Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Modi Dilemma

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A year and a half ago, a man, an older adult, a smart man, rose as a strong belief for all the Indians. The four-lettered name of the man was pronounced everywhere in India. Be it a literate, illiterate, Engineer, Doctor, IAS, School guy, farmer, or anybody from India, everyone blindly believed in that man and sent him to the prime minister’s office with the posting named prime minister India. MODI – the name itself has power enough to rule India.

Modi Ji – sweetly called as the Digital Prime minister of India. His techniques of dealing with India in a digital format are something that any Prime Minister in India has not done. The way he handles every problem is completely different from how others dealt with problems. His new methodology is widely accepted across the country and also across the globe.

If there were a modern Mahabharatham, Modi would be suitable for casting Sri Krishna’s role. He uses words as a weapon of attraction. He is a well-known speaker and always manages to get the attention of everyone listening to him.

He had fixed a goal before the election, and hope was he would be traveling towards that goal. However, Modi is traveling across the countries in the world instead of traveling to the goal.

Modi :

– to drive the attention from the foreign powers and invest in India: Welcomed!

– to afforest the employment opportunities: Welcomed!

– to destroy the poverty: Welcomed!

– to give powerful advice to the people of Bharath – Welcomed!

– Using Social networking to a vast use than any other Prime minister to interact with the people – Welcomed!

–  support to other sports players than cricket – Welcomed!

– a full stop to the verdict on Telengana vs. Andhra and bringing a new city Amaravathi – Welcomed!

etc. etc.

Let us take a small example, and everybody likes Gulab Jamoon very much; however, when it is extended beyond limits, it gives a sense of barf. Likewise, Modi’s advice starts getting irritating when it crosses the boundary. Modi’s vision is to bring up companies that invest in India. His vision becomes blind when it comes to internal problems, problems that lie within the country.

The silence for the problems in India is his worst drawback. His continuous foreign trips slowly reduce our hope in him. A day back, too, he was in the UK where he talked about the intolerance of India at the British Parliament that gave him a big applause. Looking at the Prime Minister’s Facebook profile, we can see a photo of every country leader with Modi; however, he has no pictures with the country’s poor people. There is no picture of Modi with Indians.

Modi, you are slowly fading out. Stop the foreign trips and handle the problems in  India. Take away the silence on those cases. Stop advising people and take that advice on yourself instead. Rape sequences, the worst of all the happenings, could still be read somewhere in the newspaper daily; take steps to stop that. Black money – take care of that first. There are farmers in the country; give them some land instead of giving them to foreign investments. Speak about the problems occurring in India through AIR and Twitter. You still have three and a half years left. Bring the hope back to the Common people living in India. There is still some confidence left in you.

Bihar election and UP election would have taught you a lesson, make that lesson interesting and not boring again.


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