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Top 16 Restaurants in Corolla, NC, You Need to Try

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Surrounded by sandy beaches and blue oceans, Restaurants in Corolla, NC, are a perfect place to spend your vacation. There are many restaurants spread across corolla village. If you are interested in trying out new food, Restaurants in Corolla are a great place to go for a food tour.

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In this article, you will come to know about the best restaurants in Corolla, NC, that you need to know before you plan for a food tour or vacation. Let’s discuss each of these Restaurants.

Top 16 Restaurants in Corolla, NC, You Need to Try.

1.North Bank Restaurant and Raw Bar.

It is known for its Appetizers such as crab cakes, hush puppies with butter sauce, and crab dip. This restaurant is also known for other foods such as grenades, especially crab grenade. They also serve fresh yellowfin tuna and oysters.

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Their corn, shrimp, and crab chowders are very delicious. Their mixed grills are also famous.
The restaurant is well air-conditioned; their staff is very professional and welcoming. If you are shopping around that place, it is a perfect place to grab a bite. Overall, we can consider this restaurant one of the best seafood restaurants in Corolla, NC.

2.Outer Banks Boil Company.

It is a restaurant mostly visited for dinners. It is known for crab, corn, and seafood dishes. Seafood dishes include seafood boil, shrimp boil, and crab boil. There are also a variety of corn dishes of which corn muffins are famous.

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They also offer catering services for various types of parties. This restaurant is well known for its seasonings and cocktails. It is one of the restaurants in Corolla,nc that you must visit for your vacation. They also have home delivery services.

3.Route 12 Steak and Seafood.

It is a perfect place to stop by and have a bite. It has good service and delicious food; their menu includes various seafood to a variety of fries. Some of the famous seafood dishes are fried shrimp.

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by jimbrickett

They also serve other food items such as cheesesteak. This restaurant serves scallops. There is a gas station nearby; if you go to the gas station, it is a place to pull over and have a bite. It is one of the restaurants in Corolla nc; you need to visit when you go on vacation to Corolla village. It is one of the visited restaurants in Corolla nc.

4.Fatcrabs Rib Company and Seafood Shack.

It is on Austin street. It is a perfect place to spend time with your family and friends as you have dinner. This restaurant provides various food options for eating. It is one of the most visited restaurants in Corolla nc for Barbeques.

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Some of the delicious foods include Pork Barbeque, Ribs, Hushpuppies, Varieties of brisket, and Delicious Gumbos. Seafood includes Fried fish, shrimps, and crab legs. They also provide the self-service option.

5.Mama Easley’s.

It has many options to dine. The restaurant is famous for many food items. Fried green tomatoes are very delicious that you must try them. Seafood includes fish with chips, fried shrimp, and soft shell crab sandwiches. Fried Scallops are tasty. They have different types of baskets such as crab cake basket and shrimp fry basket.

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You can have a big-time with Sweet Potato tots along with chicken fry or shrimp fry. They have various PO Boy on the menu. However, the recommended ones are Shrimp PO Boy and Oyster PO Boy. Grilled Chicken sandwiches go well with onion rings that you need to try. Softshell crab Sandwiches are delicious in this restaurant. However, they are available only in a particular season.

6.Mike Dianna’s Grill Room.

It is located on sunset boulevard. This restaurant serves a variety of foods. Some of these foods include different types of Chowders, such as seafood Chowder, Rich cream Chowder, and clam chowder. Steamed green beans usually go with mashed potatoes.

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by VMBrasseur

They also serve many Appetizers such as scallop, mussels, Steak, and Crab Fritters with cocktail sauce. If you want to try some pasta, you can try Ravioli. They also take bookings for parties. We can consider this restaurant to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Corolla nc.

7.SunFish Grill.

It is a seafood restaurant. They have varieties of foods; some of the recommended dishes are Crab cake sandwiches, which go well with Scrabster rolls. Tacos are famous in this restaurant. Coleslaw is tasty, goes well with creamy prawns with grits. Cesar Salad goes well with shrimp, green tomatoes, and burgers.

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by jonolist

Their crab cluster is delicious. They also have a separate menu for kids. Shrimp Scampi is delicious with fish. Chicken tenders are tasty and crispy. It is one of the best restaurants in Corolla nc.

8.The Oceanfront Grille.

It is a restaurant on Franklyn Street, Corolla, NC. It is famous for its service. They have many dishes on their menu; some of the well-known foods are Crab cakes, which go very well with a tuna steak. Hushpuppies are also tasty. Their bacon-wrapped scallops were very fresh.

