9 Things To Know About Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) on his 60th Birthday!

9 Things To Know About Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) on his 60th Birthday! 1

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson aka Mr. Bean is celebrating his 60th birthday today. The well-known British actor had always been a treat to eyes since 1990 when he first appeared on Thames Television. The character Mr. Bean portrayal has shown us his talents in comedy. The mute show never asked for words, only because of Atkinson’s mesmerizing acting skills. Beside Mr. Bean Atkinson lived a very private lifestyle. So here’s nine facts about our loving Mr. Bean that you would like to know.

1.Rowan Atkinson is a recipient of CBE British Honorary.

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Atkinson was appointed as Commander of Order of British Empire in 2013. Birthday Honors for services to drama and charity. The Honor belongs to British Dynasty and comes under Most Excellent Order of British Empire.

2. A nerd with mild interest of comedy!

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Rowan is a very well educated person and has two graduate degrees. He completed his M.Sc. in Electrical engineering from Newcastle University and then pursued Ph.D. at Oxford University. He got into acting while doing his M.Sc. to overcome a mild stutter! He was very shy and passionate about electrical things. Comedy was just an accident!

3. Our dear Mr. Bean went school with Tony Blair!

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Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England was a schoolmate of Rowan Atkinson in Durham. Tony Blair was two year younger than Atkinson. In fact Tony Blair had revealed himself about this fact in a television show.

4. Rowan has appeared in Top Gear!

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Atkinson’s first love is car. Rowan has a very soft spot for cars. With an estimated worth of 85 million he had a rare McLaren F1, Renault 5GT Turbo, Audi A8 and Honda NSX. His passion began by driving his mother’s Morris Minor around family farm. In 2011, Atkinson appeared as a “star in a reasonable priced car” on Top Gear, driving a Kia Cee’d. He has written for British magazines Car, Octane, Evo and SuperClassics.

5. Atkinson is a certified lorry driver.

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Atkinson holds a category Class 1 lorry driving license, gained in 1981, because Lorries held a fascination for him, and to ensure employment as a young actor. He has also raced for two seasons for One Make Series of Renault 5 GT Turbo.

6. An elite performance in Olympics

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It was really an element of surprise in the London Olympics 2012 when Rowan Atkinson appeared on keyboard for rendition of “Chariots of Fire”. He ushered the beginning of the ceremony. The fun part was he never tried to make a “musical face” during the whole performance. He was making funny faces whenever camera flickered on him.

7. Bean has acted with Christian Bale!

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Yes, I know it sounds weird as they have a huge age difference but Christian Bale was a member of “The Nerd” in 1984. The same play which made Atikinson an overnight sensation. They both acted in some more plays, unknown of the future for both of them and we all know how good it turned out!


8. “The Driven Man: Documentary by Atkinson!”

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Rowan Atkinson has a little known documentary called “The Driven Man”. It was made in 1991. The documentary is about his passion and obsession for cars and his psychology of driving cars.

9. Started with a Radio show.

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This is known by very less people that Atkinson started with a radio show of BBC Radio in 1978. The show named The Atkinson people and focused upon satirical interviews with Atkinson himself portraying as fictional great men.

Rowan has always made us smile through his ways in Mr. Bean and Johnny English. On his birthday we all wish him a long and prosperous future ahead and wish him a profound increase in his comedy skills!

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