Friday, July 30, 2021

A New Bollywood Actor Has Joined The Singing Bandwagon!

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Bollywood’s singing and the acting clan has a new member. Joining the likes of Priyanka Chopra (In My City), Amitabh Bachchan (Piddly), and Shraddha Kapoor (Galliyaan) is none other than Sonakshi Sinha!mood

She has joined this bandwagon with her all-new single called Aaj Mood Ishqholic Hai. This single has been produced and presented by the musical giant T-Series. This hip-hop song has been composed by the Meet Bros, and Kumaar has written the lyrics. Talking about the release of her first-ever song, Sonakshi says:

“I am really excited for the release of my debut single. For me, it is the realization of a long-standing dream. Ishqholic has been a passion project, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.”sona

The music video for the song was released on the 23rd of December, and the entire video has been shot in Goa. The choreography has been done by Salman Yusuff Khan, who is a Dance India Dance fame. When she was asked why she chose Goa as the backdrop of her video, she said:

“I wanted a very bohemian look for the video, and the best place to be at for that particular style is Goa because it boasts of an excellent hippie vibe.”

In the video, Sonakshi enjoys Goa’s beautiful beaches and clean, long roads along with her partner. This, however, is shown in the latter half of the video. Initially, you can see her asking her boyfriend to accompany her on a lazy Sunday. He acts like a typical boy and instead chooses to play video games. Sonakshi then kidnaps him and takes him for a drive in her gorgeous, gorgeous car. beautThe rest of the video is spent in Sonakshi, showing off her dance moves and her boyfriend enjoying Goa’s enviable nightlife.

This 5 minute, 3 seconds video is worth a one-time watch. Sonakshi’s voice is pleasant, and the video has been beautifully shot in Goa’s gorgeous backdrop. The song’s title is repeated a few times (more than any actual lyrics), and the song fails to create a long-lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the audience(not even nearly as long-lasting as Hello Hunny Bunny). However, the overall effect isn’t too bad, and it deserves a watch because, well, Aaj mood hai…
Aaj mood hai…
Aaj mood ishqholic hai…
Aaj mood ishqholic hai.. baby!
Aaj mood ishqholic hai
Aaj mood ishqholic hai, o ho…
Aaj mood ishqholic hai…



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