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7 Peculiar Phobias You Didn’t Know About!

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We all have hobbies. We love to do them. But in the same fashion we are afraid of doing certain things. Phobia is a scientific term used when you have fear of something. Do you have fear of something if you don’t you probably don’t know it or you’ve the last one mentioned in the list. These are seven most peculiar phobias that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalipphobia: Fear of long words


Ironic! Isn’t it? If you haven’t had spelled the above mentioned word you might have the “sesquipedalphobia”. This is short version for “fear of long words” as inventor must have had it. This fear is justified with human mind as weall have tendncy to identify a word just by its first and last letter. And I know beside me saying this, you are not going to read the whole word.

2. Anuptaphobia: Fear of being single

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The most popular phobia between us yet most people don’t know it. It doesn’t essentially needs a person to be in a relationship to have this fear. For single people, the “hunger” of being with someone, creates the phobia. If you have it, don’t worry. It won’t solve your problem of being single but now at least you have a reason for it.

3. Venustraphobia: fear of beautiful women

Nervous in front of a beautiful girl! Maybe you have this phobia. It is generated due to lack of attention. But don’t be sad, because it doesn’t mean that you’ll not be able to talk to girls. You just have to build confidence and you will be officially “venustraphillic”.

4. Bibliophobia: fear of books

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Looking for an excuse for not looking at your books tonight, tell them you’re “bibliophobic”. The fear is very common between most of the youth today. It doesn’t really mean that you won’t be reading the books, at higher stages of psychological disorder just b seeing books, it gives panic attack. Its not going to happen to you, so don’t worry.

5. Pogonophobia: fear of beards

The most hilarious thing about this fear is that it has been most recorded in women. Yes! They can’t grow facial hairs but just thought of having it creeps them out. So if you love being “clean shaved” maybe you have pogonophobia. Next time try to grow a beard and I not saying because its sign of manhood, but because then you could get rid of this fear.

6. Panophobia: fear of everything

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You are sad about everything. Don’t like anything or get bored easily. Maybe you have panophobia. It’s nothing actually. According to psychology, this is the most temporary of most fears. It greatly depends on your mood and vanishes as you happen to like things.

7. Phobophobia: fear of phobia


Having read all these phobias and deciding now which of these you have? Stop! You have just discovered that you have this one. It’s hilariously ironic and this is why it’s been mentioned so late in the list.

The list has served its purpose. If you still think you don’t have any of these then it’s a good thing. But like our “likeness” for things we have phobias too. Its okay to accept it and having fun with knowledge of what you have. So happy phobia!



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