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Tips and Tricks on How To Not Be Lazy To Study

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Are you a lazy person who loves watching tv? You aren’t alone.

Procrastination is our biggest enemy. More often than not, it is the only thing that stands between us and our goals. Because let’s admit it- it’s way more fun to just spend time on your phone, or laptop than being productive. So, let’s go to the topic – how to not be lazy to study?

As a student, I know that there have been several times I have caught myself spending an hour on YouTube, when I should be studying. It usually gets to a point where I have to keep my phone in a separate room to avoid picking it up mindlessly and start scrolling through my Instagram.

You need to take baby steps when it comes to overcoming laziness. You can’t be the most productive person one fine day. You need to get out of your comfort zones to fight laziness – and that takes time.

It happens even with me. Sometimes, I just don’t start a project until a day before its due date, simply because I was too lazy to do it. I’m sure you can relate. It’s an unhealthy habit, but also very common. But it becomes a problem when it gets in the way of your goals and dreams.

Check out this video to understand why we procrastinate:

I am struggling to curb my habit of procrastination. And I have realised that it is not that hard. The important thing is- you need to train yourself to control your mind, and not the other way round. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to learn how to not be lazy to study:

1. Sit Up Immediately!

Boy Studying Sitting Up
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If you’re lying down and you feel too lazy to get up and start studying, SIT UP. Keep away whatever is distracting you from studying and force yourself to sit up. That immediately makes you feel like you have more energy. If it helps you, get some water, munch on a small snack, or do some quick jumping jacks. Laziness is like a small parasite in your brain that will keep giving you excuses to not study. But you need to shake that feeling off, and get to the task, before it keeps building up.

Another important thing- never lie down when you are studying. Speaking from experience, you WILL fall asleep. No matter how boring you find history, your brain will not retain new information if you’re lying down.

2. Just Take Action & Start Without Thinking

I know this sounds like an obvious way on how to not be lazy to study, but hear me out! Usually, when we procrastinate, we don’t actively think about it. Without even realizing it, we pick up our phones and start scrolling. It’s usually because we aren’t interested in the subject we are studying, and so we lose focus. But as students, there are some subjects we have to study, even if we don’t like them.

So throw away your phone (not literally) and start focusing. Keep alerting yourself that stalling or putting off the task or study material, will not help because eventually you will have to get to it. So better start now! Stop your mind from convincing you that you have time, or that the exam isn’t that important anyway, or you hate the subject. Take action now!

3. Make a checklist- Tick When You Complete A Task

Weekly Checklist
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Make a checklist or a schedule, that lists all your targets to be achieved in a day. If you think it will work for you, give yourself points too. You can also keep a weekly or monthly planner. Put all these in a separate notebook and make sure you maintain it properly. I kept a little notebook with a cute cover for this purpose, and wrote my tasks on it with colored pens every day. I scored myself with a thousand points for every task, and a bonus 500 if I did extra work.

Whenever I completed a task, I checked the box and gave myself points, and every time I did that, I would feel a sense of joy. At the end of the day, add up your points and see how much work you got done. If you weren’t able to do what you wanted, forgive yourself and remember, tomorrow is another day. If you were, congratulations! You have learned how to not be lazy to study. You need to take one small step at a time, just like me. Even looking to break your schedule for around 20 minutes a day can work wonders.

That feeling you get at the end of a productive day is very satisfying, and eventually, you will start working hard to achieve it. Click here to understand the psychology behind making goals and sticking to them.

Pro Tip- keep the subjects you like studying and are good at for a later part of the day. This will make you look forward to doing them all day. Basically, save the easiest for the last.

