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Things To Do in Estes Park

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Estes Park is a beautiful town situated in Colorado, the United States, which offers many tourist attractions to date of all kinds. It is a town with beautiful mountains and parks, and there are other amazing and unique things to do in Estes Park.

And also, being climate-friendly, it invites people from all over the world to come to visit. The most friendly months to visit Estes Park is from May to September. The summers and winters here are not extreme, which let you enjoy the weather along with the beautiful activities this town is offering. 

So, here are some of the most famous attractions in Estes Park, which you definitely should not miss.

Things To Do in Estes Park!

1. Estes Park Aerial Tramway

Aerial tramway
Thomas Hall

The Estes Park aerial tramway started in 1955 and is still one of the biggest attractions in this town. This tramway is active from May to early September. This amazing tramway takes the riders up to the top of Prospect mountain to enjoy the complete view of Estes Park and some beautiful photography.

This is located in the southwest of the downtown area. This tram takes you almost 1,100 miles above in just 5 minutes. For all the people who do not enjoy too much hiking, this is one of the best things to do in Estes Park as it covers the whole scenic view of Estes valley and the Rocky mountain national park. 

2.Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky mountain national park
Luke Wass

Rocky mountain national park being a massive park, includes more than 100 mountain peaks and Long’s peak, which rises to 14,259 feet. This national park includes outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing and much more.

This gives a peaceful vibe for a scenic drive or even a lovely picnic along with all kinds of activities. During the winters, the ski resorts are the most booked as skiing becomes one of the most done activities in this park. Plus, the ski resorts being tourist-friendly, have hot tubs calming the people after a long skiing day.

Being such a big national park, the wildlife of this park is also very abundant. One can spot mules, bighorn sheep, and elks throughout the park. The most notable accessory of this park is the hiking trails which run approximately 355 miles. The 3 mile Emerald lake trail is easy and fun for first-time hikers, whereas people looking for adventure follow the Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail, which is very difficult and steeper.

This park is accessible by car through Trail Ridge road. The Beaver Meadows visitor center helps you with the tour of this national park. This park tops the list of the things to do in Estes Park as it provides all kinds of activities and scenes.

3. Trail Ridge Road

Route to rocky mountain national park
Ryan Moulton

The road which leads to the rocky mountain national park is the Trail Ridge Road is the most pleasant route one can take. This route has different kinds of scenic views at almost every turn, like the rainbow curve, which gives a view of the Horseshoe park, then the forest canyon overlooking the terrain carved by the force of the glaciers, and many other points.

You get an overview of different parks, forests, and even some of the wildlife if you are lucky. It also takes you through the Alpine Tundra for almost 11 miles. One can stop at these points to take in the stunning beauty making this road one of the most beautiful routes to take.

4. Downtown Estes Park

downtown city and wildlife
Pieter van de Sande

Downtown Estes Park is like a small village built in this town and can be perfect for a day trip. This small village has all kinds of shops and hubs for one to visit. All kinds of painters and musicians move along the sidewalk, activities like wine tasting, jazz concerts take place, keeping you in a whimsical mood the whole day.

The best thing is that this place did not exclude the wildlife from its beauty; you are welcomed by elks and can see them walking through the roads along with you. The shops here are all by independent owners keeping the authenticity of the items intact.

Along with the city feel, which includes shopping and grabbing a bite at different places, you can also enjoy nature by strolling alongside the fall river, surrounded by mountain peaks throughout the place. Such a delightful place should not be missed and be one of the top things to do in Estes Park.

5. Amusement Parks

Fun rides in amusement parks
Steve Shreve

No matter how much you grow up, when you hear about “amusement parks”, you automatically get super excited to go, don’t you? Estes Park has amusement parks that will make you feel like wanting to try new adventures all over again.

The most famous is the Open Air Adventure Park, which offers more than 30 unique challenges for almost every age and ability. From ziplines to crossing pirates, there are so many challenges for one to solve. The level of difficulty rises as you go forward with the increase in adrenaline in your body.

Apart from these parks, there are also golf courses one can enjoy to the fullest. These mind-blowing activities engage you so much that you don’t really keep track of where the full day goes. So, I think you must not miss such a fun and adventurous place from the things to do in Estes Park.

6. Stanley Hotel

Stanley hotel
Jordan M Lomibao

I think you pretty much know about this hotel for all the people having a craze for horror movies. Yes, this hotel is the most famous for its appearance in the movie “The Shining”, because of which the Stanley hotel has now a bit of paranormal reputation. This hotel was built in 1909, and since then, people from all over the world come to visit this hotel and know more about its ghostly stories.

This hotel entertains all kinds like comedy, music, and the most famous night tour through the hotel to get a spooky feeling. This hotel also offers day tours for people interested in knowing more about the actors and the history of the place. So, people who dare to do things that give a scare, this is one of the things to do in Estes Park for you.

7. Rapid Transit Rafting

Joris Visser

This rafting company does not just offer a rafting trip but includes other sites to see and rafting and not just for adults, and the kids are also welcomed. The rapids are strong during the winter and calmer during the summers, but the trip goes on throughout the year.

This trip starts with rafting across the river and having fun in the rapids, making it thrilling, followed by a lunch in a scenic place followed by the views capturing the mountains and forests. For people not interested in a whole day trip, they also arrange half-day trips, including rafting and just the visits to the most famous and visited places in Estes Park.

All the instructions are conveyed beforehand, and the safety of the people is the top priority. Making it more convenient, there is a pickup service from your hotel to the river covering all the famous sites and things to do in Estes Park.

8. Backbone Adventure Rentals

Jeep adventures
Shuja Officials

Want to explore new places on your own and having thrilling experiences but off the grid? Backbone Adventure rentals rent jeep by the hour or even by day for you to wander around and experience the adventure that awaits.

Along with jeeps, these rentals also offer snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and even razors. Roaming through various trails and coming across different mountain views and lakes never fail to amaze oneself. So let us go off the track and wander through the roads making memories. This is one of the most exciting things to do in Estes Park for all the wonderful experiences.

9. Fort Collins

Fort collins
Andrew Coop

Fort Collins is a city located in the northern part of Colorado and is mainly famous for its history of the old town. It has houses from the 1800s, specialty shops, vintage trolleys, and many restaurants to go about.

Fort Collins also features interactive science through the museum of discovery and the history and nature with a digital dome theatre. This is very interesting as well as an informative place. It is an hour trip from Estes Park, but it is definitely worth the visit.

This covers almost all activities and many kinds of terrains, keeping you engaged in fun things. And there are so many more things for you to explore in this wonderful place. Making a list of all the things to do in Estes Park is the right way to go about it.

Beaver meadows visitor center
Kelsey Wiedel

To find out more about all these exciting places, visit the Estes Park visitor center, where you will get all the information you want in more detail and to help you plan a better trip.

I am pretty sure reading this, and you came to know about things you didn’t really expect to be so much fun. So why wait? Go ahead and plan your trip right away to this amazing and beautiful town offering everything.





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