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Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know

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Sonoma County, California, is better known as Sonoma Wine Country all because of exquisite Sonoma Wineries. With nearly 425 wineries under the soothing climate of Sonoma, the place, with tons of grapes processed, produces world-class wine. It has developed as a premier tourist spot in California, offering tour packages for tourists with visitors’ guides and maps.

Most of the wineries in Sonoma County are family-run enterprises with some internationally acclaimed wine houses. Sonoma county is said the birthplace of California wine. The hospitality and tasting experience is remarkable. Here, you also get a chance to learn about the history of California wine, sipping award-winning wines.

Keep reading this article to explore the Top 10 Sonoma Wineries in Sonoma, California.

Sonoma County: The Wine Country

Just 30 miles north of San Francisco, Sonoma County preserves the historical assets of laureates like Jack London and remnants of early European and Russian settlers. It is surrounded by Sonoma mountains and is situated in the northern California state. The diverse but ideal climate for grape production excites you during your visit to Sonoma Wineries.

Credit goes to the Russian colonists who cultivated grapes in this area after finding the ideal climate in Sonoma Valley. Later, the Spanish Franciscan fathers laid the foundation of the wine industry at Sonoma in 1832, after growing grapevines.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 1

Today, Sonoma County has been developed as a Wine Country with modern distilleries, breweries, and cider houses. The vineyards in Sonoma County produce diverse species like Barbera, Cinsault, Roussanne, Malbec, Syrah, and countless others. The place is now commercially developed as a major wine-producing center, offering sightseeing, spa, fitness, wine tasting, and other tourist activities.

With such diverse attractions, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Sonoma Wineries.

A-List of Top 10 Sonoma Wineries

1. Rodney Strong Vineyards

The Rodney Strong Vineyards winery was established in 1959 as the 13th Sonoma County’s bonded winery. Situated at Old Redwood Highway, Healdsburg, California, it produces wine only from locally grown grapes. It relies on Sonoma County’s excellent appellations like Russian River Valley, Chalk Hill, Sonoma Coast, and Alexander Valley.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 2

As it is a family-run business, it never compromises the quality of the wine. It collects grapes from the nearest Russian River Valley and relies on a dedicated winemaking team of experts. It applies advanced viticultural practices for ideal ripeness for great winemaking.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 3

Rodney Strong Vineyards wine tasting events are quite popular among visitors. You can also make reservations for an authentic Sonoma County experience on its Terrace and Concert Green. This excellent winery is one of the oldest family-run enterprises that still maintains its legacy and remarkable wine-making quality.

2. Gloria Ferrer Vineyards

Popular for sparkling wines, Gloria Ferrer Vineyards Winery has served traditional sparkling wine in modern times since 1986. Founded by Jose Ferrer, who wanted to promote his family enterprise from Barcelona, Spain, to California, it is the first sparkling winery in Carneros and one of the pioneer Sonoma Wineries.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 4Jose Ferrer is well versed with the traditional growing grape methods, understanding the balance between the soil and climate. It is a certified venture in Sustainable Winegrowing Practices. The team is engaged in a continuous experiment to cultivate the best grapes for sparkling wine.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 5It offers an informative caves tour followed by a sparkling winery visit. The winery also gives wine tasting opportunities for tourists within the winery area. You can enjoy your glass near the bonfire or in the verandah.

3. Buena Vista Winery

One of the oldest Sonoma Wineries that keeps the historical European tradition of winemaking is  Buena Vista Winery. It was established in 1857 as California’s first premium winery. It was founded by a European migrant, Agoston Haraszthy, who was an innovative vintner.Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 6

Present-day, Buena Vista Winery carries a list of award-winning wines. Its wine-growing team applies modern viniculture practices to bring the historic aroma of premium wine. They use native yeasts and oak fermenters to produce world-class wine.Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 7

Buena Vista Winery organizes private and virtual wine tasting visits. Virtual Wine Tasting With The Count (Agoston Haraszthy) of Buena Vista is the center of attraction. It provides a virtual wine tasting experience with the Count of Buena Vista from the comfort of your home. It also offers an outdoor wine tasting experience within the winery area.

4. Truett Hurst Winery

Located in the scenic Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, it flaunts 26 acres of area for wine growing. Although the family has an old tradition of a winery dating back to the late 19th century, the official winery exchange was founded in 1999. You can shop excellent wines for every occasion here for your family and yourself.