4. Keep Away All Distractions

Tips and Tricks on How To Not Be Lazy To Study 1
Oladimeji Ajegbile

No, keeping your phone next to you will not work, unless you have insanely high self-control, in which case, skip this point! Every time your phone vibrates, you will feel the urge to pick it up. Just for a second, you will tell yourself. But it’s never for just a second. An hour later, you find yourself knee-deep in a conversation with your besties. Who’s winning here? Certainly not you! Keep your phone, or anything else that’s distracting you in another room, or at a place that you can’t reach. If your ticking clock keeps bugging you, or a poster in your room, shift them to another room until you are done studying. Getting rid of distractions are the first step in the starter pack of how to not be lazy to study

5. Reward Yourself

Woman eating sandwich
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Incentives are an effective way to encourage productivity. They are also a great technique to trick your mind into stop being lazy. After every few targets, keep a reward for yourself. At any moment while studying if you feel lazy, you can remind yourself of that reward. It’s a great feeling when you complete the task and earn your reward. And make sure that the reward is something that is fun that will make you look forward to it, whether it’s an episode of your favourite sitcom, a delicious sandwich or just a song. Also, if you’re studying for a test, keep a reward in mind for when you get a good score. It will keep you going.

6. Ask Someone You Know To Motivate You

A lack of motivation can lead to a feeling of lethargy. If you don’t feel pumped up, you will never want to quit being lazy and start studying. So ask someone- whether it’s your parents, sibling or roommate to check on you after some intervals. Tell them to motivate you if you feel lazy or uninspired. A little pep talk is a great way on how to not be lazy to study.

Remember to tell them to not push you or pressurise you. That will add to unwanted stress and make you feel even more unmotivated to start studying.

7. Test Yourself

how to not be lazy to study
Louis Bauer

This may not work for everyone. If tests make you feel pressured, don’t follow this tip until you feel completely confident. But if not, this can be the most effective tip on how to not be lazy to study. Tests tell you how prepared you are. They can motivate you to start working harder. If you don’t find relevant tests online, ask someone you know, a teacher or parent, to make a test for you so that you are forced to study now. If you don’t score well, you will be driven to devote your time and attention on the subject, and procrastination will not be an option anymore! Again, do this only if you are sure it will affect you in a positive way.

8. Get A Study Buddy

Study Buddies
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This idea seemed lame to me earlier. I thought that I worked better on my own. But then, a teacher started “Buddy System” in my class, and assigned me with a student who used to work very hard and got good scores. Every time I exchanged notes with him, discussed assignments, or asked doubts, he would make the subject appear so simple that it would motivate me to get on his level.

It worked because it was healthy competition that pushed me to curb my lazy habits and work harder. You can also make your friend your study buddy, and start making goals and targets that you discuss at the end of the day to check each other’s progress.

In this way, you can ensure how to not be lazy to study together! It can a good source of motivation, but remember to keep the competition healthy. If you are college students looking to become more productive, believe me, it feels good when you actually get the job done.

9. Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

Sleep Is Important
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A healthy body keeps your mind more focused. If you eat healthy meals and drink a lot of water, you will not feel as lazy. And thus you will be more energetic and motivated. Also, remember to sleep well. Never compromise your 7-8 hours of sleep for studying, because bad sleeping habits lead to deterioration of health in the long run. This is a tip on how to not be lazy to study that all experts suggest because a healthier body will always be more productive.

10. Take Sufficient Breaks

If you’re lazy to start studying, you will have to cram up everything in lesser time when your exam date nears, which will make you study constantly and without breaks. Studying for a couple of hours straight is an unhealthy habit, that will only burn you out eventually. Your brain will not be able to understand and retain information if you don’t give it a break. Plus, if you keep sitting in the same position, your body will cramp up and your eyes will get itchy. You will lose focus and feel tired. You need to let your mind relax! According to research, you should take a 15-20 minute breaks every 60-90 minutes.

Click here to understand why you should take breaks and how you can do it efficiently.

These are my favourite ten tips and tricks on how to not be lazy while you study. You should also remember that its okay to feel unproductive. Everyone has their days, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Always remember that tomorrow is another day! But it’s also important to not let laziness hamper your path and goals. We all have dreams and the only way to fulfil them is by working hard. So keep going and don’t stop until you reach there!

Tell us, did you learn how to not be lazy to study?

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