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6 Things Girls Don’t Share With Absolutely Anybody!

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When it comes to sharing, it is said, girls can’t keep anything to themselves, and most of the time, it has been proven wrong. There is no secret in saying that girls are safe secret keepers. But there are things girls don’t share.

Did you know that there are some secrets that girls don’t share with anyone, especially with their partners and boyfriends! Here’s a list of things Girls Don’t Like To share with anybody!

It is a saying,” Girls are bad in mathematics,” but here is the thing, they are extremely good with numbers as most of their secrets are based on numbers.

  • Age – Things Girls Don’t Like To Share 

    Yes, you saw it correctly. Girls never want to share their age with anyone. It is a secret that they carry to their grave. Be it your best friend, sister, or girlfriend, and they would never reveal their actual age to you.

Owing to the fact, age is key to their life, and you can open the lock of her life through her age. You can create an idea about her success, failures, and her personal life. Thus, they never share their age with anyone.

  • Weight Things Girls Don’t Like To Share 

A recent research showed that men do not want to reveal their height and women do not want to share their weight. Girls are very conscious about their weight because they are mostly either overweight or underweight in both cases, problem triggers. If a girl is overweight, people immediately assume that she either eats a lot or is super lazy, and if she is underweight, we assume that she might not be well. This is why girls do not like to tell their weight to others.

  • CrushesThings Girls Don’t Like To Share 

    A girl in your college having a crush on the most ‘popular guy’ of your college will never want anyone to know that she likes him. This is because, well, ego issues. This is probably the no.1 reason why a girl never proposes to a guy.

secret crush

While in some of the cases, her crushes may be stupid enough to become the reason for embarrassment, for example, a crush on a Hollywood or Bollywood star or a cartoon character while she was a baby. So, she does not want to share her crushes with anyone.

  • Expense on makeupThings Girls Don’t Like To Share 

    This is again one of the major secrets girls don’t want to reveal to anyone. Just as age is the key to her personal life, similarly expenses on the makeup is the key to the question, “How does she look?” If the expenses are high, one can think she might not be good looking, thus spends a lot to look presentable, and no girl will like to be judged like that.

  • Salary

    Traditionally, it is basic manners not to ask the salary of a man. But today, even girls don’t want to reveal their salary slips to anyone. It gives them a sense of security and freedom. It gives you the feeling that you are the queen of life; you can spend it whenever and in whatever way you want. Hence, they cannot afford to share this freedom with anyone.

  • Diet

    A girl will never want to share her eating habits, either she is obese or not. Because it is said, your diet says a lot about a person.

Balanced Diet

For example, if you love eating caviars, you are a short-tempered person, if you like mashed potatoes then you are lazy so on and so forth.

So, these are some secrets that girls never share with anyone, and it is also necessary that you do not these questions to any girls; this will ensure healthy, respectable, and trustworthy relationships.

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