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Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Las Vegas

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Sawadee Krap! Thai food is usually very spicy and packed full of flavors. Thinking about Thai food, you are immediately reminded of dishes like Pad Thai, garlic prawns, fried rice, egg noodles, Khao Soi, Nam Kao Tod, crispy duck, and more authentic Thai food.

Thai food is very spicy, so the restaurants usually offer you a spice level option, commonly ranging between 1-10, 1 being the least spicy and 10 being the spiciest as it can get. So, it would be wise to choose according to your spice intake and keep in mind that your spice tolerance and Thai spices are different.

It might be difficult to find good Thai restaurants in Las Vegas that offer authentic Thai food, but with a little searching, we bring you some of the Thai restaurants that we found in Las Vegas, which offer up great food and ambiance.

Some of the fine Thai Restaurants Las Vegas has:


Lotus of Siam

Lotus of Siam offers Northern Thai food as their main cuisine. It gives you the taste of authentic northern Thai food with a twist of their own family recipes. The family recipes have been passed down in the family for ages and continue to do so.

Chef Saipin Chutima and her husband own lotus of Siam. They started Lotus of Siam in 1999. Chef Saipin Chutima is a receiver of the prestigious James Beard Award. The famous restaurant helped transform the world of Thai food in America and continues to do so.

Northern Thai food consists of dishes like Khao Soi or Crispy duck, Garlic Prawns, Nam Kao Tod, strong spicy flavors, and other northern Thai style stews and curries.

Lotus of Siam is undoubtedly the most popular Thai restaurant Las Vegas has and most visited by Thai food lovers. It has two avenues, one in Sahara Ave and the other on Flamingo road. While Sahara Ave serves Beer, Wine, and Sake, the flamingo road serves a full bar.


Crispy Duck

Weera Thai kitchen serves traditional Thai food with a modern and original twist of its own. It aims to bring Thai street-style food to the streets of America. They particularly bring in dishes from the Issan region and change the dishes to match America’s modern and western style. But they make sure to stay true to their Thai food culture.

Weera Thai Kitchen may look like a strip mall from outside, but let that not fool you into not giving it a chance. It serves its purpose and makes sure you enjoy true Thai food in a beautiful ambiance.

Most of their dishes have been inspired by either their generations of families or their travel journeys that made them come up with dishes. Some of the popular dishes to try here are Thai spring rolls, duck Pad Thai, Tom Kha soup, and roast duck.


Le Thai Le Thai, located downtown, has a fun and casual atmosphere for their restaurant. Le Thai was listed in the Top 3 along with Lotus of Siam and Weera Thai Kitchen. It is one of the popular Thai food destinations among the locals and tourists.

The restaurant has an outdoor setting that allows you to view the busy streets of Fremont Street. You can enjoy and have a good time with your food or drinks on the patio while enjoying the view in peace.

Some of the dishes to try at this restaurant are short rib with fried rice, chicken wings, Panang curry with chicken, and Garlic fried rice.


Lemongrass and lime-a thai bistroLemongrass and Lime- A Thai Bistro is located in Aria resort and casino. Lemongrass may not serve authentic Thai food, but they combine street style and traditional Thai food. Despite it not being authentic, changes in the dishes and improvisation make new dishes more fun to try out.

Lemongrass is more on the expensive side of the price range, but it lives up to its worth. Every penny is worth the good food that it serves and the ambiance it creates for you. One of the good things about lemongrass is that it focuses on health and makes choices of dishes according to healthy food with relation to Thai food.

Some of the dishes to try out here are Basil soup, Dim Sum, fried rice, and Tom Yum soup.


Nma Kaow TodPin Kaow Thai Restaurant is a place in a strip mall at Rainbow. It has a lovely and homely ambiance in the restaurant. The décor gives you a feel of the real Thai welcome feels. The service is said to be quick and efficient.

