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The Story Of Max Polyakov’s Foundation And A New Hope For All Kinds Of Pets

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Max Polyakov’s Animals Foundation Is a New Hope for Pets

We all see that the animal situation becomes worse each year. Streets of our cities are full of homeless kitties and dogs, which don’t even have some food to eat. And it’s horrible that most people stay indifferent. Many of them even throw away their own animals because don’t want “to play with them anymore”. But everything is not so bad thanks to such people as Max Polyakov. His experience and a favorite pet showed him that people have to take care of our little friends. Actually, it was Max Polyakov’s Murka who inspired him to create the Animal Foundation.

How Everything Started

Max Polyakov spent his childhood in the USA, but his roots are in Russia. When he decided to visit St. Petersburg, he didn’t even know what to expect for. An impression from the country wasn’t positive at all. He found out many unpleasant and hard historical facts, saw how people live and understood that citizens are always under pressure.

They are always too busy with their own lives and the political situation of the country. But something really good happened to him during that travel. He met a cute cat Murka, which became his friend. He couldn’t leave it in Russia, so, the decision was obvious. He took the cat to his native Atlanta city, USA.

Max had different life moments after home-coming. But Max Polyakov’s Murka always supported him even in the hardest situations. Time passed by and he started noticing the increasing number of homeless animals in the streets. Max felt pity for them, he thought that they need the same care as his kitty has. So he started feeding homeless animals and providing them with vitamins. This is how found himself thinking of a special center foundation.

From an Idea to Success

Times, when Max Polyakov had to do everything by himself, are far gone. Now he has a passionate team of pet lovers and regular money flow. The center takes care of homeless animals, feeds and treats them, finds new owners, organize different events. Although its influence is mostly concentrated in Atlanta, it has adherents throughout the country. Familiar centers are founded in New York, Houston, Raleigh and Baltimore.

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