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The Prime Minister:12 Interesting Facts about Modi (Updated 2021)

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Narendra Modi at the Paris COP21
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Very few leaders in India have commanded the support and devotion of their followers throughout their political careers, and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is one such person. From being a humble tea vendor during his early days to becoming the 16th Prime Minister of India – his path to success has been marked with many interesting events. While we might criticize many of his decisions, some with credit and others maybe not, this leader is indeed different. Our political views may differ, but here are some incidents from his life that sure can be an eye-opener. Let’s find out some of the facts about Narendra Modi.

1. The Fan from Japan Meets the Prime Minister

Do you see the popularity of India’s Prime Minister! Narendra Modi is known to have a huge fan following, to be precise, 59.5 Million on Instagram. One of the very famous fans of Narendra Modi is Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, who has over 438,000 followers on Twitter but follows only four people, and our very respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of them!

2. Meeting with A Famous Indian Cartoonist

Ramesh Chandra, a famous Indian cartoonist, wanted to visit Narendra Modi at the Olympic Park Sydney, but he could not because he was diagnosed with cancer. A news anchor tweeted about it to Modi, and the Prime Minister looked into the matter and scheduled a special meet with Chandra at the same venue. That’s the best thing about Narendra Modi, and he never fails to be the gentleman he is!

3. The Talk with A Girl

We all had heard about the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat to talk about infrastructural developments and investments in his state. He was traveling on a bullet train when a small girl sitting beside him greeted him; it led to a session of video games between the then Chief Minister and the girl for 15-20 minutes. This kind of generosity and beauty of Narendra Modi’s personality that we so adore in him, and he is completely down to earth.

4. The Sanyasi

Man meditating in a budhist temple
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When Modi was a child, he wanted to become a Sanyasi and was fascinated with sadhus and various forms of meditation and worship. At the age of 17, he sneaked out of his house, traveled for two years, and had clear thoughts about what he had to do with his life. Amazing, isn’t it? This guy is giving us some major life goals right now.

5. The Largest Outreach

Another interesting fact about Narendra Modi is that he has had the largest mass outreach in his election campaigns. He has addressed people by traveling over 3 lakh km across 25 states. He has been a part of 1350 3D rallies, which became a Modi signature, and 437 public rallies. Impressive, isn’t it?

6. No Holidays Yet

We know you might be criticizing him for his foreign trips, but he has taken no official holiday as of now. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years, and he did not even take a single day of the holiday. His staff only had three days of holidays despite them having the liberty to large entourages. Besides this, he was only on the water during the elections of 2014 because he was on Navratra fast.

7. No Remembrance of the Past

The past often holds onto us and stops us from going ahead. For years, the Prime Minister kept burning all of his belongings and other associated things. He used to do this to disconnect from his past and focus on the present only. We should all learn this from him. Holding on to the past becomes a barrier to our progress and does no good to us.

8. Leaving Home

Do you remember the Emergency of 1975, which created havoc and panic in India? It was when the citizens were deprived of their basic fundamental rights. In 1970, Modi left his home permanently. When he returned five years later, he dressed like a Sikh to ensure he did not get caught during the Emergency. He was never jailed back then due to his inventive ways.

9. The Promise

Shree Narendra Damodar Modi is widely known to be one of the most loved Prime ministers because of his values and love for his motherland. Upon becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, his mother promised that he would never take a bribe or get into the business of corruption. Our beloved prime minister has always kept this promise.

10. What’s Close to Him?

Indian women carrying water on their head on a hot desert
By stockpexel/ Shutterstock

Narendra Modi has always been in support of women’s empowerment. He is a devotee of Goddess Durga and also fasts during Navratri. Along with Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyaan, the ‘Kanya Kelavani’ is very close to his heart. In addition to this, he auctioned all gifts and souvenirs he received during visits to different places. I believe this is quite amazing of him! It is safe to say that he practices whatever he preaches.

11. Why He Chose a Beard?

Did you know what the reason behind the stunning beard of Narendra Damodar Modi is? When he was young, an astrologer had predicted that he would either be a great saint or a great political leader that the world would know off. Some stories suggest that Narendra Modi keeps a beard because a Swami at Ramakrishna Mission at Rajkot told him to do so. I Must meet the Swamiji, and I am also planning to suggest this idea of keeping the beard to my male friends. Great, stylish, and a lucky experiment, and it suits him too.

12. The Crocodile Bite Of The Prime Minister

A close up of crocodile.
By PUMPZA/ Shutterstock

The other popular story is how he got hit grievously by the left foot of a Crocodile. According to multiple sources, he got nine stitches on his left foot. The incident happened when he was just in Class 8 and swimming in the Sharmishtha lake near Vadnagar in Gujarat, his home then. He would swim across the lake to visit the temple, touch the temple flag and then swim again. Now you see where his fitness comes from?

Like every other politician, Narendra Modi has a list of haters too, and some people love him. These are facts that we had to offer to you. Do you know any other interesting facts about him that we don’t know off? Share your thoughts below.


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