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Top 11 Fantastic Mexican Restaurants Palm Springs

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What are some of the famous Mexican restaurants Palm Springs?

Are you the kind of person who likes to travel to picturesque locations? Then what better place to go to than Palm Springs with its hot springs and exotic restaurants?  And are you the person who is crazy about Mexican recipes and spices?

You should then read this article because we will talk about just the perfect vacation for you. Mexican restaurants Palm Springs are great places to check out while you are around the city. Palm Springs is famous for several reasons.

Palm Springs

The lovely city of Palm Springs lies nestled in the Sonoran desert of Southern California. Apart from the ever-present palm trees, the city is also famous for its mid-century modern architecture. You will absolutely love the artistic boutiques, spas, and shopping spots along the street.

mexican restaurant palm springs

Why Mexican food?

The city of Palm Springs has a special connection with Mexico. That’s because the first white explorers to lay eyes on Palm Springs were the Mexicans. Later, the city came under the state of California, United States. But believe it or not, the Mexicans have left behind a cultural trail in the form of great food. The streets and corners of Great Palm Springs are very famous for the aroma of Mexican cuisine. Here’s a list of some delightful Mexican restaurants Palm Springs!

1. Casuelas Cafe

This vibrant, family-owned cafe was started in 1992 in the heart of Palm Desert on Highway 111. It quickly became a local favorite for authentic Mexican food and an exotic dining experience in Coachella valley. It’s hard not to fall in love with the ambiance boasting a patio and a full bar.  The cafe was redesigned in 2018. Today it features the ‘Zocalo,’ a name for the main square in Mexico City. The Zocalo is open for private parties and events and for people just to have a blast.

Moreover, you can enjoy live music at the cafe every night and for the whole day on a Sunday! The vibe is just lovely, and the best part, of course, is the traditional Mexican food. The guacamole is authentic, and the margaritas are the talk of the town. It’s the perfect place for a holiday brunch, and they also have a special kids menu. The pork carnitas are a must-try!

2. Maracas Cantina and Grill

The best part about Maracas is the elegant patio sitting. The restaurant has branches in two locations in Palm Springs. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients and authentic cooking. They have enough varieties of nachos, burritos, and tequilas to please your palate and pockets.

Moreover, they even serve vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options! You can pull out chairs for a family outing or a get-together or just order takeouts on lazy days. The staff is on their toes, making sure you have nothing to complain about. Do make it a point to walk in on 2$ Taco Tuesdays!

3. Azucar

mexican restaurant palm springs

Azucar features modern contemporary cuisine made from mostly local ingredients. Azucar means sugar. The restaurant boasts a special rooftop deck called Sugar High. You can sip your cocktail on the rooftop lounge as you are rendered speechless by the view of the San Jacinto mountains surrounding you.

Imagine savoring a bite of Jidori chicken breast, surrounded by lovely whether and lofty peaks. Can any dining experience be more perfect? Excellent service and a colorful ambiance only make it better.

4. La Bonita’s

mexican restaurant palm springs

La Bonita’s is a wonderful family-owned business in a peaceful part of Downtown Palm Springs. There may be so many other Mexican restaurants in Palm Springs priding themselves on authentic homecooked dishes, but no one does it better than La Bonita’s.

Do try their grilled chicken nachos having handmade tortilla chips, grilled chicken, Monterrey pinto beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, and avocado.  If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you might even go for the chimichanga. It is basically a tortilla wrapped around stuff and deep-fried. La Bonita’s serves a chimichanga having chicken and topped with (you guessed it right!) sour cream.

5. Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill

mexican restaurant palm springs

Loco Charlie’s is a classic place to fix your hunger and your mood. They pride themselves on serving wholesome and nutritious meals that please your taste buds while caring for your health. You can just go down there with your friends, hit the salsa bar, and just loosen up!

Do not miss seasonal specials like turkey tacos and tomato tamales. If you are a fan of spicy food, you should totally feast on the Salmon La Diablo or the Chicken La Diablo.  And if you are with a bunch of hardcore foodies, go ahead and order your customized street taco platters!