Pin Kaow serves Thai dishes like seafood dishes, spicy traditional Thai food. They offer a range from 1-5 for spicy levels. Choose wisely! Your level of spiciness may be a lot different from what the Thai restaurants range between.

Some of the dishes to try at Pin Kaow are spring rolls, Nam Kao Tod, Pineapple Fried rice, crab fried rice, and seafood curry.


Thai bistro

This is one of the restaurants you shouldn’t miss when you are in Las Vegas. It has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the restaurant.

The food is great, and the portions are generous too. The prices are worth the tasty food. There are authentic cooks and staff who speak fluent Thai and English too. You might even learn a few new Thai words about the Thai dishes.

They aim to provide fresh Thai cuisine with the best ingredients available. Thai desserts are also provided here, with unique tastes and flavors made by them and some from the traditional Thai Cuisine.

Some of the dishes to try at this restaurant are duck dishes, chicken pad Thai, short rib yellow curry, and crispy duck Panang curry. Arawan is located in a shady-looking strip mall, but don’t let the exterior judge it before giving it a try.


Pad Thai with fried egg roll and fried riceArchi’s Thai bistro is owned locally and has been running for decades now. They make dishes from age-old recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in the family. They are pretty famous for Thai food among the locals.

Their aim remains the same: they wish to bring Thai cuisine to Las Vegas uniquely and have an efficient service. They make all the dishes with fresh ingredients and the best nutritious options for healthy food. They offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for food.

Some of the dishes to try at this restaurant are fried rice, Pad Thai shrimp, Tom Yum shrimp soup, pineapple fried rice, and papaya salad.


Yellow Curry

Chuchote Thai bistro and desserts is a Thai restaurant in Las Vegas that specializes in Southern Thai cuisine. They serve authentic Thai food from the Southern region along with drinks and desserts usually found in Thailand.

According to people who visited the restaurant, the service is pretty fast, and the staff is also friendly. The restaurant is quite spacious. Along with Thai food, they also have Thai-inspired desserts.

Thai people have very elaborate desserts and with a significant meaning behind them. With an original twist of their own, they put their own touches to them.

Some of the dishes to try out here are Pad Kra Pow, Pad Thai with shrimp, yellow curry, fried rice, and Panang curry.


Green Papaya saladThai ST Café or Thai street café brings in the Bangkok street flavors to Las Vegas. They combine the traditional spices and modern elements of Thai and American fusion.

The service is great, and the staff is really friendly and accommodating. You will have a good time here, not just with food but with the people around you too.

As the name suggests, Thai ST café offers authentic Thai street-style food on the streets of Las Vegas. Some of the dishes to try here are Crispy roll, crab fried rice, papaya salad, pork ribs, green curry, and Pad Thai. Chef specials include chicken wings, glass noodles, mango sticky rice, and Tom Yum noodles.

The restaurant is open from 4 pm to 2 am.


Thai restaurant Komol restaurant was established in 1986. It serves up authentic Thai cuisine. However, it is not just food with the Thai touch, but traditional Thai inspires everything in the restaurant.

It is a perfect Thai restaurant. The menus are of teak; there are hand-made Thai cultural paintings for the décor.

Komol gives special attention to the Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-free options on the menu. A lot of thinking and care has been put into making more dishes for the Vegetarians and vegans available to try out the Thai cuisine. In place of meat, tofu is replaced, and soybean sauce is used in other dishes instead of fish sauce.

It is a place with great traditional décor and friendly staff; the food is good too. And especially, it is a trip worth it, especially for plant-based dishes.


All of these places have been placed on the top for the best Thai food restaurant to visit. Most of them have even ranked the top 3 on various sites as the must-visit Thai places in Las Vegas to get a taste of that spicy and tangy Thai food.

Have a great time visiting these amazing Thai restaurants in Las Vegas, and treat yourself to good food! Let that food comfort you a bit and also make you cry from how spicy it is. Let your foodie out!

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