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5 Things You Can Get Fined For In Singapore

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It is always advisable to know the place where you are travelling for professional reasons or personal, especially if the place is outside the territory of your country. So if you are going abroad know about things which can land you in trouble.

Here are 5 things which if done in Singapore can get you in serious trouble, ranging from fine to imprisonment:

Fine For Littering


If living in India has developed in you a liking for spitting in public places or just randomly throwing your rubbish here and there, be prepared burn a hole in the pocket, a hole as big as $1000 (46,242 Indian Currency).

No Walking Around Naked


Just make sure you are not caught walking around without clothes, even in the safety of your home or hotel, because that can cost you $2000 or three months imprisonment. So if you want to walk around without clothes, be sure to draw the curtains.

Do Not Forget To Flush


If you are in Singapore and use any public toilet, Do NOT at any cost forget to flush the pot, to be sure, flush thrice I say, because if you are found moving out of the toilet without flushing you shit (quite literally) you can get in trouble. This act of you not flushing the toilet you just used can cost you a fine of $150 (6,936 Indian currency). Seeing the state of public toilets in India, it is high time to implement such rules here as well.

Do Not Chew Gum


If you spit the gum you have been chewing in the streets of Singapore you will be fined $500 (23,121 Indian Currency). buying gum is banned in Singapore and so is the import of gums. There are only a few exceptions, if you have medical certificate which would justify the gum in your mouth, you can maybe be spared.

DO Not Use Unsecured WiFi


Connecting to an unsecured WiFi network is a serious offence in Singapore according to the Computer Misuse Act and you can be fined as much as $10000 (4,62,708 Indian Currency).





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