These Facts Will Blow Your Mind!

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind! 1

Beware. What you are about to read might cause your brain to get into a dilemma so as to laugh or cry or it might just go blank. The following are some bizarre facts that will blow your mind and make you question the mysterious working of the world. So fasten your mind belts and get ready for the ride through the bizarre.

Fact 1: A group of stray dogs showed up at the funeral of a Mexican women who regularly fed them. The FACT is that the funeral took place in a different city.

We all have heard and know that dogs are the most loyal friends.This fact just makes our belief stronger. Margarita Suarez of Merida, Yucatan used to feed and care for the stray dogs around her home. On her funeral day on march 15, 2015, they showed up at her funereal parlor where she was being kept. Urrutia, Margarita’s daughter, on seeing the dogs said “on the saddest day of her life something wonderful happened”. People left around 3 in the morning, but the dogs remained behind and stood vigil throughout the night.

It is a mystery as to how the dogs found their way, but nonetheless the family was happy that all of Margarita’s loved ones were there to say farewell to her.

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Fact 2:After Disney released “Princess and the Frog”, over 50 children were hospitalized (with Salmonella) because they kissed frogs 

Children are the most innocent humans and hence they end up believing what we say and show to them. Nobody would have thought that the famous fairy tale of the Princess and Frog would have such a drastic effect on the childrens mind that they would end up kissing real frogs in real life.

Over 50 children, most of whom were young girls under ten years of age, tried to imitate the film’s main character Tiana, who kisses a frog and gets a prince. They might have not got the prince but these kids did get Salmonella, which was definitely not what they wanted.

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Fact 3:Nobody knows who named our planet Earth

We feel so proud talking about our achievements to have been able to know about our fellow planets that no one really cared to think about who named the planet we reside in – Earth. Some say it was named after the German word Erde meaning ground but there is no proof as to who thought of it.

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Fact 4:Russian scientists are about to enter a vast, dark lake, that hasn’t been touched by light for more than 20 million years. This is after they have been drilling through more than two miles of Antarctica’s ice since more than twenty years. 

Just when you think that you have seen everything in this world, a new thing comes up. The discovery of the dark lake would definitely bring to light new kind of species and a way of life as expected by scientists.  The very fact that life cannot exist without Light or Sun might be done away with. The thrill remains in the fact that what would emerge out of the dark lake. Will it be friendly or beastly?

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Fact 5: Octopus die after Mating

The very way that octopuses mate is pretty strange to the human mind.  The species practice external fertilization where the male either insert their spermatophores directly into the tubular funnel or literally hand over the sperm to the female which she accepts with one of her right arms, always.

After this, the male wanders off to die and the female lays eggs. Overcome by motherly duties, the female stops eating but does not die of starvation. After the egg hatches, the female octopus’s body consumes itself; rippling outward through her tissues and organs until she dies.

So basically mating is pretty much attempting suicide by the octopuses. No doubt they love their children more than their sexual desires and will to live.

These Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Life is not so sorted out after all it seems and we are living in the dark world for sure.

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