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Ten Skills every Illustrator Should Have

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In order to become an outstanding illustrator, there are certain skill sets that you need to start developing. Especially if you’re planning to establish your career in the freelance industry after working for an organization for a certain period of time, possessing the right kind of skills is crucial as that is going to decide your future. You can know the ten skills that every illustrator should have in order to sustain in the freelance industry or in any other employment for a longer duration. 

Ten Skills every Illustrator Should Have 1

  • High levels of creativity

The first and the foremost requirement that every illustrator must satisfy in order to become successful and also so get a good number of opportunities to work on creativity. A client would always be looking forward to working with a person who can try things that are new and different. The illustration is one of those industries that would have an ample amount of opportunities for people that are creative. Hence, this is one of the most crucial skill sets that you must focus upon. 

  • Technical skills

There are several tools and applications that are being developed specifically for illustration. It is important that you start enhancing your knowledge in these areas as well. Especially as an expert freelance illustrator at dormzi or other businesses, it becomes highly important for you to stay updated and ensure to match the pace with the industry in order to gain more number of projects.

  • Behavioral skills

When you start working in the freelance industry as an illustrator, your behavior matters the most. The clients would always be looking forward to establishing a relationship with an individual who is polite and also ethical in nature.

  • Decision-making ability

You must also remember to have good decision-making ability when you start working as an illustrated in the freelance industry, unless and until you’re able to decide upon the kind of clients and the project that you are going to work on, you would never be able to sustain in the freelance industry for a longer duration. 

  • Time management skills

You must remember to submit all the assignments that a given to you on time because the clients are extremely strict when it comes to deadlines. If you start working in an Ad-Hoc manner, you would never be able to become a renowned illustrator. Making money as a freelancer is dependent on the timely submission of the projects. 

  • Out-of -box thinking

As an illustrator, it is mandatory that you start developing out-of-box thinking ability. You must always try something new to create when you get an assignment and should not be scared of the rejection. Some of the clients might be extremely impressed with the kind of output that you have delivered, and they can come back to you with more number of projects.

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle

It is also important that you start focusing on your health when you start working as a freelancer. Working as a full-time employee, I will have a fixed schedule. You would be able to list down everything that you are going to do on a particular day, as everything would be sorted.

When you start working as a freelancer, you might lose out on things because you are not restricted or monitored by anybody. Therefore, it is important to make a conscious effort to develop a healthy lifestyle.


  • Patience

As an illustrator in the freelance industry, you might have to face challenges in terms of getting the number of projects. You will certainly not be promised on any fixed number of projects or assignments, and it is completely your responsibility to gain more number of projects using your intelligence. All these things are going to happen only when you have an ample amount of patience. Therefore, patience is one of the most important skill sets that every illustrator must-have.

  • Networking skills

Unless and until you have the capability of building your connections and strengthening your database of clients using your networking skills, it becomes impossible for us to establish in the freelance industry as an illustrator.

You should have street smartness in order to convert each and every lead into business and make money out of it. As a freelancer, it becomes highly crucial to establish good financial backup else, things can go out of your hand, and you might become frustrated and disappointed. 

  • Marketing and convincing skills

It is also important that you have good marketing and convincing skills, as well. When you start exploring the freelance industry, you are completely on your own, and you must be responsible and accountable for each and every action of yours.  

You must try and understand the different kinds of marketing strategies that are trending in the market and start implementing them in order to get more number of projects. 

These are the ten essential skill sets that are required by every illustrator in order to flourish in the freelance industry.

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