6. Chipotle Mexican Grill

mexican restaurant palm springs

This Mexican restaurant Palm Springs is the epitome of transparency. Chipotle Mexican Grill prides itself on being one hundred real with their customers. They avoid using artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Microwaves, can openers, and freezers are a hard no! They have thrown open their spice cabinet to the scrutiny of their customers. All of their recipes come from 53 ingredients, and they are all visible on their website!

That’s not all. This is one of the few restaurant businesses that have committed to goals using local and organic produce. Responsibly raised meet, high animal welfare standards, and no added hormones are the rules. Moreover, they have also committed to recycling plastic gloves into trash bags!

mexican restaurant palm springs

Moreover, you get to decide what goes in your taco, burrito, or salad. You can totally get creative with customizing your meal. Plus, you don’t need to worry about consuming carbs. If you’re ordering takeout, there’s a nutrition calculator right there on the website!

7. Las Casuelas, Terraza

Let me start with an amusing fact. The name of this restaurant is a typo. Yes, you read it right. Cazuelas, in Spanish, means a casserole. The woman behind the legacy of Las Casuelas, Maria Fajardo, used to cook for copper miners in Arizona before the economic depression hit them. She was known for her earthen pots and pans, or cazuelas. When the restaurant opened in 1979, a marketing error turned out to be an even better idea for a restaurant name, and it stuck!

This legacy of recipes was taken to downtown Palm Springs by her son and his wife in 1958. That’s where the Original Las Casuelas stands today. The restaurant is now run by her granddaughter Patricia and her great-grandson Patrick. The people owning the restaurant have changed, but the cookbook is still the same!

mexican resturant palm springs

Four generations of carefully sampled family recipes have got to be finger-licking delicious! You can choose from a menu of award-winning varieties of fajitas, salads, and tacos. Go ahead and sample the carne asada nachos and choose something you like from the quesadilla section.

8. Tac/Quila

Started by Liz and Mark as a break from their busy lives as lawyers, Tac/Quila is an artistic expression of Mexican cuisine. Innovation is their best policy. Be it food, music, ambiance, or hospitality, and Tac/Quila puts its unique spin on every dining experience aspect.

The food preparations are beautifully crafted, and there are some lovely out of the box delicacies you’re going to love. Get your hands on a splendid watermelon margarita and a short rib, and get that marvelous evening started!

9. El Mirasol

This cozy, relaxed restaurant space is just perfect for a lazy afternoon or a quiet, nostalgic evening. El Mirasol has a North branch and a South branch, and both of them are the talk of the town for their tangy margaritas. You just cannot resist those crispy mini chorizo tacos and guacamole.

El Mirasol is famous for its picturesque ambiance, tasty gourmet sauces, and, most importantly, reasonable prices. It’s one of the best Mexican restaurants in not just Palm Springs but the whole of Southern California!

10. Rio Azul Mexican Bar and Grill

Rio Azul is the brainchild of Chef Ernesto, who serves his personal creations in this amazing Mexican restaurant on Indian Canon Drive in Palm Springs.  This family inspired venture has been voted ‘The Best Mexican Restaurant’ and ‘Best Margaritas’ by Palm Springs Life Readers.

The food is hot, and the margaritas are chilled. Do walk in on the happy hours mentioned on their website. Don’t miss the chance to get two-dollar tacos and two margaritas for one on Taco Thursdays!

11. Blue Coyote Grill

The best part about Blue Coyote Grill is their fantastic outdoor seating. Lush greenery, the fragrance of wet soil, and a scenic view of downtown Palm Springs enhance your dining experience just right. It is a legacy dating back to 1992 and still every bit as trendy as any other restaurant in town. The place is dog friendly, and the live music is delightful.

If you are with a large party, you should totally try their smoked and sliced beef brisket with barbecue sauce and a corn cake. Another fabulous choice would be the shrimp tacos with green onions and cheese. If you are looking for something more exotic, you can go for the Baja Swai, a delicate fish baked with parmesan and topped with mango and avocado relish.

That was our piece on Mexican restaurants Palm Springs. Do check out the website for more articles like these!


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