Ten Bollywood Movies That Must Have Sequels!

Ten Bollywood Movies That Must Have Sequels! 1

Here are ten Must Have-Bollywood sequels that won’t just be gripping movies, but will also be very entertaining.


The first two super hits Aashiqui and Aashiqui 2 won millions of hearts with the beautiful direction and heart throbbing love story.Shraddha_Kapoor_at_audio_release_of_Aashiqui_2_at_Sudeep_studios_(6) We need another love story which can make us relive love again. We need to be able to feel the magnificence and extraordinary feelings love gives us. The song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ still makes our hearts sing.


This movie has been a blockbuster hit every time it got released. The Shahrukh Khan starrer Don has made him the only ideal man to play the role of Don, after Amitabh Bachchan. We would eagerly look forward to the making of Don-3.

King Khan is the only Don who we won’t get bored of time after time. After all, the dialogue ‘Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hain’ is the spice we have been waiting for since a long time. Who knows where Don might meet his ‘Jungli Billi’ next?

3.DHOOM- 4

Back to back hits, with the most captivating stories and screenplay, we have seen Jai Dixit and Ali team up against intriguing thieves in each part. Thrilling music, with it’s very famous song ‘Dhoom Machale still seem fresh in the minds of a 90’s born child.11581337425_42d62cd053_bWe are looking forward to a better Dhoom-4, after all Dhoom has been missing in our lives since far too long!


It is time for a remake of the movie Karan-Arjun. All in all, the big controversy between the two Khan’s: Salman and Shahrukh has ended in good terms, after such a long time.406477-salman-and-shahrukh-recreating-karan-arjun-moment3

Who doesn’t want to hear  “mere Karan-Arjun ayenge”? None of us can wait to see the MEGA SUPER STARS on screen together again.


Connecting to the youth of today, this has been the perfect movie for this generation and their ways of living. Kartik_and_Nushrat_Success_Party The incidents and drama in the movie are so true that every person today can relate to it in some way or another. We definitely need a remake of this movie, which not only concentrates on today’s love affairs and issues, but is also worth each penny spent to give one full enjoyment and contentment. The newbies have won all our hearts with their outstanding performance in Pyaar Ka Punchnama-2. We are expecting another super hit from the team.


Under the direction of Rohit Shetty, the lead Ajay Devgn’s “Atta Maji Satkli” has spread like wild fire all over. After the hits Singham-1 and Singham Returns, we eagerly await Singham-3. The very handsome and dashing Ajay Devgn’s captivating dialouge and performance has been rewarded with a very good response by the people. We need more movies like this which entertain us and keep us glued to our seats. Ajay_Devgn_at_Tezz_promotional_bus_ride_(4) Who doesn’t want to see Singham back on screen? “Mann bhanwar uthe, tann sihar uthe; Jab khabar uthe ke aawe, Singham”


This outstanding comedy has made our stomachs ache with the witty dialogues and absolutely perfect direction and acting. Paresh Rawal has been missing on screen since far too long. sequelHe definitely needs a comeback, for comedy has another name, talent. Who wouldn’t want BABU RAO to remind us of our happy days again?


This movie also had explicit comedy which made us laugh a little longer every time, Golmaal needs to come back. Starring Ajay Devgn, Tushar Kapoor, Arshad Wasi, each member has worked very hard to make the movie worth watching.
golmaal-4We are expecting a fourth fantastic part. Can’t wait for Rohit Shetty to make it happen again!


Since our very own Sanju Baba (Sanjay Dutt) is finally out of jail and is ready to start all over again, I think it’s time for a sequel to this hit franchise. The levels of excitement can’t be diminished and we are hoping to see him start with the sequel of Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Sanjay_dutt_departmentBoth Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai made us fall in love with Munna and Circuit(Arshad Warsi). The fantastic comedy had a very captivating and lovely story in both parts and has won hearts all around the world. Its time for Munna to hit the screens again.

10. KRRISH-4

The Indian superhero Krrish, starring Hrithik Roshan, has been a blockbuster hit every time. Children love this movie, Krrish-4 is definitely a come-back to be looked forward to.
Krrish_II_First_Look After all every child needs a Superman from his hometown, and who can be better than our very own Indian superhero-Krrish?

These are the few movies that must have sequels, and will definitely make the three hours spent relaxing – WORTHWHILE.

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