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Have you ever had a dream where you saw your teeth falling out? Did you ever wake up someday rushing to the mirror just to check if your teeth were right in their own place?!
The idea to discover more about this particular dream struck me the morning I myself experienced it. And surprisingly, I found out that I am not the only one to have dreamt this dream, but many people have experienced the same and that it is a very common phenomenon.
So, this is to guide you if you have also been worrying about it and if the idea of the dream still keeps haunting you today.


According to the latest psychological research, the “teeth falling out” dream is a typical kind of anxiety dream where you may picture yourself or someone you are acquainted with. The person seems to be losing his/her teeth automatically. As a result, you start to freak out. However it must be noted that such dreams have got nothing to do with your oral hygiene and that the reason behind it is purely psychological.


When you dream about your teeth falling about it is pretty obvious for you to start panicking since it is concerned with your mouth, the part of your body that helps to communicate, chew, and look normal! But, hey! Do not panic since these dreams are prevalent nowadays and get reported to counselors repeatedly. You will be okay once you go through the reasons behind your seeing such a peculiar dream…

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On a negative note, the probable reasons are:
• You have been worrying about a personal loss for quite a long time. It may also be about troubles in your job or any serious relationship.
• You have the fear of growing older.
• You are anxious about your sexual experience.
• You are worried about a big compromise that you have to do.
• You are too conscious about the way you look or more precisely, your external appearance.

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This particular dream, no matter how horrifying it is, gifts you with an important lesson! While paying attention to your teeth dreams, you become more careful and try to improvise and monitor the way you communicate. You make sure your oral hygiene is maintained well from now on.

Mentally, you try to stay focused and stop running away from your problems and fears. Instead, you deal with it and give another thought to solving your life’s issues to avoid such dreams any further because the more you let your frustrations build-up, the more of a mess you will be creating for yourself.

Also you realize that they are nothing to be ashamed of and it is no more a secret that you are having such a dream since it is very common and has been widely talked about by psychologists all over the world!

Did you know? Even the living legend Madonna once said in an interview about how she felt when she had the ‘Teeth Falling Out’ dream herself!


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