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The Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd

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Who are ‘Nerds’ and ‘Geeks’? How are they different from the common mass? How are they different from each other? Are they at all different from each other? This article will answer all of your questions!

  • Who is a Nerd? 

A Nerd is usually a knowledgeable individual who does not care for his/her social image and is devoted to intellectual pursuits. A Nerd believes that his/her interests are “of potential value to humanity as a whole, although humanity doesn’t know it yet.” Nerds are mostly awkward, shy and not cool enough for the ‘popular kids’ to acknowledge their existence.

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  • Who is a Geek?

A Geek is someone who is an enthusiast of a particular topic. Geeks know everything about the topic they are interested in. They are more social than the Nerds but are not considered to be ‘cool enough’. They take pride in collecting things related to their subject of interest. People who are into technology have made this term popular and hence we associate the term ‘Geek’ with them.

  • How are Nerds are Geeks different from each other? 

While Nerds use jargon in their daily conversations, Geeks use references which others do not get.


Nerds are studious and are interested in academic stuff. Geeks on the other hand, are interested in one particular thing which may not be related to academia.


Nerds do not care for what they wear. Geeks always wear clothes featuring the movie, cartoon or sitcom they are obsessed with.


Nerds are socially awkward and shy. Geeks are social but are more comfortable around those who share their interests.

While Nerds do not care for defending their areas of interest, Geeks are extremely enthusiastic about making others see how great their area of interest is.

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Nerds are the ‘practitioners’ of their subjects, they deal with hypothesis and ideas. Geeks are basically fans. They collect stuff.



Nerds are mostly into games like Chess and Sudoku, while Geeks are into games related to their area of interest.

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Nerds seek jobs which are academic related. They become scientists, engineers, professors. Geeks make a living out of jobs which let them indulge in their interest. They may be graphic designers, animators, video game designers or own a comic book store.

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How are Nerds and Geeks similar to each other? 

  • Nerds and Geeks can be hard to converse with if one doesn’t share their interests.
  • They are both smart and knowledgeable when it comes to their field of interest.
  • They are both different from the general mass and are never accepted by the popular crowd.
  • For the above reason, they are mostly bullied as others do not understand them and are envious of their intellect.
  • Both Nerds and Geeks consider the general mass to be inferior and do not mind not being accepted as one of them.
  • Both Nerds and Geeks are proud of who they are.
  • Both of them are likely to be into Science and Technology.


Nerds and Geeks may be different but once you get to know them, they turn out to be amazing human beings. After all, smart is the new sexy!

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