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How To Host A Bollywood Theme Party?

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Indians always go “ga-ga” about Bollywood. It is their heart and soul. The melodramatic scenes, romances, and fight scenes are the core Bollywood industries. Foreigners also love the beauty of Bollywood. The color, vigor, and enthusiasm attract them the most. As an Indian, staying in abroad is tough because you miss the craziness of Indians.

To relieve your Indian culture and, most importantly, the memories of Bollywood, you can definitely organize a party for your Indian friends and even for foreign friends. Before that, you should know how to host a Bollywood theme party. There is no hard and fast rule. But, this article will help you get an idea so that you can organize the best party ever.

Calling your friends and neighbors for the party without any arrangement is a bad idea. So, make yourself ready and do thorough research on the Bollywood theme. Thus, the list goes like this:

Bollywood Invitation

A formal invitation is the start of any party. The invitation card plays a vital role in calling your friends. You can make DIY Bollywood theme cards with cuts out if favorite “Khans” of Bollywood. You can even choose the collage of top-notch actors of Bollywood as a hidden surprise in the map. It will pop-out when someone opens the card.

You can use “Diya,” “Ganesh,” shape card that makes the invitation genuinely Indian. If you are a fan of a particular actor, then make the card shape of your favorite actor and invite people to the party.

How To Host A Bollywood Theme Party? 1

You can use different hues for the card. India or Bollywood is all about colors. Hence, the choice of bright colors will not do any harm. It is the stepping stone for you to know how to host a Bollywood theme party.

Bollywood Decor

The venue can be your own house, sea beach, or any other indoor location. But, the decoration should have a touch of real India. You can use “churni” of different colors and Indian prints to give a Bollywood look. You can hang the “churnis” from ceiling to floor to create a wavy effect. It creates a fun decor. You can bring in a bicycle and decorate it with flowers and place it at the entrance as a photo booth. The style of the Indian cycle is unique and photogenic. You can also use Marie gold flowers, kites for decoration. The more vibrant the decor is, the more it looks like a Bollywood movie set.

How To Host A Bollywood Theme Party? 2

Bollywood Music

A party without music is so dull. Hence, it brings on all the Bollywood party songs and dance to the Bollywood dance numbers. This is the reality to know on how to host a Bollywood theme party. The Indian Bollywood party music has a grooving beat. Even if you are not a party animal, you will bound to dance on the beats. The music has such an excellent power. You must collect the Bollywood party numbers well in advance, make your music system or home theatre ready and let your guests dance to the tunes. Apart from party songs, if you want your guests to enjoy soft music and enjoy ball dance. Then, you can also keep the collections of romantic songs. Your guests will love to dance in both dance numbers.

Bollywood Entertainment

A party not only means gossips. You should arrange some Bollywood games for the guests. You can check different games on how to host a Bollywood theme party. You can include “Antakshari- musical songs starting with letters,” ” Dumb Charades- acting out movies name for the team,” and Pick a chit from the bowl and enact.” So, these are some Bollywood entertainment games that you must arrange for the guests. Well, every game has its rule, and you must clear all the rules before you start the games. If you have a team of only foreign friends, then I must say that you should include at least two Indian friends in that team for easy help.

Bollywood Food

A party without food is a complete “no-no.” You must arrange delicious, tasty, and sumptuous Indian starters like chicken kebabs, potato fritters, chilly corn, vegetable pakoras. They are the essence of Indian starters. In the main course, you can include North Indian dishes, South Indian dishes, chicken, fish, egg specialties. In Indian food is all about colors and spices and add some Bollywood ” Tarka” with your secret ingredient that makes the dish super delicious. Bollywood food theme is incomplete without “paani-puri”, ” chaat”, “pav-bhaji”. Hence, they are the must item at the party. It also gives you the confidence to know how to host a Bollywood theme party.

How to Host a Bollywood Theme Party

Bollywood Drinks and Desserts

Apart from hard drinks, India and Bollywood are famous for “nimbu-paani,” i.e., lemonade, lassi, sattu sarbhat, and many more. If you want that desi to feel in your party drinks, then include these drinks as a refreshment to your guests. Also, in desserts, you can have jalebi, real, Gulab jamun. All these desserts make the party complete with a total Indian touch. Once you organize these things, you will get to know how to host a Bollywood theme party.

Arrange Bollywood Folk Music and Dance Nights

To know how to host a Bollywood theme party, you should also know that in Bollywood, certain songs reflect the folk culture if India. You can call the folk artists to arrange the best music and dance nights for the guests. The music and dance performance is so magical that you cannot stop beating your footsteps. It has a different essence and flavor of Indian Bollywood culture.

Bollywood Attire

You should mention in the invitation card that all guests should be in Bollywood attire. Indian outfit is all about saree for girls and kurta pajama for boys. Hence, if you want to enjoy and know how to host a Bollywood theme party, then you must be in Indian attire. You don’t know how to wear Indian outfits. You can check different videos available online on how to wear Indian ethnic wear. It makes your life simple; you can follow the instruction in the video and wear the attire precisely in the same manner. Again, Bollywood is all about experimenting with colors and styles. Hence, you can choose vibrant attire and choose the iconic fashion attire of any Bollywood and dress accordingly.

How To Host A Bollywood Theme Party? 3

Learn The Dance Moves

Well, Bollywood or India has special dance moves like “Bhangra” or “Bihu.” Before you can dance to the party numbers, you can learn the dance moves from an expert. It includes little warm-up sessions and then actual dance numbers. It will help you perform the best at the party. These Bollywood moves look tough, but with little practice, they become easy for you. So, enjoy the party to the fullest time and make yourself comfortable in your skin.

Return Gift Packs

You can choose Bollywood theme paper bags as your return gift. It will give the guests a lifetime memory experience. You can pack a tea set box, Bollywood music CDs, both party and romantic, Bollywood iconic movie DVD, some Indian artworks; you can even include cut-outs of famous actors as a memento. This Bollywood theme party is not only for you to remember. But, it is also for your guests to remember and know how to host a Bollywood theme party. The gift bag which is a return gift for the guests which will always stay in their heart.

Bollywood is the heart of India. The lavish sets, music, dance numbers, dialogues, and action scenes offer you larger than life experience. You are choosing Bollywood as your theme party is a bold idea. You need to understand the entire concept of Bollywood and then dive into arranging the things properly. You should always choose the materials that are useful and matches with your Indian theme.

Budget Role In Theme Party

Firstly, the budget plays an important role. The number of guests decides your budget and venue. If you have only a handful of people, then organizing a party in your home or rooftop terrace is a great idea. But, if you have a big list of guests, then you can arrange things as per your big budget. In that case, your venue will be big too. There is no shame in handling the charges over to party planners. They will just take the money from you, and you can sit back and relax. As per your need and taste, they will arrange everything. It fits your budget, and you can have a successful Bollywood theme party.

There are many party planners in and around. You can call them, fix a meeting, and then discuss your need. They will suggest you some fresh ideas. If you have specific ideas in mind, then you can even share the same. It makes life simple. Make the arrangements at an early stage so that you can avoid the last-minute rush. It will help you to plan the Bollywood theme party in a successful manner. Why wait? Now, its time for you to arrange a theme party with Bollywood fun and give your friends the best party enjoyment ever.

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