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If you want to have something simple, you can go for fresh green beans and mashed potatoes. They also have tasty shrimp wellington that you must try. At the restaurant, you will also find a pool where you can have recreational activities. Mahi-mahi is also made delicious. One of the best and most unique features of this restaurant is that you can alter the dishes. There is also a deck on which you can sit and have food in the open air.

9.Sundogs Raw Bar and Grill.

It is a perfect place for food and beers. They have a good collection of beers. Their menu has various dishes; some famous foods include Burgers such as hamburgers and cowboy burgers.

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by jumanggy

Appetizers such as crab dip are delicious. They cook fish Tacos that go well with mussels. Fish and chips taste delicious with shrimp Po Boy. They have good staff and bartenders that maintain very hygienic conditions. On weekends they have karaoke nights.

10.Upside Restaurant Sports Bar.

It is on 797 Sunset Boulevard, Timbuk 2 shopping village, Corolla, NC. It is the perfect place to have dinner with your family when you visit corolla for vacation. They have the best cheese crab cakes. The menu has different types of quesadilla; a few of them are lobster quesadilla and cheese quesadillas.

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Tuna and mahi-mahi are well seasoned and cooked. They also serve hush puppies, scallops, and grits. If you want to enjoy the sunset as you eat food, there is a deck available, on which you can sit and eat. They also have warm and welcoming staff.


11.Uncle ike’s Sandbar and Grill.

It is a restaurant in Austin Street, Corolla, NC. This restaurant offers many delicious choices. The seafood includes many delicious kinds of seafood, such as nachos, macaroni, and seafood tacos. They also have crab cakes which go with sandwiches.

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Services offered in this restaurant are professional, the staff is also warm and very friendly. Their firecracker shrimp are always available and are famous. Chicken and Waffles are tasty. Orange crush in Uncle ike’s sandbar and grill goes well with various foods in this restaurant. They serve phenomenal crab dips and deep-fried Oreos. The sweet and savory flavors of smokehouse burgers are perfect.

12.The Life-Saving Station.

It is a restaurant that is in a resort. They provide different food options. Some of the famous dishes that you can have at this restaurant are Sausages, pancakes, and biscuits. Their cheese grits are also delicious. The most preferred item for breakfast is Carolina Benedict. It is one of the preferred restaurants in Corolla nc.

13.Sunset Grille and Raw Bar.

It is a restaurant the overlooks Albemarle sound. The bartenders are very helpful in giving information, apart from that they are warm and welcoming. They also have a deck from where you can sit and have food. Their menu includes various foods; some of the foods are Mahi and Mahi, she-crab soup, and Prime ribs. They also have a tiki bar. Overall it is one of the places to visit to have good food.

14.The Paper Canoe.

It is a restaurant known for its authentic seafood. You can enjoy sunsets and scenic views as you have food. They have a beautiful view of the Albemarle estuary with beautiful sunsets. It is one of the preferred places for the tourists to pull over. They have delicious food with various dishes. It is one of the recommended restaurants in Corolla nc.

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Their staff is very professional and attentive. Their most preferred fresh seafood includes shrimps, crabs, and fish fries. The tender scallops are delicious. They go well with vegetables. They also have duck breast with a wine reduction, which one must try. Their wine selection is very excellent.

15.Barry’s Walnut Island and Restaurant.

It is on Walnut Island, Grandy, Corolla. They have beautiful scenic views and a lively atmosphere. The accommodation rooms are clean and cozy; each room has a themed wallpaper. If you are interested in bike weeks, you must attend them. Their beer collection is great; you must try cold beer. Grilled Chicken breast burger is a dish you must try. They also serve a steak sandwich with fries. It is a great place to have dinner. Overall the restaurant is a great place to stay.

16.Aqua Restaurant.

It is a restaurant located on Duckroad downstairs, Duck NC. They have attentive and professional staff. You can eat outdoors and experience a beautiful sunset along with the scenic views of the sound. Their crap soup, crab dip, shrimp grits, and mussels are phenomenal. They also have a spa with various spa treatments. It is one of the restaurants in Corolla, nc that attracts customers from different places.

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Apart from visiting and trying different foods from restaurants, you can also explore a few historical sites; located in corolla, NC. Some of the places are Currituck beach lighthouse, Whale head in historic corolla, Currituck beach, Outer banks center for wildlife education, Currituck banks, Wildhorse museum, and Historic Corolla village are some of the places that you can visit.

If you are planning to try restaurants in Corolla nc, click here.

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