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The 6 Places That Inspired Writers

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Most of the world’s literature reflects cities and countries rich in history. Most books in the genre of popular fiction are rooted in a city’s heart bringing the benefits and the drawbacks in the open. Whether it be the Westminster Bridge or Kublai Khan, inspiration lurks in every corner of the world.

Many of the world’s phenomenal writers have found this inspiration and mimicked that sheer beauty in their works of art. Countries and cities have motivated writers to pen them down over the centuries, making the surge of elegance inhabiting these cities immortalised forever.

Here are some places that have inspired great writers (these are just a few, if I were to mention all, a book would have been in progress by now).

Presenting you with the list of The 6 Places That Inspired Writers!

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1. London 

This city is not just the home to Mr Holmes, and it also harbours Mrs Dalloway, Harry Potter and the Diagon Alley. Great writers like Chaucer and Swift have mentioned London.

Gulliver begins his journey from London, and Dorian Gray indulges in excessive passion. The London of the Romantics like Blake and Wordsworth and Samuel Johnson’s London might be different, but the city presents an extravagant image of sophistication and liveliness.

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2. Troy( Ilios), Turkey

Homer wrote of the Spartan war and the face that launched a thousand ships- the famous Helen. The city of Troy, located in modern-day Turkey, inspired Homer to write an epic poem comprising twenty-four books, which inspired another book by Homer, Odyssey, which talks about the journey of Odysseus after the war. Since then, many works reflect the characters of the Iliad.

Troy; the ancient city of Turkey
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3. Italy 

Petrarch’s Italian sonnets have acted as an inspiration for other sonnet writers like Shakespeare in Elizabethan England. Italy has given rise to prominent literary figures like Giovanni Boccaccio and Tasso. Novels like ‘A Farewell to Arms’ and ‘The Name of the Rose’ are based in Italy. Rome, Italy’s capital, has inspired the greatest playwright, Shakespeare, who wrote plays like Julius Caesar, Antony, Cleopatra, and Coriolanus. In Italy, cities like Verona and Venice encourage the famous plays Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

Flying Seagulls and old cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy
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4. Dublin 
Literature runs through the veins of this Irish capital. Joyce’s description of the city in the novel Ulysses might change how you experience the city when you’re visiting Dublin. The city is the home to writers like William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett, who have contributed volumes to literature.

Grattan Bridge in Dublin, Ireland
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5. Greece

Classical literature is a significant era of ancient Greek writers like Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes. It also gave birth to philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. Many texts are inspired by Greek mythology like ‘The Modern Prometheus’ and poems like ‘Leda and the Swan.’ Alexander Pope’s translations of Homer have served a great purpose too.

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6. Spain

Spain had made contributions to literature even before literature was written in the medieval period. Latin American literature is the literature of the Spanish colonies. Cervantes’ Don Quixote and Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell are famous texts in and about Spain. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a Colombian writer and writes in Spanish and is renowned for his books like ‘ One Hundred Years of Solitude’ and ‘Love in the Time of Cholera.’

Valencia, Spain
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