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Teenage Problems: 11 Big Brutal Teenage Worries

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People make their teenage years seem like a fairy tale, but little do they mention about all the hardships that a teen faces, be it at home, at school or college, at a party or wherever be it. Life is never completely easy. So let us now take a look at 11 Big Brutal Teenage Worries

The Top Teenage Problems That Youngsters have to Face

If you are a teenager, you will know that life isn’t easy. While every day is eventful, it’s pretty challenging as well. This is why you need to find someone who understands your problems – be it a friend or your parent.

1. School/College Can be a Mess – Teenage Problems 


According to most teens, school is the numero uno reason for their stress. Teens have to deal with the disappointment of bad grades, setting high expectations for themselves but failing to reach them, multiple projects and assignments, and burning the midnight oil in order to ace an exam.

It is necessary for teens to try and bring out a balance between going to school and, doing all the other things that they love doing.

Going to school cannot be avoided. However, if it is thought of as a fun learning process, it will be enjoyable rather than stressful.

2. Do You Have Self-Confidence? – Teenage Problems

Teenagers often look up to other people – who they believe lead a better life than theirs. This leads to them developing inferiority complexes, in turn, which in turn degrades their self-confidence.

Self confidence in Teenagers

As teens, we always tend to get saddened about how there is always a set of people who are way better than us at doing things. It is absolutely necessary that we understand how they might not be good at things that we’re good at.

Self-acceptance should be the motto of every teen, this will allow them to accept themselves just for the person they are- socially, superficially, mentally, or emotionally and will help them to embrace their uniqueness and individuality.

3. Lack of Inspiration – Teenage Problems

Teenagers suffer from a lack of inspiration to achieve a predetermined goal or dream. They sometimes become unable to derive inspiration from the people around them. This is unfortunate because,  in order to achieve something, you should be inspired and determined enough to actually do it.

It’s absolutely necessary for teenagers to walk up to their parents, grandparents, neighbors, or basically anyone they can look up to for their personal inspiration. If you fail to find that one person around you, then the Internet is always an option for reading up on life-stories of great hard-working people and how they coped up with life and its challenges.

4. Addictions – Teenage Problems

The teenage years are when we tend to become extremely curious about how the universe and the various things in it (mostly peculiar) things work.

smoking addiction

We’re almost always curious about what alcohol tastes like, what smoking a cigarette feels like, what watching pornography is all about, what drugs feel like, etc.

While curiosity is healthy otherwise, being curious about the aforementioned things is definitely unhealthy for the body and the mind alike. Trying these things out might later turn into addictions that will slowly but steadily degrade your mental, physical and emotional life. It’s wise to stay away from these unnecessary substances.

5. Peer Pressure – Teenage Problems

Getting acquainted with many people and having innumerable friends is always good, but if they end up forcing you into doing something that you do not like, it’s time to stay away from them or make them understand that you do not appreciate such behavioral patterns.

Most teenagers face the problem of their friends forcing them to try smoking, drinking or going to a party.

It’s vital for teens to voice their thoughts out to their friends and make it clear that they do not want to indulge in that particular act, and if they fail to understand and value your opinions in life then it’s time to let go of them, because friendships should have a positive impact on you and not the other way around.

6. Bullying – Teenage Problems


Some teens have the unfortunate experience of getting bullied. Bullying has a strong impact on the mental development of a child, and can leave them scarred for the rest of their life. Strict action and precautions should be taken against bullies.

Teenagers who get bullied should try and let it not affect them and try to fight back and voice their thoughts out loud, without physically retaliating.


They can also turn to the people with the authority to take action against these bullies. They should try and get past their scarring experience and try to move on because that is the only way that will help them to grow in life.

7. Getting abused – Teenage Problems

Teenage Problems: 11 Big Brutal Teenage Worries 1

Some teenagers get abused, be it domestically, physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally. They should fight back if they can, or they should get the help of a close friend or family member.

8. Not being “popular” – Teenage Problems


We all want/wanted to be known by everyone in college. We look at the popular kid in school and envy him/her and wish to be just as popular. Sometimes, people even try desperate means to try and become popular. Thus, teens these days end up becoming sad when this fantasy in their head does not become a reality.

Teenagers must learn how it’s important not to waste time, effort and money on trying to be popular and how popularity doesn’t really fetch you any happiness deep inside, and it isn’t here to stay. Popularity will always fade away, there will always be another person cooler or better.

The same time and effort can be spent on something that will actually help teens in their future. Make and maintain a small circle of quality friends that you can rely on, no matter what, and they are all you need.

9. Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Teenage Problems

Teenagers go through heartbreaks and emotional phases and unnecessary drama when they get into relationships. Teenagers must use plenty of time to think about whether or not they actually want to be in a relationship.

teenage relationship problems

They should make sure it won’t take away too much of their time because it’s also important for them to spend their time doing the other important things and maintain personal relationships with their friends and family. You can’t let heartbreaks get in the way of anything in the future.

10. Experiencing something traumatic – Teenage Problems


Some teenagers have been unfortunate enough to witness the death of a close family member, friend, or acquaintance, or to witness or actually be a part of an accident or a disastrous scene.

Incidents like these scar the teenagers and end up leaving them wounded. Death affects them the most. They should understand how death is inevitable and separation is also a part of life.

11. Transitions- Physical or Mental – Teenage Problems

As teenagers and as human beings each of us has to go through various physical changes like the growing of facial hair for guys, growing of bodily hair, and all the other changes that follow. The teens sometimes find it difficult to adapt to physical changes.

Then there come the mental changes. As a teenager, you will experience sudden mood swings that are not only due to the changes in the proportions in hormones but also because of all the stress that you face every day.

It is important to learn to embrace the physical changes because everybody is beautiful in their own way, and also welcome the changes that come to us, mentally. These changes will only mold each of us to become better versions of ourselves.

All in all, the teenage years are no cake-walk. Honestly, there is no phase in life that comes problem-free but we should all learn how to deal with those problems and not let them get the better of us.


dpDivya is an enthusiastic blogger and speaker. She is constantly looking for new interests to explore. She currently lives in Bangalore, India.



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