A team has to perform well to make its way into the Super Bowl. As a result, we have ample choices when it comes to selecting the best NFL teams in history. Surely, there will be different opinions, but we all can agree on the teams that impressed even the experts. 


Moreover, many underdogs have turned the tables to come up on top of NFL team standings. This is our effort to present the greatest NFL teams of all times based on our research. 

So, let’s start with one of the best teams ever. 

1999 St. Louis Rams

Many experts debate whether the 1999 Rams could be among the best NFL teams. However, the team did more than many other opponents during that time, like scoring 526 points from their 13 – 3 regular season. 

The Rams were pretty strong on the offensive side based on the skills of Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. The latter accumulated a total of 1,381 yards and caught 87 passes. Warner supported Faulk’s 1,000+ yards and delivered 41 touchdown passes. As a result, he earned a quarterback rating of 109.2.

The defense of the Rams also proved its worth, letting just 15 points each game. The team even proved its capability at high-scoring games, putting down the Vikings 49 – 37. 

The 1999 Rams stand out in the history of the NFL as they:


  • Scored the most points
  • Allowed least points
  • Became the winner of most matches


The team certainly deserves a place in the top NFL rankings.


1962 Green Bay Packers


We now take you back before the Super Bowl era. It was 1961, and the Packers began their season with 109 – 14 from 4 matches. The team had the famous coach Vince Lombardi, so their performance was not totally unexpected. 


Moreover, the team had many star performers, such as Ray Nitschke, Jim Taylor, and Bart Starr. So, they finished the season setting a record of 13 – 1 and got ready to take on the New York Giants at the Yankee. 


The day was super cold, and the camera crew lit bonfires to stay warm. However, the performance on the field was exciting enough to keep the fans at the edge of their chairs. The Packers put up a great show and turned out to be the winners. 


Eleven players from the team were inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame, a rare honor in football’s history. 


1998 Denver Broncos


The Broncos were the defending Super Bowl champions in 1998. They were ready with a stellar team with a strong offensive and defensive side. One of the best players on the team was Terrell Davis, who led the Broncos to their 2nd Super Bowl appearance. 


The team’s offense was like an unbreakable wall, making it into the top 10 ranks for all categories except passing attempts. However, the star performer of the season was Davis (No. 30). He had an average of 5 yards for every carry and 125.5 yards for each game. In addition, he had a total of 23 touchdowns. 


Derek Loville, another strong player in the offense, had an average of 3 yards every carry on 53 rushing attempts. 


Unfortunately, John Elway had to skip 4 matches during the season. He was replaced by Bubby Brister, who put up a remarkable performance. He stood out in:


  • Touchdown rate
  • Completion percentage
  • Inception rate


1994 San Francisco 49ers


The San Francisco 49ers have always remained heavy on talent. Their 1989 team was also heavy with star performers like Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott. The same trend applied to the 1994 49ers, which signed up two pro players, Ken Norton, Jr. and Deion Sanders.


Most of the team’s success for the season was based on Sanders’ skills. The 49ers also went on to win the Super Bowl 5 times. Moreover, Sanders was chosen for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award. He also had a record of 6 interceptions. 


The defense was not that impressive, but it did its job pretty adeptly. It achieved the 6th rank in the NFL during the year. 


The 49ers completed the season with 131 points and averaged 43.7 points per game. The win over the Chargers at the Super Bowl was also impressive at 49 – 26.


1991 Washington Redskins


Many consider the 1991 season of Washington to be among the best performances in the NFL. The team had a super strong offense that you could compare to the 2007 Patriots. It included CB Darrell Green and Jim Lachey, both All-Pros in OT. The team also had 6 players from the Pro Bowl. 


Moreover, Washington had Joe Gibbs as the head coach for adept guidance. 


Washington scored 485 points and allowed only 224 points, setting the record for second-least point allowed. During that time, the total points scored was 3rd highest in the history of the NFL. Till today, it holds a rank among the top 20 all-time highs. 


Overall, the offense was able to score more than 59% on top of the league average. The players also allowed 26.3% fewer points for the year. 


2007 New England Patriots


Many people don’t consider the 2007 Patriots amongst the greatest teams, as they couldn’t perform when it mattered the most. However, the offensive play the team put up is still fresh in the memory of fans and rivals alike. The team scored 69.7% additional points compared to the league average.

Additionally, the defense was also 21% better than the mean score. However, losing 3 points during the crucial match against the Giants sealed the fate of the Patriots. 

Still, they deserve a place among the NFL’s greatest teams. 

Final Thoughts

We have several differences in opinion about the greatest teams in the NFL’s history. However, the teams we covered are surely among the best, if not among the top 10. From the Patriots to the Broncos, everyone has amazing stats and records to prove their worth. Did you find your favorite team on our list?

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