Dry Creek Valley is a fertile and beautiful landscape that has been used for irrigation purposes for a long time. Truett Hurst Winery has a Biodynamic vineyard consisting of animals and birds like goats, sheep, blue herons, white cranes, and several other species with excellent grape variants like Petite Sirah Pinot Noir and Chardonnay variants. Farming and wine-growing are done by a team of dedicated members that make it one of the great Sonoma Wineries in terms of quality.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 8

Truett Hurst Winery offers visits to its farms and vineyards, tasting experiences, picnicking, and other events. The Tasting Experience includes:

  • Homestead Tasting, a guided tasting experience to explore winemaking and farm visits.
  • Luci’s Flight Tasting is quite an exciting seated tasting experience with Instagram sensation goat Luci. It offers a flight of 6 wines on the picnic table.
  • Single Vineyard Tasting and The Eco-Estate Tour & Tasting are two other incredible tasting experiences with wine and food.
  • Truett Hurst Winery offers a Virtual Tasting opportunity also.

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5. Scribe Winery

Conserving Sonoma Wineries’ legacy in the scenic Sonoma Valley, Scribe Winery at Denmark Street, Sonoma is a pioneer in Sonoma Valley winemaking. Founded in 2007 by two farmers and brothers, Andrew and Adam Mariani, it produces various superficial wines.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 9

The proprietors believe in the coexistence of man and nature in winemaking. They use non-interventionist methods of winemaking to bring the natural essence. Its family vineyards are maintained through natural methods to sustain the legacy of site-specific wines. You can visit the farms on a prior reservation.

6. Arrowood Vineyards and Winery

Another prominent name in Top Sonoma Wineries is Arrowwood Vineyards and Winery, known for the winemaking from the top-rated Cabernet Sauvignon. It sources grapes from Knights Valley, Alexander Valley, and Sonoma Valley, and Arrowood Estate Vineyard.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 10

You can avail yourself of an outdoor tasting experience at the Arrowood Tasting Room and Veranda. You can also enjoy picnicking here with wine and food.

7. St. Francis Winery and Vineyards

Does nobody wonder why St. Francis Winery is also known as one of the Top Restaurants in the United States for wine and food pairing? The multi-course tasting menu feeds your curiosity with its incredible aura. Located on Pythian Road, Santa Rosa, it is one of the most popular Sonoma Wineries known for offering St. Francis’ Artisan wines.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 11


It was founded in 1971 with Chardonnay and Merlot plantations in the vineyard. This California Certified Sustainable Vineyard and Winery produces some exquisite Russian River Valley and Sonoma Valley products. You will surely enjoy wine and food here with the scenic view of Sonoma Valley.

8. Matanzas Creek Winery

Nestled in the heart of Bennett Valley, Matanzas Creek Winery soothes your eyes for its greenery and ideal picnic spot. Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot are two inseparable identities of Matanzas Creek Winery that was established in 1977. Its vineyard produces Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and hosts of other species surrounded by lavender gardens.Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 12

The tasting room offers 5 exceptionally crafted wines with breathtaking views of the valley and lavender gardens. The exciting winery experience makes it one of the distinct Sonoma Wineries.

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9. Lynmar Estate Winery

The blend of wine and food at Lynmar Estate Winery labeled it taste of place, where the culinary program offers estate-produced wines and kitchen garden products. Located in the middle of the Russian River Valley, on Frei Road, Sebastopol, this winery is one of the prominent Sonoma Wineries that produces world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 13

It uses block by block sustainable farming methods for winemaking from the quality grapes of its vineyards. Club Wine Tasting and Virtual Wine Tasting are two popular wine tasting experiences.

10. Ram’s Gate Winery

The Top 10 Sonoma Wineries List’s final name is Ram’s Gate, a place that offers visitors incredible comfort and world-class wines. It is situated near the San Francisco Bay, Sonoma County, where vineyards are cultivated by sustainable methods to produce incredible wines.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 14

It was established in 2011 and is known for winemaking from locally sourced grapes. Its winemaking is a fine demonstration of natural and modern craftsmanship. You can book the wine tasting, wine, food visits, and virtual wine tasting experience.

Top 10 Sonoma Wineries You Should Know 15

The Top Sonoma Wineries are known for sustainable winemaking methods with some of the finest grapes produced locally. The climate and other geographic conditions are ideal for Sonoma Wineries. Started in the 19th century, the wine industry has witnessed remarkable changes in the production and associated activities like wine tasting, wine tours, and wine and food services.

You can visit these Sonoma Wineries to explore the scenic vineyards, exceptional and world-class wines, and incredible wine tasting experience. The ideal climate for grapes flaunts an exciting wine tasting experience with scenic views of the Sonoma Valley, San Francisco Bay, and vineyards.


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