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Get to One of the Most Expensive Islands by Martha’s Vineyard Ferry

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Martha’s Vineyard is a sandy island situated south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the United States Of America. It is surrounded by harbor towns, lighthouses, farmland, and sandy beaches.

The island is reachable by boat or air, and it is best known for being a popular summer colony.

There are plenty of activities you can do on the island like exploring Martha’s Vineyard’s beaches, visit ‘Aquinnah Cliffs’ it is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and spend time in gothic yet exorbitant summer cottage Oak Bluffs Campground, etc.

Although Martha’s Vineyard is open throughout the year yet, it is ideal for a summer getaway, to get your tan on, and to spend your money on something nature-stricken.

You can travel to Martha’s Vineyard with or without your personal vehicle, as there is a fast ferry service from Rhode Island, North Kingstown, Cape Cod, New Bedford, and Massachusetts.

Things I will mention in the article are-

  1. Martha’s Vineyard Ferry
  2. Exciting things to do in the Martha’s Vineyard
  3. Facts related to the island

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry 101:-

As we know, Martha’s Vineyard is open the whole year round; meanwhile, there are so many ferry options available to the island from May to October.

  • Steamship Authority Ferry-

Travelers can take the ferries without reservations but they need reservations for their cars.

Printed schedules and the whole island map can be found at this Martha’s Vineyard Ferry.

The sole year-round ferry facility and the only ferry which carries your vehicles be it cars, trucks, and the motorcycle, is the steamship authority.

The steamship authority is the pet-friendly Martha’s Vineyard Ferry, which takes 45 minutes to arrive from Woods Hole on Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard.

Steamship Authority terminal doesn’t have a parking zone; it docks in the village of vineyard haven whole year.

During mid-may to mid-October, some ferries harbor in Oak Bluffs. No idea how to go after arriving at the terminal, just hop-on to the taxis or public buses.

  • Falmouth Edgartown Ferry-

This is a luxury fast ferry, but it is seasonal that runs from Falmouth on Cape Cod to Edgartown. Falmouth Edgartown ferry has 72 feet, and it’s the only ferry that docks in the Edgartown terminal.

In 75 minute trip on the ferry and you arrive at your destination.

  • Hy-line cruises-

This Martha’s Vineyard Ferry sails from Hyannis on Cape Cod to Oak Bluffs. It provides high-speed service along with traditional ferry service from mid-cape to Oak Bluffs.

Schedules and Charges differ from time to time, and there is a parking facility nearby their Hyannis Harbour ferry terminal.

Refreshments are provided, and pets and bicycles are permitted under the cruise/ferry with additional charges.

  • Island Queen-

It takes only half n hour from Falmouth Harbor, both pets and bicycles are allowed. Parking is granted at the Island Queen lots in Falmouth.

  • Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry from North Kingstone, Rhode Island-

Due to Covid-19, it was not on service in 2020, always remember to make a reservation first for this fast ferry. It takes 75 minutes again from this mode of transport.

One benefit is that you will get a secure parking lot if you are traveling on the ferry. No need to worry if you can’t live without the internet there is wifi service available onboard.

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry (fast) provides you all the snacks to munch on, and this too is a seasonal ferry. You can avail of services from May till October.

  • SeaStreak-

Departure from New York and Northern New Jersey and also sails from New Bedford in Southeast Massachusetts.

This Ferry service takes approximately 5 hours from New York to Martha’s Vineyard with non-stop wifi-service, bar, foods, and huge tv screens to watch.

The above-mentioned are the best Martha’s Vineyard Ferry to splurge your money and time to travel with all facilities.

Exciting Things to Invest Your Time in Martha’s Vineyard-

You came to the most expensive island through Martha’s Vineyard Ferry now what?. As I have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of things to do once you visit this highly expensive sandy island.

In the elaboration below is the fun-filled, exciting activities to do-

  • Random fact first Martha’s Vineyard is the third-largest island on the US east coast. The island is pretty-much diverse with places filled with shopping outlets and eateries.
  • If you are a bookworm, then ‘Bunch of Grapes Bookshop’ is the bookish outlet for you. Situated in the main street in Vineyard Haven, the outlet’s ambiance is beautiful, and there are wooden benches outside the store as well.
  • Perfect escapism in the woods and beach from city lights. Relax your nerves during summer vacation in Martha’s vineyard is on everyone’s checklist.
  • Take a day trip to wander around the vineyard with full energy and time. Even though there is so much crowd in the summer season, it is regretting if you don’t visit in summer.

  • Explore enthralling Cottage City, Wesleyan Grove. This cottage was built during the Methodist revival, excluding the tents that were pre-owned. Don’t miss exploring the Harris and Shearer Cottages.
  • There is this exhibition called “power of place” perfect place for history geeks, you can know in brief about the African-American history and culture in the US capital.
  • Lobster ice from Ben and Bill’s Ice Cream Emporium is a must; I gave it a try. Buttery and delicious with frozen lobster pieces in the ice cream.
  • Do stopover the Vinyard vine stores, even though franchises are prohibited on the island, but one Dairy Queen and one Stop and Shop come out before the enactment of the law. The other special case is of the stores by Martha’s Vineyard residents but is now charted off the island. One such exception is the store vineyard-style clothing shop run by two brothers.

