, sleek and polished look overall.

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The bold, bright, textured stripes bring a jolt of energy as they are literally coming in every color of the rainbow! Starting from thin stripes, thick stripes to oversized stripes in textures like velvet, tweed, silk, and sequin is something that you should totally have in your wardrobe.

If you are concerned about looking wider in horizontal stripes, then opt for pieces with stripes towards the bottom, as it will unify the entire look and not exhaust the eye with stripes all over!Image result for stripes trend



Denim on denim is again back in style! It is really easy to pair up a regular pair of jeans with a basic denim jacket, as you can simply dress it up or down with heels and sneakers.  Also, denim skirts and dresses could work really well for a casual or a chic look.

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