On May 22, 2023, life coach Jay Shetty talked with Kim Kardashian about self-compassion and self-love in a podcast episode.

Kim took to her Twitter as well as Instagram handles to talk about her struggles as a celebrity, an influencer, and a single parent of four children.

She also talks about how she developed a love and self-care skills so that she could have more compassion for people.

Jay and Kim Discuss Various Things

Jay asked several questions to Kim K about examining mental health, balancing personal and professional life, peer pressure, mom guilt and so much more.

In answer to these questions, Kim Kardashian opened up about raising her four children all alone after divorcing her ex-husband Kanye West.

Kim K
Source: Instagram

In this episode, Kim talked about mental health and that she frequently struggles with “mom guilt”.

According to Kim Kardashian, the most difficult part of motherhood is undoubtedly the mom’s guilt.

So it is important to do what makes a mother happy. Additionally, she said she loves to immerse herself in work and that is therapeutic to her.

Kim Kardashian Discussed Parenting with Her Friends

Kim K said she and her girlfriends talk to each other’s when their kids are having tantrums. And, there is often some stuff going on that they aren’t even aware of.

The SKIMS founder said,

“You feel like you’re the worst mum if something is going on and you can’t resolve it, you have no clue how to fix it, your kids are fighting about whatever it is”.

However, she also added it’s inappropriate to do such thing and she and her friends lock themselves in a space away from a child having tantrums and text one another while shedding tears down.

Although it can be overpowering at times it is important to follow and lean on your friends during hard times.

Kim Discussed Being a Single Parent

In this podcast episode, she continued and said motherhood is the thing that teaches her so many things about herself and also explained how hard and challenging it can be at times to be a single mom.

Nonetheless, she admitted it’s the most difficult thing. She discussed how she weeps herself to sleep at times.

Moreover, she said it can be difficult to play good policeman and bad cop when they are fighting because every child has a different mood and personality.

Any person that says, “Oh, we’re waiting to have X amount of money in the bank,’ “Oh, we’re waiting to have a home before we have kids,’ “Oh, I’m waiting for this job to come in before we have kids,” I don’t care how long you wait; I don’t care what you’re waiting for; you are never prepared“.

She Thanked Jay

Kim K thanked Jay Shetty for providing a safe and open space to share her personal life and being a single mommy to 4 kids and shared a video on her social media which she captioned it with,

“@JayShetty and I had an open and honest conversation on his podcast On Purpose out on Monday. I’m so grateful to Jay for providing such a safe space to share a more personal side of my life.

We discussed the challenges of parenthood, navigating the highs and lows of life, how I get through the tougher days, and so much more. I really loved this one, as so much of my life has been dedicated to finding out what my true purpose is. Tune in anywhere you listen to podcasts!”

She said kids just desire time, that’s it and they just care about the time their parents give.

She also continued that even if parents offer them all these incredible life-changing events but they will still cherish the time forever.

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