  •  Enjoy a ride on the oldest carousel; it has been there since the 1880s when it was moved from New York in the world, it is the fly house carousel in Oak Bluffs. Longest and non-stop working platform carousel.
  • Walk through one of the island’s towns ‘Vineyard Haven’. This village is now formally part of the Tisbury town, one of the island’s six surrounded town. Vineyard Haven is the checkpoint for the year-round Martha’s Vineyard Ferry services.
  • Don’t miss the original Black Tavern and store in Vineyard Haven. Captain Robert Douglas inaugurated this Traven on New Year’s Day in 1971 to facilitate life on the seashore and his dog.
  • West Chop Lighthouse is so scenic to look at the sunset and a brisk environment during the prickly heat season. Just spare your time and walk 40 minutes from the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal.
  • Don’t forget to tour the island by budget-friendly VTA buses, aka Vineyard Transit Authority. Even though Martha’s Vineyard is an expensive island but public transport here is cheap. Spend just 8$ for the day pass, which will give you a tour of the whole island.
  • Drive through Martha’s Vineyard various farms, namely: click and find the farms. 
  • Blueberry pie is delicious and mouth-watering here in Morning Glory Farm. Picnic with your family on the weekend here in Martha’s Vineyard will be rememberable because of the variety of foods and scene.
  •  Visit the clay cliffs, Cliffs of Aquinnah, located on the south side of the island. The cliffs are must-see, you can visit here through your own vehicle or by public transport, it will take only 40 to 60 minutes via down-island towns. Here you will find numerous boutiques and souvenir shops as well. The focal point of the locality is Cliffs of Gay Head; the cliffs are a naturally protected area and a national landmark.
  • Take a tour of one of the six lighthouses of the island Gay Head Lighthouse. The Lighthouse bricks are built from clay.
  • Way before the Europeans visit Martha’s Vineyard, the Wampanoag Indians inhabit the island. So explore and capture the little Wampanoag kiosk. The Wampanoag tribe had been dedicatedly preserving their culture, legacy, language, and traditions.
  • Enjoy the sunset at the Martha’s Vineyard, the best one can be viewed from, From the East Chop, watch it from Elizabeth Islands from Lambert’s Cove in Vineyard Haven, from Menemsha Beach, Vineyard Haven from Eastville Beach in Oak Buffs and lastly enjoy the state beach sunset and get the panoramic view of the whole island.
  • Enjoy both dusk and dawn from over the Edgartown Lighthouse. Isn’t it the intriguing thing about the reef to clearly look at both sunset and sunrise?
  • From pies to lobsters to lobster in ice-cream, what next to eat to stop those sea-food cravings? Fresh fish will help. Grab those fish from the 300-year-old fishing village, Menemsha harbor.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to visit the botanical and horticulture landmark ‘The Polly Hill Arboretum’ organized by the horticulturist Polly Hill.
  • If you are a hiker, then take Martha’s Vineyard Ferry and explore the wild, beaches, forest, and flat terrain. Let me give you name some hike trail area around the vineyard-

  1. Great Rock Bight Preserve-: if you want to escape those heavy crowds, then this trail is perfect for you.
  2. Menemsha Hills Reservation-: second highest peak on the island for those who love the height; the preserve has an abundance of nature surrounding it, ranging from black cherry trees, beech trees, and red maple.
  3. Long Point Wildlife Refuge-: merging the dunes, beach, and woods gives you a scenic view and perfect for the hikers who craves winter-getaways. Swimming is not possible here in winters, but hikers with hawk-eyes can see snowy-owl along the beach.
  4. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary-: one of the best hiking trails in Edgartown. This 194-acre spot is filled with ponds, meadows, woodlands, and marshes. Relax and admire the beauty of the Felix Wildlife Sanctuary hikers

All the details given above can pretty much sum up the activities and adventure you can do after walking from Martha’s Vineyard Ferry.

Facts About Martha’s Vineyard Island:-

  • Despite its name, there is no vineyard in  Martha’s Vineyard. The vineyard was named after British sailer Bartholomew Gosnold’s daughter named Martha.
  • Martha’s Vineyard’s indigenous people consist of natives from the Native American Wampanoags, immigrants from England, Cape Verde islands, farmers, blacksmiths, fishers, and merchants.
  • Martha’s Vineyard was renamed in 1602 from ‘Noepe by the Wampanoag’ to Martha’s Vineyard by Benjamin Gosnold.
  • During the 17th century, the island was brought by a colonial businessman named Thomas Mayhew.
  • In the 19th century, the island was home to a huge and great whaling industry.
  • The advent of world war 2 forwarded Martha’s Vineyard into the modern era.
  • In 2007, the cost of living was overwhelming, about 60 percent more than the national average; housing cost was 96 percent above the national average.
  • According to geologists, the Aqunniah is past a hundred million years old. While exploring the south road to Aquinnah, one travel over low hills and valley beside the stream that ran off melting glaciers at the end of the ice age.
  • It is believed that the existence of the first human is tracked before the vineyard was an island. Another belief is that they arrived after the ice had fully vanished before the melting glacier, which raised the north sea level and divided Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket from the area.
  • Martha’s Vineyard consists of six small towns, namely Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, Edgartown, West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Aquinnah.
  • There are no popular junk food outlets in Martha’s Vineyard like McDonald’s or Starbucks because one-third of the land is secured.
  • The area is approximate about 96 square miles. About 15,500 locals inhabit the area for 12 months and 365 days of Martha’s Vineyard. While in the summer season 115,000 people came around.
  • There are 330 ginger head cottage in Martha’s Vineyard, five lighthouses, and 124.6 miles of shoreline. Depending on what side you are on the island it is separated for different activities.
  • Various U.S.presidents have spent quality time in Martha’s Vineyard while they were in office. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ulysses S Grant. Other prominent visitors comprise Hilary Clinton and Walter Cronkite.

From facts, it is clear this island is historic and nature-friendly moreover it is filled with various activities.

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A DU graduate who is working on her writing, capturing, and researching skills. I can read up to 30 books (if its's fiction) in a year. According to me, art in any form is an exquisite way to express itself.

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